Vipassana is a heartfelt vision

Buddha Statue

My favorite practice, which can be done always and everywhere.

Of course, you can take vipassana courses, go somewhere to "feel".You will be told that this is an extraordinary experience, and in meditation you need to sit for an hour, two, three. With a straight back and no movement. Observe the sensations in the body, but without reacting to them. It's a "modern classic".

Translated from Sanskrit, vipassana means "soulful vision". There are various traditions of this practice, which can be called the Buddha's favorite practice.

The Buddha considered this technique to be a universal way to get rid of suffering and learn to live. I sincerely thought so... But thousands of years have passed... People continue to suffer violently.

Was the Buddha wrong? Well, what are you! The practice works, but not the way people imagine, being in emotions and trying to quickly get a result that is convenient for them. And what is convenient for the majority? A typical example: "I want it to be the way I want it to be, otherwise everything pisses me off." This position of consciousness does not belong to the discipline of the mind.

Vipassana will teach you over time not to pay attention to external stimuli and not to associate yourself with your mind, body, emotions. Sadhguru has a practice Isha Kriya, which is also aimed at this.

By doing vipassana, you first of all learn concentration. This exercise develops vision. To see the essence of what is happening, you need to create a space inside yourself, free from anxiety. You will read about how to combine vipassana with third eye training in the material Epiphysis training.

Thousands of articles have been written about vipassana. But we will not dive into the Internet, because these are either interpretations of what we read in books dedicated to the sutras of the Pali Canon of ancient India, or reviews of practice in the style of reflections on the topic What a great guy I am that I took a ten-day vipassana course on Goenka. Sri Sathya Narayan Goenka is one of the teachers of this technique.

And now my suggestion for the implementation of this practice, which does not correspond to the classics, but corresponds to my rational approach to any practices. You don't have to finish your courses and finish your internship so that you can start it again. You don't have to find a "comfort zone" to immerse yourself in meditation. You will use this technology anytime and anywhere. Always.

What should I do?

Do and remember what you are doing it for. Your mind should become your friend.

Inhale — hold your breath — exhale — hold your breath. It doesn't matter how much you hold your breath. Inhale should be equal to exhale. Holding your breath on the inhale should be equal to holding your breath on the exhale. You direct some of your attention to the body. It is convenient to keep your attention in the middle of the chest area. You go — you do. Lie down — do. Sit — doing. Discipline, concentration and your daily activities work best.

If you are overwhelmed by thoughts about any person, then mentally tell him: "I'm sorry. Thank you. No need to think about what and why. It is important to understand that at the moment you cannot see what kind of relationships you had in previous incarnations. You don't remember that. And if someone is hurting you now, then these sufferings have been verified to the gram and are a reward for the actions you committed in relation to this entity earlier. So "I'm sorry" It is your action to close karma. And thank you for the experience of passing through this very karma.

Karma is not an abstraction, but a kind of substance that binds your physical body to the subtle electromagnetic fields around it.

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