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The technology of prayer: how to effectively ask for money

The technology of prayer: how to properly ask for money

What is important for understanding the technology of prayer?

When a person says: "Lord, give me...", he automatically becomes in a billionth queue of those who have already asked for "give".

It is also important to realize that the appeal "Lord, give..." automatically tells the System of God that you are very doubtful of his — divine — adequacy, i.e. you imply that God does not know what you need, and you in the form of an order, veiled under a request, call to your person his personal attention.

Even more specifically — you directly tell God that he is a fool, and he does not know what to do with you and in what sequence to "give" you. So now he will hear your call and a "wonderful miracle" will happen.

And the miracle happens. Only the process of "giving" can be accompanied by such pain and suffering that you would have already canceled the request, but you do not know where to scream.

This happens because the prayers of people are usually selfish: give money, give health, give a partner... Give a rich partner, don't you understand?!

Now the most popular are prayers for material well-being. The most disadvantageous prayer is "give money". What's the catch?

We turn on the logic. In the Universe there are billions of inhabited planets, and on each one different living conditions and different exchange systems.

Therefore, when you send a request for money "in human understanding" and your message reaches, then "from above" they observe a ridiculous and obvious picture. People ask for paper. Really — paper. Give me three hundred grams of green paper... Give me a kilogram of colored paper... That's how it looks in fact, although you use, of course, numbers to indicate the "specificity" of the request.

Do not flatter yourself with the hope that someone from the conditionally "higher powers" is interested in knowing how much paper you need... Although now — in the period of mass hysteria — people in many countries really bought tons of toilet paper. Cosmic humor — desires for paper possession are fulfilled.

The words "give money" are considered a stupid request. And God does not take part in human follies.

Even if you "temporarily" disagree with the statement about the billions of inhabited planets in the Universe, you cannot deny that now on Earth there are more than seven and a half billion people. And most of them have both desires and requests. And — to each other, and to God. A lot of the same desires and requests... So — we get in line? There are two ways out of the crisis situation of "billionth queue": either you surprise the System with your imagination so that they open a separate "cashier" for you, or you will use an effective technology.

Sometimes pumped-up Internet-guru citizens offer to give them "material values" with a "modest" reservation: "I don't ask for much". No, by such a request you do not express humility. You take off yourself the responsibility for the fact that you cannot justify your intention decently.

If you need a hundred dollars today, then ask for a hundred. But... Out of nowhere, greed begins to scratch its paws inside: what if they can give more, and I brake? What if they don't give next time? What if...

What if they don't give anything at all, if your desire will not be expressed specifically with an exact indication of the purpose of use. In this case, the credit goes not to the amount or weight of paper in grams, but to the goal.

The justified goal can only be to help yourself and others. And — attention — all the money that appeared "as if by magic" must be spent exactly as you said. Otherwise, the next time your Soul — and the request goes exactly through this electromagnetic substance — will not believe you. And the miraculous system of prayer "to help the needy" will not work.

By the way, such popular formulations as "financial well-being" and "so that I have enough for everything", we also send away. It doesn't work. If you are not really hungry now, then you have well-being and you have enough for everything. For everything! And not enough only for fashionable toys: cars, apartments, houses by the sea and other nonsense, which is absolutely not interesting to the System.

And if you still pray for financial stability, then this is a nightmare. Stability in the understanding of your body, which is much smarter than your superficial mind — is absolute rest. Rest — it means that nothing happens in your current life. And when does stability come? Right — when you die. Death works stably. Human desires stop abruptly. So — this beautiful word will also have to be forgotten. For your own good...

I emphasize, you do not call Death. Just prayers for "stability" — a waste of time on nonsense.

Now about the main thing.

How to effectively ask when you want to improve your financial performance?

The profitable prayer is a request for opening new opportunities.

The shortest and most effective definition sounds like this: "I ask for effective development of fate". It can be used always and everywhere.

The logic is that the words "effective development of fate" imply an understanding of the essence of things, because they already contain the message "to all your will, Lord". I do not ask for "good" for myself and "bad" for my neighbor, but I ask for effective. I thank for what I have. And I understand that you, God, will do as much as possible for my Soul in the shortest possible time. And — Yes — I realize that this can be a painful development of events, because I am not in a position to see the future and know exactly which of the variants of fate is most effective for me.

So, strive correctly, but do not forget to do actions that confirm the seriousness of your intentions. We learn. We work. We master new technologies. And again we learn. On our planet — intention must be reinforced by action.

I wish you — effective development of fate.

Checked in practice. Works.

Monday, April 20, 2020 5:43 PM 

Действительно, каждый раз обращаясь к Богу с просьбами, испытываешь неловкость, все слова кажутся неподходящими, какими-то мелкими, глупыми! Особенно в храме, вообще ничего просить не хочется! Благодарю Вас за прекрасные, разумные рекомендации!🙏

Monday, June 29, 2020 7:07 PM 

Очень понравилась мантра «Прошу эффективного развития судьбы». Благодарю, Инна! 💖🌹🌷🌹

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