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Family scandals as a blocker of luck

Family scandals as a blocker of luck

In this material, we will talk about people, and their gender does not matter, for whom constant family disputes at high tones have become a habit. Many consider this their bright side and justify such behavior by the fact that you can not keep emotions in yourself, otherwise they destroy. This statement is true. But — it is not true to dump negative emotions on loved ones who live with you in the same energy space and are not protected from aggression.

You can go out into the field or into the forest and scream uncontrollably. Welcome. You can go to a strength training or sign up for a boxing section. Welcome. You can smash dishes, locking yourself in the kitchen, alone with the accumulated grievances. Welcome. But...

It is unacceptable to make the environment a testing ground for your hierarchical instinct. If you won through aggression, you lost. What's the point of being right if your loved one is unhappy?

The struggle of cheerful neurotics

Dear ladies, at the moment when you scream at men, those partners who have male energy want to hit you. If your partner has female energy, then he, like a child, dreams of hiding from excessive tension. The behavior and energy of a man in classic cases of neurosis directly depends on the mother. We talked about this in the material "How does female education paralyze men?".

Normal men are ready to stop the squeak at any cost, because high tones are annoying. This is written in the brain at the basic level. For example, a child's scream occurs at high tones. The parents' instinct is triggered — you need to do something urgently. And the parents provide help, i.e. look for the cause and try to eliminate it.

But in the situation of adult showdowns, men do not see that the woman screams because she needs help. She screams because she is fighting for leadership.

A woman begins to fight with her partner when she is internally dissatisfied. It doesn't matter what — with herself, the world, the weather, the political situation, the lack of money. But...

A man does not think about such subtle matters as the woman's feelings, if he sees direct aggression. Therefore, the man has one thought: "Now I would have given it, so that she would be quiet".

But... How can he hit a woman? This is unacceptable. This is a manifestation of weakness. Such weakness that all cool males will look at him with contempt. And females, of course. Attacking a physically weaker creature without a threat to life is a fall in the hierarchy of the pack.

Although in the packs everything is in order — everything is according to the laws of evolution. And in human society, many quite consciously try to bring their partner to hysteria. "Consciously", of course, in their understanding of being the main ones.

Of course, this has a psychological definition — neurosis. There is also a folk definition — an energy vampire. And, as you understand, now a fairly common model of the family, where two cheerful neurotics fight for leadership.

"To treat" them — just a waste of time: they joined on the basis of a broken psyche, so they are tuned to scream, but do not intend to part. Both subconsciously understand that they are unlikely to ever get such happiness — to meet a partner similar in the manifestation of neuroses.

It would be good here... Let them scream on their territory, but if they have children, then damage to the psyche of the young generation is guaranteed. Because while such citizens train in the height of voice and mutual insults, next to them grow people who have stereotypes of neurotic behavior from childhood.

People with a broken psyche find it difficult to build healthy relationships. They subconsciously find those who hurt them, and reject those who are ready to make them happy.

The power of a woman is in emotions

I want to warn all men with male energy right away — it is difficult for women to resist in emotions. In emotions, women are much stronger. That is why many ladies like to practice emotional sparring.

Girls get into the taste when they know how professionally they can piss off a man. And they repeat experiments on the partner's psyche. Until he either looks menacingly, or snaps, or hits his fist on the table so that the table flies apart. By the way, these options "to shut up your beloved" are welcome. To shout in response — this is to enter a state of hysteria with a woman.

If men and women through scandals solve the problems of low self-esteem, then say thank you to the parents who instilled in them such a stereotype of behavior.


Pay attention to the behavior of the partner after the scandal. A person living in neurosis, after a quarrel, will be internally satisfied if he could cause strong emotions in you. What happens in the partner's mind at that moment? Oh, he/she loves me! And after some time after the scandal, the partner has a great mood, even if he/she demonstrates the opposite through the usual manipulations of resentment.

But — this is stupid behavior in any case.

To bother another person, to satisfy your hierarchical instinct and to amuse your neurosis, is extremely short-sighted for fate.

In emotional battles, a lot of energy is lost. A lot. Extremely a lot!

Suppose the conflict was today, and the loss of money and/or health failure will occur in a week, a month. You have long forgotten that you quarreled, but the results will always manifest in the physical world. And — always quite specific losses. With such unconscious behavior, there is no point in asking fate for luck, money, health.

Each person is given energy for the development of fate. And it arrives constantly. But people are so used to getting what comes easily through breathing that they do not pay attention to "such trifles". And easily dump luck through showdowns with other representatives of the species.


Stop being right

Start with the ability to respect. Respect, like love, is not words, but actions. Actions that lead to a state of well-being.

This statement applies to both "opposing" sides. And the first of these actions — shut up when you want to yell at a loved one. Everyone, damn it, shut up! Both men and women.

This is truly a difficult task for humanity.

Stop being right. It's time to be strong and conscious. And only then... Over time, you will learn to be loving...

When you pass the "simple" test of respect. And until then you are like that — you came to this world just to talk about love.

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