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Inna, how necessary is all this in life? I'm talking about energy practices. As far as I understand, all this is just a means, and the ultimate goal is ahead?

What is the point of any practices at all? Only in concentration. Concentration gives awareness, i.e. responsibility not only for actions, but also for thoughts. And these are years of training. Therefore, first control, then relaxation. From relaxation, you can already influence the world consciously. That is, your thoughts and desires become thoughts and desires of God and vice versa. What practices you will do matters only to you. Do what you personally like. But the main practice is;— Life is all the same.

Live happily, love your Family, be friends with Friends. Here's the best. Only the Power of Love inside matters. On the physical plane, it manifests itself as lightness and grace in All Matters.

I am sometimes confused by articles, lectures, and videos that suggest something like a "quick exit into the phase" or something else fast. I immediately want to run and catch up, as if I'm late. And on your website, you keep saying that you need to do everything slowly and gradually. And after your words, I do not understand with my mind, but somewhere inside myself I understand that there is no hurry! And what kind of "once" and for one year you will not reach an agreement with neurons. But so I want it faster.

I really want to take what is offered as a quick way of learning. How to cope with your mind when you want to quickly become spiritual?

Oh, this is a very common question. And this is a real pain for many people who have completed numerous trainings, but after years they live sad and sad lives. They get upset, sometimes they vilify those they have visited, and they are always waiting for new teachers. They say that there will be another seminar and then they will... Everyone will understand. Everyone is aware. Everything will be comprehended.

I suggest that everyone remember the simplest truth. Write it down on a large white piece of paper in large letters and hang it on the wall to see. See when you wake up, and see when you fall asleep.

The main cosmic wisdom.The Quantum Law of the Universe.

Everything that is yours will be yours. Everything that is not yours will be gone forever.

There is no hurry. Not in any way. It was people who came up with the idea of "rushing", "not keeping up", "overtaking" from their inner tension. Take away the tension inside, relax about the practices, and this will be the Best Practice. And just do it without waiting for enlightenment.

When you are not in a hurry, then everything happens for you at the best time and in the best place. The Quantum System is never wrong.

Hello, Inna, thank you so much for the practice on the site. It was the first time I met with the fact that a person gives different variants of practices from different teachings, convincing no one in anything! And not saying that this is the best teaching. For some reason, I feel you internally and trust you. I am happy that I can explore different directions. And no one is imposing on me "additional" faith and "their" philosophy. Therefore... I will write about it very personally.

You may laugh, but I have a goal to achieve enlightenment. I've read on your page about the author that you've been hit by a divine impulse and you don't want enlightenment for anyone. Until the necessary moment of leaving this world. But still... It's very important to me. Please tell me...

What is the main thing on the path to enlightenment?

Of course, I do not advise using such "human goals", because they often lead a person away from reality in this world. A reality that needs to be made as rich and effective as possible. But now it's not about that...

So, you have a goal to achieve enlightenment. I understand you very well... This is an aspect of the "unknown" that greatly excites people's minds, because it seems that after achieving this particular goal, a person will instantly become specifically better than others. But I emphasize once again that most will achieve enlightenment at the moment of death. Really, at the moment of Death, you will be a Fire, how Good! The main word is "Fire"!..

But you, like many people, want earlier so that you can enjoy the results during your lifetime. Okay...

You need to understand very clearly that such a goal is a toy for the mind, because the mind will not achieve it. You're just doing actions on the way to the goal, but in reality you don't know what it looks like, you don't know what's going to happen...

Do the practice. Breathe. Smile. Enlightenment will turn out fine. It won't work out perfectly.The main thing on the way to the goal is Perfection, not attachment to the result.

As the wise Tibetans say: "Before enlightenment, carry water and cut firewood. And after enlightenment, carry water and cut firewood.

And a small addition...

...When will you get the result?.. As always, when you're not waiting for him... And I already spat on him, because I didn't know what I was aiming for... Then words like mindfulness, enlightenment, spirituality become empty words. You don't care what you've achieved anymore. It's just good. You just live. You feel everything. And there are no unnecessary human emotions about this.

Inna, I read on your website that sex is the highest spiritual practice. So you can only have sex and everything will be fine?

You can! Have sex so that you don't have time to suffer and everything will be fine and even better. Of course!.. But as always, there are nuances.

In one life you are only engaged in sex, in the next you will suddenly wake up as a monk and you will only do meditation and work, then you will wake up with someone else andyou will be engaged "only...".

You have this life now, and you make it as intense as possible. Saturated with all aspects of — and sex, meditation, practices, love, etc.

It seems to me that it is more prudent to do so, so as not to prolong the period of stay on Earth for hundreds of incarnations.

And now more specifically about the earthly... But not eternal.

If you and your partner have complaints about each other between acts of love and other grievances and misunderstandings, then during sex some of them burn up inIn the fire of love, and some are transmitted. There is an article on the website about energy connections between people High frequency energy: cutting off energy connections. This aspect is slightly touched upon there: "Between people with whom you have ever had sex, energy tubes sprout at the abdominal level, through which you exchange energy. In fact, how many people are attached to you? So many other people's lives are you living at the same time, although in a lightweight version.

Sex is an exchange of energy. Energy is not an abstraction, but also fate. This is the main thing to understand. And you need to exchange a clean product. Otherwise, sex will turn into a pointless waste of time and effort.

Of course, it is possible and necessary to make a higher spiritual practice out of sex. Let me remind you that orgasm is similar to samadhi. Man does not control God at the moment of orgasm. It's impossible. Full trust and full involvement in the process.

But in order to make sex a higher spiritual practice, it is necessary that both people learn to understand how to work with their brains, i.e. get rid of pseudo-suffering. We have learned how to interact with our inner worlds. And then everything else. As with prayer...It's pointless to pray for a wonderful future for 5 minutes, and then think about all sorts of nonsense all day. So it is here.

For example, a woman should learn to accumulate energy in the uterus, and then direct it to a man so that he transforms it into achievements, etc. A man should completely relax a woman with his energy. A man can only do this when he loves a woman. It is impossible to simulate this.

More "little things"... Both should have control over both the body and the mind. And only then is the high-frequency energy specifically connected. This is a practice for both.For now, you can just meditate after orgasm. It's going very well.

Every person will definitely find out about when they will be able to make their best practice out of sex. Because the system gives you a partner for such love.

Why don't you have any special love practice on your website?

I think that would be great. So, for example, I collect in myself and give love to all people. I live in a stream of love and constantly send love to everyone...

Wonderful. Collect and give away... It's wonderful to give back. And this needs to be learned. To give without demanding anything in return. I hope that's what you're doing. You send love, but you don't tell others about it. You do it incognito. You don't require encouragement. Don't put people in an awkward position: They say, I sent you love, let's go and you will somehow reciprocate!"... But... You told me about it... And, apparently, they asked a question in order to specifically about;to write to yourself and your mission... i.e. to brag about how well you are doing.

I understand you want admiration. And I admire you. Take this admiration. And from me. And from everyone who will be reading this.

What you have written is really very important. Much more important than you think. Because if we all learn to call a spade a spade together and see the essence, then we can quickly overcome a lot of stereotypes of thinking ourselves, and then help others.

In your question... It seemed so beautiful... There is a lot of pain. A lot of fear...

Think about it, are you afraid to live an ordinary life?.. Yes.

That's why you decided to give love to all people, so that there would be something soothing that you could say to yourself: My life is meaningful. My life is important. I'm not just living. I give love to All People.

My dear, yes, of course your life is both significant and important. Just think sensibly...

There is fear already in the very desire to talk about how well you are doing. Not to be achieved. Don't commit. Not to be a significant figure. For myself. For others. And — let's take it by and large — for God.

This fear is vanity. Therefore, I am sure that because of your importance, you divide the world into those who live in the flow of love... And — on the rest.

And now the main thing. Special love practices are not required for a person. Although they certainly exist. Life itself is the Practice of Love. Remove the excess from the mind and only Love will remain.

Where can I get energy for new things?

Inna, I wanted to ask you first: Where do I get the fuel to start?"And then I asked myself this question. And that's what happened...

Immediately there was a feeling that the answer would be long and deep. The first step I need to take can be described as the practice of love, i.e. Don Juan's principle of removing self-importance from feelings. And the translation of this feeling into everyday actions. Leave only the essence. Without self-admiration and other crap. This will help the purity of the passing stream...

It's very beautifully written, but I think even you don't understand it at all. Although all the words, as usual, are correct. And, of course, the "practice of love"... Where would you go without her?! But what you described is not her... First, please read the answer to the 5th question so that I don't repeat what has already been written.

Yes, there are many questions about the practice of love... A wonderful combination of two beautiful words. Therefore, I will continue...


The practice of Love is a very dangerous activity if it is really done, and not from the illusions of the mind. Because the human body is, in fact, a transformer box.

The meaning of life is to transform energies

The meaning of human life is to transform the energies that go through it. The higher the frequency, the stronger the energies can be passed through. The power of Love, real love, and not human affection, is the highest frequency of all possible in our universe. With the passage of this energy, the physical body will simply cease to exist. A huge preliminary preparation of all human components is needed... And only then can some part be skipped and used to further help people. But — attention — you no longer belong to yourself, you are entering the service of God...

And I repeat — don't come up with anything on purpose. The practice of love is Life itself. Also a very dangerous thing!..

Self-importance and a real flow of Love

Self-importance, like any feeling, largely depends on a person's thoughts. And first of all about yourself. I'll take an example from the previous question.

The man says: "I live in love. I live in a stream of love. I translate — "I think that I live in the flow of love". This is exactly what catches the sense of self-importance. I don't just live like that... I don't know how I live... And exactly — in Love... Yes, and also in the stream... I repeat, it's beautiful to say that. It's beautiful to interpret it that way. But in reality...

If you live in the flow of Love, then you are constantly changing. This is not a pleasant flow in the human understanding, when "nothing bad" happens. In this stream, everything happens at a tremendous speed.

And you don't have time to think about such "banal things" as "sending love to all people" at all. You do it automatically. How does a flower not think that it spreads fragrance? How does the Sun not think that it gives warmth. So a person does not think about what love gives. For a person, this is the most natural process of life.

How to gather energy for new things?

Easy. One should not think about what to do in the future, but about what not to do in the present. If there is no energy for the future, then you are overspending it in the present. You're spending today.

So, it is important to understand that it is necessary to cancel some everyday costly actions. Just think about what not to do. Usually people spend a lot of energy talking. And on view social media.

What you described as Don Juan's principle of removing self-importance and translating this feeling into everyday actions is concentration, so as not to be important. Concentration! So as not to be an idiot!.. And don't repeat past nonsense.

As soon as I realized that I was doing something stupid, I stopped right away. This is how you look at what actions you no longer repeat. A place is being vacated... A place for energy. There is plenty of energy everywhere! And especially in the human body.

Can you give an example, please? What not to do? I want to make sure I understand you correctly.

Look at the daily activities!

How much time did you spend on your phone today? How much was it yesterday? And etc.

Did you spend all your time with meaning? For training, for example. Or... More...

What annoyed you today? Answer me quickly. Without hesitation.

Today I was annoyed by calls from people who wanted to talk to me about nothing. I didn't want to waste time on these balakanias. I could have spent more time learning. I could have watched a video lecture last night, but instead I went with a girl to drink coffee and kiss in the car. Today I spent about an hour texting with a girl to find out how she feels about me.

Kissing and drinking coffee with a girl is great. And why was it important for you today to know how she feels about you?.. The girl will want to say — she will say. You'll want to talk about love. Why exactly an hour-long correspondence, and not an eye-to-eye conversation. For example.

Damn. Well, because I'm a fucking egoist who needs to constantly get confirmation that he's important, necessary, and handsome. To know that she is dependent on me, and I can control her.

That's the answer to the question of where the energy goes. If you were just kissing or having sex with a girl, these are actions aimed at a result beneficial for both. And a showdown is a reset of energy.

It takes Energy to own other people!

You're figuring things out. You become greedy for receiving other people's emotions. But "vampirism" is not cool. This is not a set of energy, as many people think when they "suck out energy". This is a dependence on the opinions of others. It's an addiction. And addiction is always a defeat.

And more... It is important to understand... You write that you are an egoist... This is not selfishness. "Selfishness" is one of the familiar words that hide the essence. Getting confirmation of your importance is a fear. The fear of not being important, not necessary, not meaningful.

That's your real enemy. Admit it and overcome the limitations. Overcome the fear.

There are a lot of practices on the Internet. Why did you choose the ones you set for the site?

There are certainly a lot of practices on the Internet. Thousands of meditations... Thousands of recommendations... Do you want to spend twenty or thirty years to figure it out? Go ahead. But you'll have to check for yourself. Otherwise, it doesn't work. And after years, you will realize that something is not going right... Why I practice and practice... And I'm doing everything right, but do I still feel like shit? I am often approached with similar questions.

Very simple. If a person does not have a vision of what is happening to the body and brain during practice, then he cannot objectively assess its effectiveness. He can only "feel" something or "not feel" something.

And more... Think about it... Why do all these Internet practices often not work, although they look very nice and correct? And do you also hear beautiful words in meditations on websites?..

You know, you shouldn't like practices. They must be effective, i.e. lead a person to freedom.

But the people who copy them from the site to the site from the so-called ancient texts do not have vision. They do not see that these practices are not completed. They would be chopped off: outwardly everything is correct, but the effect? Well, relaxation... Good... Relax...

The names are also beautiful and "ancient". But if all these practices worked effectively, then all people on Earth would have been happy and free long ago. Happy with ourselves. And free from the limitations of the superficial mind.

Think... It is also a practice. And very entertaining...

Think about it... There's always someone who doesn't want your freedom...

At the moment, those practices, those masters who are freely available on the website, are working perfectly. You can also take other practices of these Masters from the Internet. They are all well versed in the topic and how not to harm people with these very practices.

What is the difference between the Trataka practice that you give and the options that are available on the Internet? I have seen variants of Trataka on the Internet. They're different there. Well, only the candle is present, of course.

— I consider this variant of the Trataka to be the most effective for work, i.e. for the fastest possible changes. Both at the level of consciousness and at the levels of social and physical life. What I think about the huge number of practices on the Internet, you can read in the answer to the previous question.

This kind of Trataka leads to miracles, and just looking at a candle calms you down, leads to reflections on the meaning of life. But... People are around and thinking so much. Each person has about 65 thousand thoughts per day. And most of them are pretty dull about meaning, and about life...

Our Trataka is an action that activates the ancient subcortical structures of the brain, i.e. those objects inside the head, those neural nuclei that don't care about feelings. They regulate it themselves. Through the change of dominance of biological centers, there is a constant interaction between the centers of positive and negative emotions. But human consciousness is not involved in this process. You are hostages of this process. You are hostages of your ancient brain until you draw its attention to yourself. As long as your actions don't make your brain respect you. I'm not kidding! And I will repeat it again and again...

Until your brain becomes your friend, you are losing your life.

Rather, you are being rolled through life by that force called your destiny. It is also called a Spirit. The spirit is the substance through which you breathe.

Breathing is the main process of this practice. Naturally, there is a certain breathing that you are learning. Over and over again. In years to come, you will breathe differently in a Trataka than you do now. And t.D. This breathing also involves a system of body channels, in which the memory of your entire being is located. Let me remind you that the brain contains only the memory that you use in everyday life.

  • Breathing through the abdomen involves 72 thousand channels of the body.
  • Breathing through the heart affects the Atman center.
  • Breathing through the center of the forehead trains the third eye, i.e. your intuition and vision of the essence of things.

You don't have to see the aura, i.e. electromagnetic radiation from objects, but you do see the essence of what you are doing, see the process of creating causes and effects. This leads to wisdom, understanding, ease perceptions.

Why is it not possible to cry looking at a candle in the practice of Trataka?

It is absolutely not necessary to cry in a Trataka. Some people have a pain in their eyes and they start crying. For others, Trataka immediately raises emotions from the past.

All people are individual. And everyone's processes are different. Tears are not an indicator of a well-going process. And when working for a long time in a Trataka, a person sometimes begins to have conditions... More precisely, such deep layers of long-hidden emotions of pain are rising that a person himself does not expect such a deep dive from himself. A person remembers something that for a long time did not seem to him to be the main thing, but suddenly it surfaced. These are usually compromises that a person makes in order to get something.

Compromises lead to solutions that lead to suffering. And yes, people are crying. And these tears purify a lot.

But such processes are more likely to occur even when a person uses the practice of Trataka as a working tool for a long time.

In the future, you will be able to observe such miracles. You will remember things that did not happen to you in this life. From your memory, which is located in the channels of the body, and not in the brain, such discoveries will come! It will seem to you that you have made it all up... But you will "come up with it" to worry... It's super cool. But I repeat, it takes time. Some are years old, some are months old... In general, as it goes. And in any case, it will go from the first time. But don't think that from the first few months you should feel something special. Just do it.

The trataka works regardless of your desire. She just does what in real life you are not yet able to do yourself.

And mdash; the main thing — with time gives an understanding, followed by huge discoveries. Perception is expanding.

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