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The crown of celibacy: magic with the abolition of logic

Interesting questions came to our website: "Is there a "crown of celibacy"? Can a meeting with "your man" not be prescribed in the scenario of fate?

Thank you more for the wonderful opportunity to discuss this topic.

The crown of celibacy is one of the options for influencing fate, which is attributed to the rituals of black magic.

The crown of celibacy is when women in the family cannot marry from generation to generation. They are abandoned either during pregnancy or after childbirth. And men who leave quickly marry others. Sometimes even the names of the chosen ones match and the appearance is similar. Also, women in this genus are born exclusively girls with the same fate. These women raise their children alone. They may have sexual partners for a while, but there is no long-term relationship. And so — in a circle.

The crown, as you understand, is a circle. In this case, it is clearly visible that the destinies of all women from the same family are looped. And the same situation repeats itself.

If that's the case for someone, then — yes — it makes sense to talk about black magic in relation to the genus. And only in this case... Only in this scenario can you seek the help of a professional in this field.

Now, attention! The girl wants to get married. Commendable. She's dating a guy. She's friends with him. Wedding. And only after that she makes love to a man. That's really what prevents you from doing so? And there is no crown of celibacy. And no one leaves her pregnant. Wow! The unexpected decision of the "crown of celibacy"! In my opinion, of course...

But now active girls don't want to wait. They somehow believe out of the corner of their brain that their generous intimate act is a guarantee that a man will get attached to them through bed. And they are wrong... Millions of women make mistakes, but persistently repeat the same technique.

In the modern world order, this miracle technology looks like this: pump up your ass, lips and let's "build a relationship." Then pretend to be "touchy" until the third or fifth date, give yourself up, wait for a hand offer with a purse and drove into a happy future.

And why is the girl so quickly ready for sex? Of course, out of fear that more efficient bitches will take away her object of passion. Well, it's good that they'll take you away! Yes, let them go together into this bright future. Without you. And without your present and future suffering.

If the girl had managed to get to know the chosen one well before marriage, then no "abandoned a pregnant woman before marriage" would have happened. And to break up with a man with whom there was no intimacy — well, it really doesn't hurt as much as with the one to whom I became attached through bed.

Where are you in a hurry? I will answer — you are rushing to new suffering provoked by stupidity. And that is why many people constantly come across "not their own" partners. And the pain of breakups is quite real.

Think about it — millions of women get married without the "crown of celibacy", millions of men get married and the vast majority of them are unhappy in marriage... Otherwise, there would not have been such a huge number of divorces — the average for European countries exceeds 60 percent. People get divorced and often remarry and fail again. Is this the crowning achievement of a failed marriage? Let's "take it off" him too!

But, my dear girls and boys, we will remove it only through logic, analysis and understanding of the essence of things.

95 percent of divorces are initiated by women who are tired of putting up with the person they used to conditionally love. But—I dare say —they didn't like it.

Many people get married out of fear. Girls are afraid to "stay alone", so they turn off adequate thinking and stubbornly go to the goal at any cost. With any man.

They explain this by the fact that they are tired of waiting for "their happiness" and, under the influence of the public in the face of anxious grandmothers, aunts, moms, girlfriends, succumb to the temptation to marry a "convenient and promising" partner. Sure... Who has not heard these words, outstanding in their stupidity: "It will be tolerated — it will be loved."

He will never fall in love. But it is possible to "endure".

In the future, you can make yourself a victim of circumstances, fate, karma and put your life on the altar of service to a person you do not love. If you want to do it, do it. Only this man will then start either drinking, or beating, or getting sick, or running around with mistresses, or all together. A man feels that you don't love him, and begins to take revenge with his behavior, although he often does it unconsciously. And yes, in her mind, such a "suffering woman" will be a model of a decent wife, but her fear program does not disappear. Before marriage— the fear of "being alone". After marriage, the fear of losing. And all this fear corrodes the relationship.

Sometimes the crown of celibacy is called the state when a girl is "not visible" to the opposite sex. Although such a young lady may have a very bright appearance. Men consider such girls only as mistresses. These are women who can be had, but who cannot be loved. Although in modern society, many people themselves want to be mistresses and kept women. And this is a fact. Of course, deep down in their being they dream of marrying a rich man. But even if this happened, the illusions of a happy life are quickly dispelled after such a "successful marriage". Loneliness in a big house, trips to plastic surgeons, children growing up with babysitters, she is a socialite with a dog, a husband with permanent and temporary mistresses... Is this the best way for fate to develop? Come on... This can only be desired in the absence of imagination. And when ladies get like this, they become unhappy very quickly, although they disguise themselves perfectly.

Professional magic exists. Sure. But this is an extremely rare case.

And if someone has upset a person so much that he turns to black magic, then out of revenge he will most likely order a "funeral of the offender", and not a ceremony of the crown of celibacy for "seven generations". People are very predictable. They want to see the result of their actions during their lifetime.

Many concepts of magical rituals have changed because it is more convenient to work with the "population". Now the "crown of celibacy" is called the state when a lady / man of 20+, 30+, 40+ does not marry / does not marry. Also, many "removing the crown" insist that it is necessary to get married before the age of twenty-something. If not, then this is again an indicator of the "crown of celibacy".

The "crowns of celibacy" also include all possible causes of unsuccessful relationships. With any partners... What is especially funny to me is that both failed marriages and relationships with married people also merge into this pile of malicious magic. In principle, any "failure" in bed relations is now attributed to this very crown ...

"Professional magicians" count from four to forty types of "crowns of celibacy". This is certainly a very profitable business with a complete reversal of logic. Let's say you come and tell me that all your lovers were married. You've counted at least three of them. The psychic becomes very animated and says: "You attract married people by fate. This is one of the types of the "crown of celibacy. We will shoot." I wonder how?.. And through what magical ritual can human stupidity be undone? Yes, this is, at least, the Nobel Prize for saving humanity from ignorance.

Do you know that a man is married? Yes. Don't have sex with him. And the problem is removed automatically. If you have love, then first a man who respects you will solve the issues with the previous partner beautifully and without cheating, and then you will meet with him. To be happy, you need to learn to think and wait. And a meeting with "your man" will definitely happen. This is the law.

Do not rush to become unhappy. Only "strangers" bring misfortunes into your life. Strangers to you — in Spirit. Do not rush to remove the crowns of celibacy. No amount of black magic will be able to cope with your intention to live happily.

Intention is stronger than any magic. Conscious actions are stronger than any sorcerers. Conscious thinking cancels any impact on fate.

You Are A Human Being. You are the most energetically charged entity on this planet. It took billions of years to create such a magnificent body and such a magnificent brain. Use the achievements of space science. Use yourself. You are the best teacher, the best psychic, and the best partner for yourself. So just analyze what leads you to unsatisfactory results in life. I dare say that you will find the reason in yourself, and not in magic. And the most important magic for you is to make your life happy.

Real magic. It really works. Magic—I Can Do It. I can and I know that each of you can change your life at the same second if you take responsibility for the result of your actions on yourself.

Yes It will be Better This Way.

Go ahead. Everything is just beginning...

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