Knee exercises

Kneeling: Taoist walking

I recommend that you start the day with a Taoist walk. Even if you don't have time for gymnastics today, you can set aside a couple of minutes for this effective exercise that massages the points of youth.

Quickly. Effectively. Joyfully.


Before the Taoist walking exercise, be sure to perform a knee diagnosis. Watch the videoFoot massage. Master Mu Yuchun shows the points that are responsible for the health of the tendons on the legs. Please check these places on your feet. If there are painful sensations in these areas, then you should not load your knees because your tendons are weak, i.e. you should not do squats and Taoist walking. You can only do a patting knee massage and a foot massage.

Execution technique

They got on their knees. Naturally, there is something soft on it. It is forbidden to walk on the tile on your knees. A carpet, yoga mat or something similar will do fine. Be careful and don't overdo it at first, and then bruises will appear on your knees or you will damage the skin. If you don't have a place to move around in your apartment, then we're on our knees in one place. Put on tight sweatpants, otherwise you'll rub off your skin.

At the beginning of training, you take from ten to fifty steps. In the future, bring it up to 400 steps. It just seems like it's complicated and takes a long time, it actually takes a few minutes.

Important.If you have problems with your knees, joints, or have been injured, then you cannot perform this exercise. In this case, you can press your knees with your fingers, making a gentle massage of the points, and do a patting knee massage.

You can see the technique of execution from the Qigong master Mu Yuchun.

Healthy knees. Three massage points

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