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The danger of sex: the exchange of karma

The danger of sex: sharing karma

You have met another person... And this other one is very attractive at first. Although, perhaps, he is so attractive to you only as long as the desire to get a "new prize" includes hormones. Unfortunately, it is during this period that many people very quickly and recklessly build relationships, i.e. they rapidly get closer and have sex. But this has nothing to do with real union and real sex, which, in fact, is the highest spiritual practice.

If you are set up for a family as the most significant project in your life, then first you need to get to know a person mentally, i.e. find out if your analytical abilities match. The test is very simple: I wonder if you are together. Talk. Just talking. Without sex. Then there is a stage of emotional cognition.

Of course, the mental and emotional stages take place against the background of the spiritual component of the relationship, i.e. your souls, your electromagnetic fields exchange information. There is a certain reading of each other. At all levels. An excellent option if your souls are at the same level of development, i.e. both partners have a lot of diverse experience from past incarnations. But, unfortunately, the most common option is...

Experienced and young

The most common option is when a partner with a more experienced soul takes care of a younger soul. This option can last for quite a long time, because in such a pair, one is a parent/teacher, the other is a child/student. But, as always, there is a nuance, a more experienced soul at first really likes to open the world to a younger one, well, and then usually a mature person gets disappointed. Because one person constantly invests himself in a relationship, and the other, perhaps, at the initial stage of the relationship and tries to learn in order to please the teacher, and then... And then he begins to take care and guardianship for granted. After all, why would a young padawan do anything and strain himself unnecessarily if the Teacher always takes responsibility for himself for all the pranks/stupidities of the child and forgives him everything. Then, of course, the children begin to get impudent, shake their rights, demand more and more, and get more and more offended if the teacher does not fulfill their requirements...

Well, this scheme, I think, is known to many...

Usually, after such a relationship, a mature partner has a question: "How is this so? I did everything for him/her, and the other one didn't just appreciate, but betrayed and trampled on as soon as the opportunity came up?

The answer is simple, although not very pleasant for the teacher... You did it because you liked doing it, liked being in charge... There is such a weak point in teachers — it's nice to be a leader, transfer knowledge, lead yourself.

This is due to the fact that adult souls have an increased sense of self-importance, which is certainly due to their quick mind, heightened sense of justice and various talents. It is easy for them to cope with affairs in social life, but they are open and defenseless in front of their students, so if a student betrays a teacher, then for mature partners the pain of betrayal is felt on a huge scale...

Well, the ideal relationship option is if both partners have their last lives in the wheel of reincarnation. It looks like a very deep understanding of each other. Such people have aspirations and goals that coincide in many ways. The goals in this case are joint development, and not just joint shopping and going to restaurants in order to somehow diversify the time that people spend in most cases and so they waste it.

Instant exchange of karma

Sex becomes a natural continuation of the foreplay of cognition. Sex should happen when you are already feeling tenderness for each other. This, of course, does not negate passion, but tenderness is still in the first place.

Sex is a confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions. It is the seriousness of the intention. There are no options here!

During sex, there is an instant exchange of karma, karma of the genus, karma from past incarnations, karma from the current life.

Instant exchange of karma — this means that as soon as the partners connect, your electromagnetic fields, your souls exchange information.

The subtle quantum energy, of which the souls of people mainly consist, has a speed higher than the speed of light. Electromagnetic energy, which we can detect with the help of instruments and the third eye, is a rather dense and tangible substance.

Please note that other beings on the planet have a different energy structure, so their program does not include love as a force.

Sex without love is a huge risk

So, only in the presence of love, sex for people is an act of purification: past karma burns out partially or completely. And if your souls also correspond to each other in terms of development, then sex becomes a joint awakening.

You become like God together. That's exactly what Love is for. Love is like a Force.

Otherwise... Without love... You're just losing...

People habitually say that they are losing energy... Yes, but think about what this concept includes? That's right: everything: health, youth, beauty, money, etc. Because mdash; about what you would not think, what you would not touch, it's energy. From sex without love, people grow old and get sick, because they begin to live through parts of someone else's karma, someone else's fate.

Sex without love is a huge risk.

If you impartially analyze the circumstances of life and try to remember, then you will find a clear relationship. Casual sex is a short period of time — non-accidental troubles.

And so on in a circle. You should sort out your karma, but there's still someone else's to work out. This is a hopeless and fate-inhibiting development option. Therefore, as if your restless mind were not nagging you now that you are alone and need to find at least someone... Never settle for someone. Only the best. For you. And only for you.

Thursday, February 3, 2022 1:55 AM 

Случайные неприятности... точно... прям попадание в яблочко...
На первом месте нежность... А вот это нужно запомнить.

Прекрасный материал. Благодарю!

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 9:30 PM 

Вместе... Навсегда! Люблю! Благодарю!

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