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Instinct of wisdom: the practice of getting rid of suffering

Instinct of wisdom: the practice of getting rid of suffering

Are you still suffering? Then we are coming to you!

Do you still love pain and enjoy the fact that your fate is a series of unfortunate events? Have you been "cleaning karma" for years, but time goes by, and it doesn't get easier for you? Are you sure that you are being punished by "someone" from above? A new day happens again, and it proves to you again that you are not solving anything...

Stop suffering immediately. Immediately!

Why do you need such skills in life, because with death it will not end, but will flow back into a new incarnation. Stop it. Think about it. It's not serious.

I hear you, I hear you... You scream that you hate pain. I know, I know... It is very scary to live when troubles flow uncontrollably. And you can't change anything? Or are we going to risk it together?..

To begin with, it is important to understand that you really feel pain only when a loved one dies. All other types of "pain" are tricks of the superficial mind. Even when a loved one abandons you, it's not the "hopelessness of death" that hurts in you, it's the hope that something else can be fixed. After all, the "traitor" is somewhere on this Earth... Lives without you. And maybe he doesn't even think about you. It is bitter to realize that he did not appreciate your sincere feelings.

Now think about it... Were your feelings sincere? Did you have love or was it just an obsession of the mind from some animate "object" that you created in your imagination.

No. What are you... I don't doubt your pain. I have no doubt that you suffer when you are betrayed... I just responsibly declare that there is one kind of real love — to wish a person happiness, health, well-being, wealth always, even when he is happy without you. Everything else is a type of addiction.

What is the basis of addiction? You are attracted to qualities or characteristics in another person that you do not currently have, but they are significant to you. Let's say your partner is good at some kind of "technology". You want to learn English, but he already knows it well. You want to cook well, and he's already a great cook. You want to be a leader, and he is already the director of the company. It's all just skills. It has nothing to do with love. Or maybe it's quite simple — it's convenient for you at the moment. He speaks comfortably. It moves comfortably. He sleeps comfortably. Comfortably having sex. Conveniently does not annoy you. Ugh, what little things do you like...

A loved one is a force. And power is never convenient. The force makes you develop. Gives an impulse. Kindles a fire.

Love... That's a strange word. Everyone pronounces it, but let's divide this concept into components. The basis of love is respect. The main ingredient is tenderness. Quality control is a humor that is understandable to both. You're laughing. You take care of each other. You are interested in being together.

Love is a lightness that gives unconditional invulnerability. You don't care what the rest of the world thinks about you, you're the whole universe on your own. That's it!

Everything else — mutual understanding, a common worldview, common interests, breadth of perception — are just additions. And they are absolutely not important. Just as the conventional and fashionable "spirituality" is not important. If a person is engaged in "spiritual practices", it does not mean that he is better than others. Perhaps he just solves some issues of his importance with the help of some practices.

Now let's return to the pain of suffering the mind and honestly answer the question: "What hurts when you are abandoned?". Right. A wounded ego. Your self-esteem as a significant person falls into the abyss, and the fear settles inside that "you will never be able to trust anyone or love anyone again."

Good. And where is your wounded ego and your "self-esteem"? We approach the mirror. We look carefully... For example, I personally do not know a single organ in the human body where self-esteem would be located. There is no such disgrace. God's system does not provide for stupidity.

How wonderful it would be if you started suffering from some kind of unrequited love, scrolling through tens of thousands of thoughts on this topic every day... And suddenly it would have occurred to you that during that period of time when you treat yourself with your own vanity under the slogan "how can you not love a beauty like me; how can you not want such a cool dude like me", you had an epiphany!

The epiphany looks like this. You go back to the mirror, look at yourself and look for where the "suffering" is in your body. You see clearly and clearly that your finger does not suffer, your nose does not suffer, your ear does not suffer. So what is suffering in you?

Naturally, again, only our beloved wounded self-esteem, which expresses itself through a superficial mind. Eureka! At the same time, you have every right to tell your restless mind: "That's enough. I don't think about this man anymore. I'm not suffering! I'm canceling!"

That's really cool. And so it can be in your life. It's easy when you learn. Take a long time to learn. This is the first level of awareness. The one about whom thousands of books have been written and hundreds of "enlightening films" have been shot.

As long as you don't control your thoughts, as long as your brain isn't your friend, you don't control your destiny. And then you have every right to say that Fate is Predetermined.

Your fate is precisely predetermined when you decide nothing in it. You can't even "wait a little bit" so that you don't immediately fall into bed with a conditionally liked, but unfamiliar individual. Yes? Yes! You're so "trusting your feelings." I translate it to hormones, which you also do not control. You use the advice of astrologers and psychics to confirm your feelings that you are not sure about. And — in fact — you make mistakes over and over again... Because your mind is deceiving you. It is beneficial for you to have just such a convenient mind that is not responsible for anything. Almost something is wrong — it's written in the family, fate is to blame, I work off karma, well, and all sorts of crap after ...

But — you can learn mental discipline through "simple things": today I don't eat carbohydrates at night, today I do ten squats, today I do ten push-ups, etc.

Girls and boys — only ten! But every day. If you promise yourself to do this tomorrow, then your body perceives you as a "frivolous person." Your brain will never become your friend until you do everything you set out to do every day.

So, the most "scary" practice of mindfulness is trained in everyday life. How does this action happen? Let's say you catch sight of a flower and think that it needs to be watered. And you immediately go and water the flower. You thought you needed to wash the cup that you put in the sink, you do it right away. And so it is with all the household chores that you usually put off "for later". The cruelest practice of mindfulness. The most effective. It is very difficult only the first week. Then... Then you will see for yourself...

Verified. Works.

And what to do with the "liked" people?

Practice talking. Practice being friends. Practice loving.

You won't become intimate just by having sex. You'll just become partners. But life is not lived with partners. Forgive the tautology — it is necessary in this case. They are doing business with their partners. Partners are always on time. Even for years. And the pain of parting with a partner is proportional to the time invested. As in any project! But — all the same — all your "exes" are just partners for a while. And you need a loved one and "forever", i.e. until the end of your happy life together.

I understand that my maximalism in the perception of the world may seem fabulous and unrealistic. But at least for now... At least for this minute... Wish for something really Great. And let everyone around you tell you that this does not happen. Things happen.

It is the Will of both God and Man to Love.

It is My Will.

Great intentions enter God's System without waiting in line.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 12:08 PM 

Огромная благодарность вам! :)

Всё понятно написано и просто в применении! 

Sunday, May 24, 2020 3:39 PM 

Благодарю, сегодня начну осознанность в быту. Все понятно. 🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷

Monday, June 29, 2020 5:53 PM 

Вот уже месяц делаю практику осознанности. Подумала — сделала. Если нет возможности сделать сейчас, то сразу определяю время когда я это делаю. Это уже вошло в привычку и начинает работать. Например: хочу клубнику, вышла в магазин, а там принесли на продажу клубнику. Захотела поплавать и звонок от подруги, едит мимо зовёт купаться. Мне суперски нравиться!!! Инна, Благодарю! 🙏🙏🙏

Wednesday, December 22, 2021 4:41 PM 

Статью можно разобрать на цитаты, повесить на стены.  И читать,  и читать... И делать... Пока не дойдет... Очень круто

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