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Efficiency in action: three years to form a skill

Efficiency in action: three years to form a skill

Financial security is not given by chance. Naturally, we are talking about real market leaders, not their relatives, "owning trends and brands".

Many are successful precisely because in the process of money losses — and losses are mandatory when learning capital investments — they learned not to waste time on nonsense.

They do not wave magic wands over bank cards and do not perform money rituals to attract "cosmic patrons". They — work hard and think effectively. This should be taken into account when making a plan for the development of your business. And only after years of training you will become an expert in your business. I want to draw attention to the word "years".

Whatever option of development you choose, whatever skill you decide to master — it is years of work. I know that this sounds not very encouraging for lovers of quick results, so I will explain more thoroughly...

Neurons do not agree with emotions

It is calculated and proven that to form any skill you need to devote 10 thousand hours to study and practical mastery of the chosen subject. This applies to both learning foreign languages, and mastering a new profession, and knowing another person, and spiritual practices — so any speed courses and hormonal surges like "now I will succeed" — this is just a divorce of the mind and pumping out your funds by cheerful — but unconscious — personalities. Often they do not even suspect that they deceive both you and themselves. So — nothing to be offended by.

Many modern teachers act exactly like this, because the public demand for "quick achievements" is now huge. But... There are neurons... And they "do not agree" with emotions.

Dendritic spines do not grow and new connections are not formed in the brain because you "think positively", i.e. invent pleasant images of yourself in the future.

This must be understood, so as not to be upset later because of your own stupidity.


Now let's do the calculations. 10 thousand hours divided by 24 hours. We get 416.666666 days. We remove from these days the time for sleep — conditionally 8 hours — plus 4 hours for all sorts of current trifles. We get... 833.33333.

833 days. 2.28 — if calculated in years. Without a break. Every day. 12 hours a day. It is unlikely that it will be possible to stick to such a schedule... Therefore...

If you are disciplined, you will need at least three years to form a skill. I emphasize — to create new connections between neurons.

Only after three years you will already start to pump up the skill more seriously — you will start the path of a professional.

Your work — your Strength

I have a favorite expression: "A person must learn three things — to think, to endure and to wait". This, of course, applies to both business and the creation of any projects.

A person who has learned to think, i.e. developed his neural networks, can also work with maximum efficiency. And he acts not according to the scheme "work more and more", but according to an adequate scenario: quality of knowledge equals effective result.

And work for the benefit of yourself and others?

This process, like everything else in life, should be enjoyable. And otherwise it can not be, if you are engaged in your favorite thing.

By the way, do not be afraid of the word "work", which sounds so harsh, as if you were nailed to the financial galleys forever.

In Scandinavian mythology, one of the valkyries, female warriors, daughter of the god Thor and the goddess Sif, is called Work. Work translates as Strength.

Your work — your strength. Forever.

You can lose money, but you can not lose skill. Money — the consequence of professionalism. Skills and abilities — the cause of prosperity.

Lose money — get upset. Normal. Having skills of losses is necessary for experience. Experience crystallizes thoughts and creates new ideas. So — to earn again — not a problem. For a decisive specialist to use neurons for their intended purpose...

Cheap dopamine from unconscious actions

Let's summarize: you can find out how effectively the project is going only after three years from its launch. And on this way you will have to endure what does not work out right away. And you will need to change the settings more than once and learn a lot in the process. But only in this way — the business will become truly yours.

And, having gone the way of patience and expectation, you will not be afraid to lose it. Simply because you already know how it works, and you can always repeat and surpass your past experience. And open a new one. And then — more and more, if necessary.

Starting "everything and at once" is not effective. The brain easily blocks good beginnings and makes you retreat, to watch another hundred and one "motivational video"... Oh, do not buy into this cheap dopamine... This is just — wasted time.

But... Today everyone can start one project for effective development of fate. Of course, you can dream of anything, but start only one. Then, when the brain gets used to the workouts, and what you do will go easy, master new opportunities.

And what is the main result of developing personal skills and projects?

You stop dividing time into work and rest, and start acting without restrictions.

Will there be difficulties on your way? Definitely! And this is great — how can you do without such pleasant little things...

Only current "questions" with such a respectful approach to fate will become sharp seasonings and intoxicating drinks, with the help of which you will celebrate Life.

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