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Show-off is more expensive than money or how to make money?

Show-off is more expensive than money or how to make money?

After the materials about money Grab the customer by greed, Multiply money by parting with money, When the rich cry and Luck in business the flow of questions continued about how to make money.

I will not reveal to you a great secret, but only give my personal version of adequate and very simple understandings, based on working with many successful businessmen and many naive dreamers. This, of course, is only short notes on some important points, because the topic of money is very extensive and interesting. You, as always, can do as you see fit. It is enough to check on your own experience. So...

First. Without debts and loans

There should be no debts and various consumer loans, not directly related to the expansion of production. At least at the initial stage of building a business you should be clean before the future. It is logical — there should be no limitations in the brain. The strongest limitation — I must. You can't hide from it. Whatever you do, your brain constantly reminds you of it. We clear the space of the mind first.

They will tell me that many have acquaintances who managed to make money even with debts. Yes. Debts were what made them act. For many, debts/hungry children/dissatisfied wife — this is a good motivation, but not for everyone. Maybe for you debts will be similar to the trigger mechanism, but still — you get rid of them and go further free. You need to understand that if you have debts now, you do not know how to handle money. Not yet...

Successfully manipulate bank loans can only businessmen who have experience of losses and a team of professional financial consultants.

Second. Without silly purchases

You do not run to sales to buy another nonsense and relieve stress. You do not spend credit money on a bank card to buy food for the weekend. And — the main rule — you do not take money from the bank or from friends for a Ferrari, if you need a truck for business.

Poor in neural connections people often say: show-off is more expensive than money, but let's leave the way of stupidity to idiots.

It does not matter what you ride, if you are in debt and take out new loans to pay off the previous ones.

Third. Without quick earnings

You forget about all the ideas of "quick earnings" in the Internet casino. This also includes poker and all such crap.

Fourth. Without other people's success stories

You choose a business idea not from trainings about how someone made money, and not from other people's success stories.

You invest your time, money and talent only in what you understand. If you do not understand anything, you go and learn. Learn, analyze and think.

First you become a professional in some field, then you do exactly this direction. To create a second, third, tenth business — this is not so important. When you have a certain capital, you can risk with investments as you want. But you take only part of your savings, even if you were offered huge interest rates. Only part! Many businessmen burned on the advice of "friends". And friends disappeared, and money disappeared.

One specific and stable business should be yours personally. And you should become a unique professional in it.

Your money can be lost, your skills will stay with you forever. Earned once, repeat the second time. No problem.

These are obvious introductory points for creating the first capital.


You should know. And understand. And realize. It will be very hard. The business will spin up for the first nine months only until you find out if you really want to do it.

Every time the world will check you for stability. You may want to send everything away... After all, it was so good when you were paid a salary. And now — finally — you made a challenge. No. Not to fate. Just — to yourself.

After the first year you will make changes to the idea. But only when you collect all the data on your own experience. To find out how it was with others, it's like asking about sex. Like everyone is doing it, but in fact — everyone has different, even though similar components are involved! The same with business. Until you find out and feel everything yourself, someone else's experience will not help.

It is also important to take into account that the first three years in business — you will collect a lot of "negative" results. It did not work out — great.

Your experience, like your skills, no one and never can take away. This is your real achievement. Experience — not money.

Money — it's just temporary allies, who should come and go. Go — a very important word. Do not cling to them, like former lovers... Thank you, that you were. And we go further...

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