What can I do for a person

Portrait of Inna Ivanov Exorcist

Through special practices, I introduce my body into a special resonance with the human body and take out the past from it, which slows down development and limits fate options to a narrow list of dramatic or tragic outcomes.

After practicing, a person loses part of karma or all karma (practicing with demons), so he feels deeply relaxed and devastated. These are signs that a variety of future options are opening up to him. Over time, this leads to changes in personal and social life, the opening of new opportunities.

The main result of the practice

Effective development of destiny.

A person gets rid of traumatic emotions and follows a path that is effective for him personally.

The central idea of the practice

What the focus of the brain's attention is directed at is enhanced.

The brain has no concepts of the past, present and future. It does not matter to him how long ago the situations that led to mental or physical pain occurred. He remembers all the pain in the present, and if a person does not know how to use pain as a source of development, then it becomes a limitation that leads to stagnation in fate, fears and despair.

So, the experience of pain and human experiences is often transformed into a set of constraints that bind the body and consciousness and interfere with the further development of personality.

My task is to destroy the neural connections that lead to such clamps, clear the mind and remove the blocks from the body.

What is the methodology

A personal combined technique that has developed over years of practice and transformed thousands of people. It involves working with the body and with the neurons of the brain.

Duration of practice

  • Only work with the body (approximately one and a half or two hours).
  • Extended practice with a preliminary conversation (four to five hours).

The complex is divided into several stages

The first stage of work

Confidential acquaintance — confidentiality is guaranteed — and primary diagnosis of fate.

Includes itself:

  • Discussion of current and previous events in the human fate.
  • Analysis of situations and compromises that triggered certain processes in the body and in fate.
  • The explanation of the causes and consequences of the events is extremely clear and accessible.
  • Answers to questions about life, death, fate, and the structure of the universe.

The second stage of the work

Working on a massage table affects the energy concentration points and the body's power lines.

Includes itself:

  • The opening of the energy channels of the body through the physical body.
  • Work on energy concentration points.
  • Working with the energy core, the body channel, which is located inside the spine.
  • Redistribution of energy flows that go through channels.
  • Removal of neural connections from the brain that cause pain and suffering.

Necessary effects of the second stage:

  • At the beginning of the practice, unpleasant sensations are possible for 10-15 minutes when I open the main energy channels of the body.
  • Noticeable marks remain on the skin of the back after working on the channels and acupuncture points. They naturally pass within 3-4 days.
  • This effect is necessary for qualitative modification of the body and consciousness, because the main channel of the body, which is located in the spine, is connected to the brain.

The opening of the main channels helps to start the process of transformation of the body, and the body uses hidden energy resources that form new neural connections. This in turn contributes to the launch of the process of "unexplained miracles" that begin to occur in a person's social life.

The third stage of the work

Tuning the body and mind to new waves of perception of reality.

Exorcist work

At the third stage of practice, when I work with the brain, a person may have pleasant visions and images, a feeling of flight, deep relaxation and a sense of loss of the burden of the past.

Includes itself:

  • Enriching the human body with high purity energies. This can only be done with a pre-cleansed body.
  • Working with human electromagnetic fields to expand them and give them the necessary density.

What is not worth counting on

  • Remove greed as a personal quality. This is an initially built-in program, which is the result of previous incarnations.
  • Eliminate stupid actions and behaviors from life.
  • To cure schizophrenia and other mental disorders caused by organic changes in the body and genetic programs originally laid down.

Greed, stupidity, schizophrenia and various genetic disorders are given to a person as a Reward, i.e., working off previous incarnations.


But! There is no need to worry about such people. The System (God)This is clearly working mathematics that adds or removes the number of future incarnations based on human actions. It is not possible to cheat or negotiate with the System. Only actions and states of a person are counted.

In what cases do I use this practice for a person

Exorcist at work

If necessary:

  • Working with circumstances that slow down fate.
  • Dealing with deep-seated fears.
  • Working with suicidal states and states of despair.
  • Working with people who have lost loved ones, if they have not been able to cope with it on their own for a long time.
  • Working with those who have died and are stuck in the area of the three-dimensional world. It is carried through the body of a relative or a person connected to the deceased by an energy tube.
  • Getting suicides and persons who died from accidents out of the area of their stay and sending them to reboot. It is carried through the body of a relative or a person connected to the deceased by an energy tube.
  • Removal of any kind of alien influence on a person's fate (magic) from the fate of a person.

Regardless of when, by whom and under what circumstances the ritual was performed. At least for this person, at least for deceased relatives. The time, the situation of the impact and the location of the one who performed the rite does not matter.

Practice is also appropriate if...

  • A person feels that at the energy level he retains connections with those with whom he has already broken up (divorced spouses, lovers, deceased relatives, etc.).
  • A person feels the oppressive and intrusive energy background of rooms, buildings, land, vegetation, etc. that surround him.


This practice is effective for individuals focused on solving creative tasks and seeking to reach a new level in business and personal life.

Effects of practice

  • Devastation. There is a total relaxation of the body and consciousness. A person begins to live without emotions that traumatize the soul and body.
  • Getting rid of fears and obsessions. After a while, the painful situations of the past look like a once-watched TV series.
  • Rationally inexplicable shifts in social life caused by new settings.
  • A fresh perception of your body and its signals. After practice, you may want to sleep. You can use "incompatible" products. Don't deny yourself. Do not interfere with the body. It will tell you how much to sleep and how much to eat.
  • Ease of decision-making. Neural connections are created in the brain, which open up additional opportunities in creativity and business.

Additional bonuses

  • You eat and drink what you like.
  • You live with the one you like.
  • You live the way you like.

Don't be afraid to do "something" wrong. Don't doubt it: you'll find out about it quickly. And stop repeating what the body and brain regard as stupidity. You will learn to understand body reactions from the first time.

This practice is not traditional medicine or an instant healing program for diseases. I am against instant healing with my participation.

After this practice, the body restarts and the transformation begins.

Feel the effectiveness

None of those who practice need faith. Neither in me. Neither in myself. Neither is a miracle. Neither in God. Belonging to different faiths also does not matter.

Over the years of practice, the technique has been tested on thousands of people. Therefore, I am completely calm for you. Only you can be restless for a while, because everything superfluous, alien and alluvial will be removed from life, just as you would not cling to it.

The vacated place will be filled with what you need for the effective development of your destiny.

This practice is not for you to feel universal love and positive emotions.

This practice is for you to feel yourself. And we found out that you haven't made a single mistake in your life, that everything is logical and understandable.

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