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Harmful tips for faithful wives and faithful mistresses

Harmful tips for faithful wives and faithful mistresses

The dream of weak men about a faithful wife and a faithful mistress is very simple. Both stay at home and don't call at work with a stupid question:

— When will you come?

— Of course, when I'm free! I have a lot of work to do.

Dinner is ready for both of them, the mood is good, everyone is happy to please him. And at this moment he hangs out on funny and naughty websites, chatting with friends, drinking coffee with secretaries... And he's in no hurry. He is expected everywhere. It remains only to make a choice.

And why would a weak man make a choice? Everything is fine as it is. One will "show character." If he gets offended, he'll go to another one. She'll cry. They'll make up. He'll be back. He'll eat at the same time.

Harmful advice!

Stop feeding weak men!

Attention, I emphasize that this material is about weak men — both psychologically, mentally, and sexually. Although they may have many women "in their lives". I'm sure you know "them". These are men who usually look or try to look quite "brutal", but in fact have a feminine energy. It is this discrepancy that makes them "have" many women. They can have it, but they can't make you happy.

If you ladies are in a similar situation, take a closer look and think... Perhaps your lover is your "girlfriend". He may even be very sensitive and attentive in bed, but his energy is feminine.

Perhaps you are behaving yourself (or have behaved in the past) as a woman with reduced social responsibility, and your weak energy at the moment chooses men who simply can't help but cheat on you... Sometimes the condition of a woman who is mired in resentments, claims and fears provokes a man to escape in "casual relationships". But this is a topic for a separate conversation about energetically weak women.

For reference.

A man with male energy always makes decisions clearly and consciously. And—never—will he allow the woman he loves to suffer. And even more so because of his fault. A woman with female energy does the same — she does not give a reason for her beloved man to suffer. This is the normal state of the partners. Loved and loving.

If this is not the case with you, then either you are simply not loved, or you yourself "attracted" something like this and how you began to "love it"... But there is also good news — you can at any time refuse the services of "suitors" who make you unhappy.

Women who find themselves in a situation where men cheat on them are recommended to see a psychologist. And, if you are a legitimate wife, you can immediately start paying from the second session. At the first stage, you will be told that according to statistics, 85 percent of men do not leave and are not going to leave their wives and only 10 percent marry mistresses. Therefore, if a woman wants to save her family, she has every chance. You have a chance! Your world has collapsed, but there are chances. Is it easier?

Of course, I want to return, win, overcome, and be sure to ask for forgiveness. And then you will take pity, take the promise "never again" and be "happy together" forever. Pleasant fantasies? Rave! And you can spend years in this delirium.

At the next session of psychotherapy, you may be advised an amazing thing — not to deny him sex, showing your resentment, otherwise he will suddenly switch sides again. To be "more loyal", as a last resort, to stay with my mother and not make scandals... Otherwise, the male vulnerable essence will hide somewhere with friends with alcohol and there will sigh about his lost paradise:

— I love her. I've only done it once or a hundred times, and she doesn't understand me, yells at me, bullies me... The mistress is also a bastard! And I love her too! And she, the infection, wants to get married and wants children from me. How misunderstood and lonely I am. No one really loves me, otherwise they would have become friends and let me live the way I want...

"How I want" in the concept of a weak man is "not to change anything, it will somehow resolve itself." Only the children of mistresses for some reason do not resolve, and these bitches do not want to have abortions. They think to tie him, the beloved, with diapers later. Like, this is how they organize a future together, from which there is no escape. And wives also bet on joint children: they will not leave, because they love children. He loves children, but he loves himself more in this situation, not to mention women. And it does not depend on his "measure of responsibility", which, in fact, does not exist. And for my life first of all.

Harmful advice!

To refuse sex if you don't want sex. Do not refuse — if you need him (not a man, but sex) right now.

Although, I am sure that your "need" will come from a psychological attitude that now you will show him something that "he will forget about the other one." But you can't tie anyone up with sex.

This is an imposed misconception that now you are so colorful, you will do something unusual to him that the other does not do. Ask a tipsy man sometime (sober and close will not say for anything!), who is he thinking about at the moment of peak pleasure? You will be surprised, but not about you. Generally. It's a terrible man's secret. He's thinking about himself and his orgasm buddy, and who's on or under him right now doesn't physically matter to him. And psychologically, he only cares about the state that you, a woman— transmit through yourself. And believe me, dear ladies, if you are unhappy, then that's what you share with your partner — your misfortunes. And very often that's why men run after mistresses. In the eternal search for happy women...

Communicate with men only through your state of personal happiness. Don't live with silly thoughts about how things will turn out after sex. How long do you have enough high spirits after sex: for a day, for three days? And then the dark side of your personality returns, and you are back in the hell of your illusions... Yes? Yes!

Try to make a happy person out of an unhappy woman in one particular case. And this is not pathetic. Everything is simple. To do this, it is not necessary to go after every mental disorder to do a new hairstyle in order to please him. And I certainly won't tell you: love yourself. Love yourself at least a hundred times a day, it doesn't work.

I know that it will not be possible to become happy right away, but it is necessary to act. Apply a simple practice.

Look at yourself in the mirror. State your age clearly. Several times. Count how many months or years you have been living "in hell". And now it's very good, as in childhood, when you first realized that you are not eternal, imagine that you will die. Repeat it to yourself, if necessary, every morning, every day, every evening — I'm going to die. This is your most effective and sobering experience. For all time.

How much of your life (a third, half, most of it) have you lived in misery? They counted it... Now decide how much more time you allow yourself to suffer. Mark this date in the calendar. And suffer, denying yourself nothing. And celebrate the right date in style, because you have started not to waste your life time, but to live...

Then if "bad things" come flooding in and some weak man from the past runs in to dinner out of habit, don't let him into the house. Go to a restaurant, listen to compliments, accept gifts, have fun.

If a man's energy has changed under the influence of some circumstances, then fine. Be friends... And when love comes, love. If necessary, suffer. But by choice and for a strictly limited time.

And don't make it up... Never figure out how to win him over! Your man will love you personally, not a beautiful hostess, an intricate cook, an ardent lover, a faithful wife. These are all images imposed by society. Get all this nonsense out of your head. Only a happy woman can meet a happy man. Maybe... Meets... And lives...

Sunday, June 7, 2020 1:10 AM 

Инна, как точно ты описала мою ситуацию в прошлом. Счастья такие отношения не принесли. Благодарю за направление. Становлюсь счастливой, радостной. Просто для себя. 🙏🌹💖

Monday, June 8, 2020 3:29 PM 

Ох, Инночка, какая же отрезвляющая статья! Супер!!! Сколько же разных навязанных стереотипов давлеют над нами, должна то, должна это, а должна только быть счастливой! Это самое главное, кстати и для мужчин в равной степени, только счастливые люди могут осчастливить! Я к этому пришла только после развода, лучше поздно, чем никогда.))) Главное, что пришла и теперь просто наслаждаюсь! 🌈🌈🌈

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 4:25 PM 

Инночка, спасибо тебе, что ни статья, то откровение и сэкономленное время и нервы! Это важно знать, понимать, применять!
Да будет так и Лучше! 🙏😘❤️

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