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Risks and benefits of astral travel

Risks and benefits of astral travel

During astral travel, you can get stuck in another dimension, if someone or something grabs your life force, hooking on our favorite cause of suffering — the desire to possess something or someone. And, becoming "heroes of illusions", we realize ourselves — prove our significance.

The physical body on Earth enters a coma or falls into a lethargic sleep, or chooses a heart attack or stroke. And — right now — there is no need to be afraid.

Such an outcome is extremely rare, only when you act in dreams as consciously as in this world. And — you take risks rationally, giving an account of your actions.

But, along with the risks, there are also benefits: in travels between dimensions, you have a strong twin, i.e. a body of light, which feels and moves, has wave capabilities and heightened perception. This body is your manifested awareness, the energy concentration of the Soul, jointly acting with the consciousness and subconscious.

Your flying Soul is Freedom. Not a feeling of freedom, but — Freedom. Not a feeling of love, but — Love. And this is the divine bonus that is hidden within us. And this is the Gift that is worth experiencing.

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