Breathing to get rid of emotions

The divine breath of Al-Nafas Kuvvayu Al-Nur

Take a deep breath. Holding your breath for about 5 seconds. Slow and prolonged exhalation through the mouth with a vocal vibration. Then an exercise is connected, which I call "shaking" or active meditation in action. Exhale and sing. Easy and effective.

You can also exhale with a patting chest massage. We fold the palms with a ladle and punch the chest area. In the future, this massage, which many call Taoist, can be performed on exhalation, patting the whole body, starting with the chest. From the chest we go down to the liver area. We pay special attention to the liver, but we do not overdo it. Then the abdomen and back, with an emphasis on the kidney area. We go down below. We beat ourselves well on the ass. Then we punch through the legs, shoulders, arms and chest again. In general, we shake ourselves out like a carpet.

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