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Stories from practice: where revenge leads

Stories from practice: where revenge leads

Life in a small town was colored with rainbow colors only on TV screens. She watched all the programs about the stars, followed the twists and turns of the Dom-2 relationship, dreamed of going to the casting. I'll help you with some money. And I will arrange my fate. How to "behave like an adult" — she studied under this program. How cool they are! That's where the real life is. Especially in the Seychelles. She methodically noticed all the peculiarities of behavior, learned to draw out words in a fashionable way. Yell if something is not "her way", I tried it on my mother. But she took it in full when she made a scandal that "she won't eat it." The mother was tired after a shift at the factory and quickly brought her daughter back to reality with the help of an overworked hand and a floor cloth.

Her mother hadn't beaten her for a long time. As a child, a little bit when she lied about grades or smelled of tobacco. All her friends started smoking and trying alcohol in middle school. She's so moderate that she doesn't stand out.

And suddenly she got lucky. Once, when they were sunbathing on the river, adult uncles approached them with a camera and offered to take pictures for casting for some project. They said that they were resting at a nearby campsite and offered to go to their barbecue. It was a little scary, but a bottle of wine added courage. She lost her virginity that evening. Or rather, she successfully sold it. The man gave her the money. Dollars. She didn't have her own dollars before. And he took it out of his wallet so easily and gave it to me. It fascinated her.

And they took a photo. Beautiful: both in a swimsuit and without. Against the background of the sunset. She really enjoyed taking poses. It turned out to be very exciting and easy. The man was indeed a photographer for one of the capital's publications. They looked at the photos, chose the most successful ones together, and she posted them on social networks. She has never collected so many likes before. That's right, she's a natural model!

Then these men came again and again "on a fishing trip." Their places are really fishy. And they called her and her friends. She didn't think it was wrong. On the contrary, it's cool. He gives her money, her friends of "her man" look at her and are jealous that he found such an unspoiled beauty. Nice. They want her... Maybe this is love...

He invited her to Thailand for a vacation. And then she moved to live with him in Moscow. He lived alone, earned well. I got her to study at a modeling school. Success came, she was photographed a lot for magazines. Everything was going well. Only he didn't make an offer.

Over several years of comfortable metropolitan life, she lost her young "innocence" and turned into a hardened beauty: shows, parties, slightly protruding pouting lips with a grimace of frozen displeasure. She despised and hated the younger ones. After all, everyone saw her male photographer as a pass to the modeling business.

She often went to his studio to see who he was working with, and "so that these sluts would know that they shouldn't mess with her." She has already ruined the careers of several girls by using new connections and a new quarrelsome character.

One day, a "little slut" just pissed her off. She looked great in the photo, had big breasts and a thin waist, was a natural blonde with plump lips and awesome blue eyes. Her photo was immediately taken on the cover and invited to shoot for one of the famous brands.

The common-law husband began to spend more and more time "with this one". Then she found out that they went to his friend's cottage together. Then she made a scandal at home according to all the rules of the capital's party, i.e. in her arsenal she had new silk underwear, heels, tears, lamentations about violated love, dishes that it is not a pity to break, and indelible mascara. She even rehearsed poses and various facial expressions in front of the mirror, which should touch and shame the chosen one. But the chosen one did not want to be considered as such. He listened to her monologue very calmly. And when her prepared speech dried up and only tears remained, he said:

— Pack your things. You're going to a hotel for the night.

— Why on earth would that be? I'm your girlfriend. Everyone knows that.

— I'm tired of your eternal "give", your greed, your chatter on the phone... I'm tired of everything. And especially your smug expression. I can't look at you anymore. You've changed a lot. This is not the kind of girl I took out of the village. You've become an angry, angry bitch. Get out of my house.

— You'll regret it. I'm going to make your life hell. You'll come crawling to me on your knees.

For the next few weeks, she was surfing the Internet in a rented apartment and browsing the women's forums "how to take revenge on an ex." I chose a peculiar option to begin with. She liked him for his mysticism and irrationality. She went to the cemetery and asked the men who dig graves to collect nails for her, which were driven into old coffins. I paid. Some rusty nails were brought to her. Then she tracked down when "this slut and this brute" were returning home from the club at night, and drove these nails into their tracks. Symbolically, of course. You can't break through the paving slabs near the entrance. I realized that this was not enough, and I scratched his car and drove nails into the wheels. It's gone a little bit... It remains to wait and follow the news. Nothing happened for a long time, and then the news broke that they were getting married soon. And they have already flown to Paris for the weekend.

What to do? She looked at the duplicate keys to his apartment. She had to return some of them at parting, but she didn't tell him about the extra bundle. She came to his apartment dressed as a cleaner so that she could not be recognized on the cameras. I searched the whole house, found some jewelry and things of my rival. Taken. I brought it to the fresh grave of a suicide. The sites also suggested what to do and where to look. She didn't believe in magic, just a few evil fools on the forums wrote that it helped them.

A month later, she found out that the "slut and the brute" had an accident, but were not badly injured. Oh, it worked! But they only got off with bruises. At least the wedding is postponed. The joy was short-lived, because she suddenly had no time for revenge...

At night, she began to wake up from a terrible scream. She dreamed that she was flying down, saw how fast the earth was approaching and wanted to cancel everything. "Mom, Mom, I didn't want to!" — with these words, she would wake up. Then, in her dream, it seemed to her that some kind of mucus was coming out of her mouth and stomach. She woke up feeling sick.

I went to the doctors. They didn't find anything, they said it was nervous, that "the disease is caused by thoughts about the disease, that she herself is fixated on her condition." They prescribed antidepressants. Now, in addition to nausea in the morning and nightmares at night, there was a constant heaviness in my head and a strange feeling that the whole world was immersed in transparent cotton wool.

Now it seemed to her that someone was watching her and calling her name. She realized that she was slowly losing her mind, but decided to act until the end, while at least she was thinking...

This girl came to visit me when she was already heavily on antidepressants and was thinking about suicide. We worked and discussed what she should do. Then she went to the suicide's grave, where she buried her rival's belongings. It turned out to be a girl. 20 years. She began to search for information about her on the Internet and found out that the girl had thrown herself off the roof because her lover had betrayed her. She remembered her obsessive dreams: "Mom, Mom, I didn't want to!". She found the address, went to the girl's mother and told her everything. The mother was very glad that her daughter thought about her before she died. After all, this was her only daughter, and she raised her without a husband. They cried and went to the cemetery. We went to the church and bought holy water. They took out the things that the girl had left there, washed them with holy water. They took it from the nearest forest and buried it. They returned to the grave, planted flowers and poured holy water on them.

The dead girl did not appear again, the nausea and panic stopped. The mother offered our heroine to stay with her for the time being. Until he comes to his senses. That's how they live together. She doesn't want to continue her modeling career anymore. She got a job at a lingerie store, and then she'll decide what to do next...

Now she doesn't even think about her former lover or his marriage. She says that the vindictive nonsense that she came up with is nothing compared to what she had to go through.

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