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Cosmic logic: multiply money by parting with money

Cosmic laws: multiply money by parting with money

For many, fear is a constant emotion that merges so much with consciousness that you don't notice it. I'm not talking about the fact that a person is directly shaken by fears for any reason. No, of course. Fear is very insidious and often looks like logic for the mind: "I will not risk/start my own business/fall in love now, because the political/economic/psychological situation is not suitable."

Then fear suggests a dozen reasons why a person can not do it today, tomorrow, always. And the person begins to actively "look for a way".

Searching for a way usually occupied by people who do not know where to go and what to do. They are not to blame for their condition — it is a neurosis and it is successfully treated. It's a pity only that often a person does not realize that he has such a state and writes off his neurosis to negative external circumstances. It is such neurotic personalities that are easiest to lure to trainings of "successful success".

After all, when a person is eaten from the inside by anxiety, then he is constantly looking for a Savior. Now especially welcome, that the Savior had also a considerable money capital, although the previous history of mankind successfully proved the opposite...

Settings based on fear

On the thinking of "money equals protection from misfortunes" are built thousands of trainings "How to become a millionaire". Such seminars are aimed at activating the biological instinct of security. People are instilled that they can be happy only if they have certain amounts in their accounts.

Very convenient, because millionaires, as you understand, become those who massively introduce into the minds of such primitive settings. Settings based on fear of something not to catch up and something not to achieve.

In the previous material Grab the customer by greed: motivational whirlpools of money trainings we talked about the fact that obsessive desire for wealth equals a huge neurosis, which people are imposed by the modern fashion industry for success.

On many motivational trainings sell other people's stories of wealth, seasoned with a lot of slogans. People in a single impulse shout something like: "I am a leader. I manifest my intention. The world will „bend“ under the pressure of my desire"... But...

Now we will look at my favorite cosmic "But".

Cosmic "but"


The world will not bend. The world does not care about the desires of people, if the desires do not correspond to the task.

And the task of man to be the Creator. This is possible if a person is inspired by his work, and not by someone else's success. Only in this way can you live a life interestingly, beautifully, cheerfully, richly and worthily.


When you do your favorite thing, just like in the process of sex with a loved one, you do not need motivation.

Earning money for the sake of money — means to spend life boringly. If a person is painfully most of the day at work, then later bored and alone with himself. And then no practices and meditations will help to dispel the pain of lost years.

Many people have families for this unpleasant case, which perform the roles of animators. And — yes — of course! Many people justify their visit to the disgusting service by their duty to their loved ones. Only there is a splinter: unhappy people grow up unhappy people. Otherwise it can not be...

And children then do not thank their parents for giving them "the best years" and "all their lives plowed like damned", and in the best case go to psychotherapists to treat accumulated neuroses.


Earning money only to reduce the fear of the future — means to increase the internal anxiety.

Everything that is based on fear, multiplies fear. Everything that is based on love, multiplies love.

We touched on this topic in the article Love and death from the perspective of quanta.

Fourth and very important "but". Let's devote a separate chapter to it.

Multiply money by parting with money

A person must be able to multiply money, easily parting with them. On many trainings teach money to accumulate, but do not teach to give — to invest money in the joys of life for themselves and loved ones. Otherwise...

Accumulated capital, like any excess energy, creates excess potential, which can provoke ruin, destruction of relationships, diseases.

To soften the burden of not yet happened problems, people have a good ritual — to give part of the funds for good deeds.

Only you need not to scatter money, but to know exactly who you give, because in charity there is an exchange of karma.

In all teachings it is considered a good thing to help holy people, support monasteries, museums, libraries, as the strongholds of knowledge of civilization. Also prudent businessmen invest money in science, medical research, education of children, i.e. in the future of mankind. Excellent choice.

In any case, the ritual of "ability to give" is important to do in time, and not when fate forces and internal anxiety tightens.

Constantly waiting for the future, money, success, love — this is to miss opportunities. Always hope that it will get better by itself — this is to be afraid to act.

The ideal time to enjoy your work is Always.

There will be no better moment for a date with your own happiness.

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