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Apocalypse: life in the age of change

What is happening in the world?

The most common question that people ask now... Themselves. Relatives. Friends. Well, and me, too.

No. I'm not going to write about some malicious politicians or secret societies that "organized" the crisis. The fact that I am an exorcist means that I always have to be in full "consciousness of adequacy". Otherwise, all my strange — at first glance — practice will end quickly not in my favor. Therefore, in the texts you will not find "apocalyptic moods", conspiracy theories or references to mystical sermons of anxious personalities.

What is happening in the world? I'm sure many have already realized that the Apocalypse is happening now. A soft version.

Unfortunately, this word is used by us with a negative connotation. In fact, in translation from Greek, Apocalypse means "removing the veils". All that is secret, hidden, hidden deep inside us becomes obvious. We get rid of illusions about ourselves.

In the life of every person, three foundations for happiness must be organized: health, love, money. On the surface of the "crisis of popular consciousness", we see, of course, the aspect of health, but the most vivid metamorphoses occur precisely in love. And money — economic collapse — is a consequence of the fact that citizens of many "developed" countries have made a business out of love: convenient unions by convenient agreements with convenient people with convenient prospects. Empty — tolerantly tuned — business projects. Hackwork, not life.

And in the conditions of quarantine, you have to communicate with your loved ones constantly, and not just in the morning and evening, as in the years before that. On this topic, a picturesque statement is widespread on the Internet: "Terrible times! People have to wash their hands, cook food at home and communicate with their children. It may even come to reading books!".

A huge stress for most was the recognition of their environment. After the quarantine — gradually — there will be enough divorces. Where there was no mutual understanding and friendship in families — there will be separations. And that's great.

People realize that the "difficult period" pushes them to understand that it is logical to spend their life with a loved one, and not with some familiar individual who turned out to be a temporary roommate and a companion for morning coffee. And for this, active personalities will get out of the crisis as quickly as possible. And they will take action. And their actions will become the intention to live in happiness.

Of course, many families will unite. And many — at the moment not accepting for some reason the bonds of marriage — will create strong alliances. A happy family will become the main world brand.

The best effect of the Apocalypse is that we all realize what a gift of fate it is to be together. Just wake up and know that today no one close to you has died. Just wake up and know that there is a native person next to you. And that's enough for happiness. Everything else in the world is just additions to love. It will be very easy for us to live...

In the period of "removing the veils", situations of choice fall to us constantly. Someone who positioned themselves as a strong person imposes panic on others, and someone who is not so "brutal" analyzes information and keeps their sanity. And we wonder, are the people who ruthlessly exploit us with their gloom, true friends? Or was it convenient for us to think so? Because we ourselves were convenient...

Yes, we decide anew who to go to the future with.

...Washing hands and keeping sanity... This turned out to be an unbearable burden for many.

But to condemn those who are afraid to live in the age of change, and to laugh at them, is a dead end for a conscious personality. There is no nobility in exalting oneself at the expense of others.

People are afraid of death. It's normal. All phobias in the world can be reduced to only one fear — the fear of death. And this is also the natural order of things.

Can you imagine what will happen if death is canceled tomorrow? Most of the population of the planet will become disgusting and unbearable creatures. Unfortunately, this is the case so far...

A necessary component of the Apocalypse is also the growing economic crisis. And for everyone now the question is obvious: "What do I love more: life or money?". Everyone chooses life.

None of the golden billion are able to ignite a million dollars or perform a ritual with plastic cards, so that the virus does not notice them or the crisis bypasses them.

Are you scared that you can't buy death? Of course! But it gives equal rights to all mankind.

Are you afraid to think that death is near? Of course!

What to do? Don't think about it? Switch? No — think and realize that death is the best teacher.

There is a simple and powerful practice for a quality life: every evening imagine that you are dying... Don't worry. You don't summon death. Everything in the world is logically arranged, and the power of death does not depend on your thoughts.

You go to bed, imagine that you are dying, and think: "Did I really live the day the way I wanted? Do I live with a loved one? Did I tell him today that I love him? Did I tell my children that they are beautiful? Did I not betray myself? Do I love myself?". These are the ideal questions, honest answers to which will change any situations under any circumstances.

So, Are You Afraid Of Death?.. No, of course not! You are afraid of the unknown. You just don't imagine, more precisely, don't remember, what awaits you after this event. I affirm with full responsibility: after "death" for each one a rich and interesting program is provided. And it depends on what settings and... moods you will meet death, and then a new life. Therefore — love and enjoy now. This is the best training before meeting with the real reality.

And what is now in the reality of our world?

Everyone understands that they will die. But — not everyone believes. To really believe in your death is to change your life in the same second.

In the same second you will stop lying and cheating... Based on human logic, it would be obvious to add — lying and cheating to someone. Not true. You will stop lying and cheating yourself, and the attitude to others will become a natural continuation of the instant enlightenment. And days, months, years will begin to fold into a beautiful mosaic.

You love your job — you work and love. You don't love — you find another occupation or master a new profession. You love a person — you live with him and love. You don't love — you break up and go to meet love. With such simple actions, everything in the world will be resolved naturally and calmly. Without tears and manipulations. And you will fly through life, like on a high-speed highway so fast and bright that you won't even notice how you fly by death.

...Such a state is also called knowledge. And this knowledge does not need to be learned. This knowledge is in everyone. You are the knowledge.

And the main thing — don't worry. Nothing from the horror movies about the "terrible Apocalypse" with the Earth will happen. This "crisis" is for people, not for the planet.

Monday, April 20, 2020 6:03 PM 

Золотые слова, полностью согласна, главное не изменять себе, не обманывать себя и жить из любви, тогда нет места для каких бы то ни было страхов!!!❤️

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 8:20 AM 

Моя самая любимая -  медитация на Смерть. Инна, благодарю, отзывается и резонирует каждое слово! Ничего, кроме Любви в этом Мире не имеет смысла!🙏🙏💖

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 1:00 PM 

Инна, благодарю! Медитация на смерть- это здорово. Сразу меняется отношение к жизни. Хочется сказать тёплые слова родным. Многое перестаёт быть важным. Да, важность многих мелочей уходит. Видишь вокруг себя столько прекрасного, красивого! Благодарю!🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷

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