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Freedom of choice and responsibility for fate

Freedom of choice and responsibility for fate

Today we will talk about such an ambiguous concept as freedom of choice. I have repeatedly used this phrase in articles, saying that everyone on this planet has it.

Ha, only in fact — this freedom of choice has everyone and everyone. What externally looks like a tempting bonus to fate or a spun brand, in fact — a colossal responsibility.

Freedom of choice — this is not a pleasant state, when I am so beautiful all make a decision, what to prefer: tea or coffee, Bali or Maldives, this person for sex/marriage or another and so on down the list.

This is not freedom!

For most people on the planet, this is just a list of desires, based on instincts, passions, hormones and, of course, on cultural traditions, accepted in different societies.

The basis of desires

Desires are wonderful.

Desires are saturated with life.

Desires need to be lived to the fullest in the present, otherwise they lead to the accumulation of karma in the future.

Only the basis of desires for people is different. Some people have fear at the basis of desires. Others — love.

If fear is the basis of desires, then people want only what is convenient for them. Such people dream of what is familiar. And try to "love" what is familiar.

In this case, there is no freedom of choice.

There is an illusion of choice, which imposes on people the interpreter in the brain, so that the person does not interfere with the brain to work. Thus, the person thinks that he himself "something" decides.

If love is the basis of desires, then people want the unknown, unreal, beyond. These are very brave people. They are always ready to risk everything. And they risk again and again, because love is the only way to go.

And what will be in the future?.. In the future there will be Life — such as you create now.

Love always leads to new dimensions and these dimensions are impossible to imagine until you yourself are in the center of events. And let it seem to many a fairy tale, but any fairy tales are based on reality.


Enjoy what is now, and wish that with you happened what you could not even dream of!

Responsibility is always on you

I also often use the expression "take responsibility", which means — switch attention from external circumstances to yourself.

You are the main object. And "problems in the head" — this is only malicious hooks in the brain, which dug in and deliver pain.

The person must realize that responsibility is always on him.

From the first breath you are responsible for fate. Whether you want it or not. I emphasize — first of all — for your fate, and not for the fate of loved ones and not for the fate of peoples.

Evolution and God perfectly understand what is happening. You, of course, can point out to the Quantum System that, in your opinion, humanity is degrading, and around you gathered only idiots. But God will answer: "If you think that around you are idiots, then what are you doing in the center of this gathering?". Right?.. Yes. Because it is our perception that forms our environment.

We must learn to interact with any characters of the universe. Sometimes or very often you have to remind yourself that if some person now — again by your opinion — is stupid, then he will still have a thousand incarnations to improve the parameters. And personally you are not logical to spend time of your current life on irritation because of other people's qualities. And even more so on attempts to change someone at your own discretion. For effective changes of fate there are such ideal structures as karma and death.

Only such perception can be called acceptance. And only such perception is a responsible approach to life and gives Freedom. Freedom of liberation from the illusions of the mind.


It makes sense to change perception and live with those who understand. And this is happiness — expanded perception, beloved person and faithful friends.

By the way... I often have to hear from people reasoning about the fact that no one understands them. Now we will not analyze the reasons for this "no one". Although — we remember — that there are always reasons. From the vacuum such a state is not born. But if at the moment you are really deeply convinced of your loneliness, then it is better not to go into the world and not try to find "friends", as many would advise you. And — on the contrary — to deepen into your state and make solitude out of loneliness.

In the solitude of the soul it is necessary to find support, grow your strength. This is so wonderful — Man alone with himself. You meditate with God, and no one "stranger" does not bring you brain.

How much time will it take for this long meditation — it does not matter. But absolutely exactly, that over time you will definitely meet that person, who will become for you both cognition, and acceptance, and liberation.

God does not agree

So, we summarize.

  • Trying to love what is "convenient" does not make sense. So you will not go the way of comprehension.
  • The beloved person can not be "convenient". Because he has his own experience, and you have to learn from it with gratitude.
  • Love is not convenient, because it changes you, regardless of your desires and the established way of life and thinking.
  • God is not convenient. He always has his own views on your life. He never agrees and always acts.

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