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Love, risk and adventure: the simplest way to fulfill your wishes

Love, risk and adventure: the simplest way to fulfill your wishes

People are passionately talking about faith, love, freedom, responsibility, awareness, but as soon as external circumstances disrupt the usual course of things, many immediately experience emotions of anger and resentment...

Although everyone has heard a thousand times about the need to accept any situation and, of course, to be grateful for everything that happens.

I wrote in the article "Freedom of choice": "wish that something happens to you that you could not even dream of". Because it is when everything goes not according to plan, there is a reason to experience gratitude. Although at first glance it does not correspond to human logic.

Love and adventure

When you are drawn into the whirlpool of events that you cannot control, you can confidently say that something interesting is starting in your destiny. Of course, such uncontrollable events include love...

No one remembers the days filled with stability and comfort. Everyone remembers the adventures. There is not a single outstanding businessman who would dullly tell about how he built his "calm business".

Business is never calm. It is always a risk. In business and in love, everything always goes not according to plan. You can be clearly sure of that.

Business is love for your work. And love...

Love is the expression of your attitude towards yourself, because — only by giving what we have, we become happy.

We cannot steal love. We cannot rent or borrow it. We cannot buy love. Everyone knows that. But, nevertheless, they try to buy the "grace of God" in this matter. But... Attention...

God does not give out "suitable" partners. God is not a matchmaker or a pimp. He does not work on dating sites. He creates. Do you feel the difference?..

God creates a partner for everyone. And the task of a person is to go through this universal quest to meet "their person" beautifully...

To want strongly — a simple technology

Many people, to "attract love", send requests to the Universe (or to the ceiling), depending on how they manage, "give". For awareness, this is not the best technology, although many will tell me that it works...

Of course, I know many stories about how a person "very strongly wished" and the wish came true. Yes, wishes expressed in a stream of powerful emotional impulse are fulfilled. Wishes reinforced by various rituals can also be effective.

In fulfilling wishes, as in any significant activity, two components are very important — the state of a person and the actions of a person aimed at the result.

Only in this way information is fixed in the mind, becomes an intention and is transmitted to the system of electromagnetic fields of the Soul. This is a simple technology...

Many people know how to want very strongly. Many have a well-developed intuition. Many people manage to achieve success in this way. But in this case, I would put the word "success" in quotation marks. Because...

Many strong people with strong desires may not know until the end of their lives, but still... What is so interesting, unknown and beyond for them prepared by God? Everyone wants to control... Rather, everyone is now taught to control. And...

People try to control their destiny in the same way as subordinates — on the principle of "I am the boss, I know better what to do".

The way without hints

There is no adventure in a well-thought-out success... There is a deal... A business deal.

If some technology of "making wishes" worked, then a person begins to repeat it again and again. And it becomes shackles. It would seem that a person "builds their destiny", but in fact becomes dependent on control over external events. And the person has fear.

A person begins to constantly worry: "What if something goes beyond the map of wishes"... A person is haunted by "symbols". For some, it is black cats, for some, it is satanic days according to the lunar calendar, for some, it is spots on the Sun, for some, it is the ubiquitous "retrograde Mercury", for some, it is cawing crows. In general, a person "fulfills wishes", but along the way gets a set of neuroses.

Although... In fact... It does not matter what or who a person believes in...

Even the "best" teaching becomes a limitation if a person is afraid to lose it. Afraid to go the way without hints. Because the basis of such a way is fear, not love. And love, as I never tire of repeating, is a risk...

You go the way of fear — you get "stability" and boredom.

You go for risk and love — you get the most interesting adventure — Life.

And here... Exactly in this case... Just then... You need faith... To not be afraid to take risks. Faith in the idea of living as you feel.

For this there is a heart. For this there is life. Everything is simple — Live and Feel.

And the Quantum System does not need human faith in God. God does not use "someone else's faith". He has plenty of his own faith.

Love without conditions

Not many people understand that you need not to look for a "worthy" and "perfect" partner, but to pay attention to yourself.

Yes... It is there — inside everyone — there is an answer to the question: "Why is there no beloved person next to me now?". The answer is simple... Because you constantly set conditions. Maybe it's enough of these orders to the Universe? Quanta will soon invent a telepathic language of swearing...

If you want to be served, go to a restaurant. If you want to buy something — go to a supermarket. Just do not constantly engage in rape of your own Soul: "This person suits me. And this one does not suit me. I want this one... And I don't want this one... Or maybe I still want it, but only if...".

Do you think that you really know who suits you?.. Really?.. Are you still so naive?.. Do you still believe that the image that you built in your mind will make you happy when you meet "him"?.. No...

You can get what you want, but there will be no sign of "happiness" on it. Fulfillment of invented wishes does not guarantee happiness. But faith... Just faith, which, in essence, is a constant state of gratitude, guarantees.


It is very effective for destiny not to ask God to give love, but to become love yourself. And through your state, attract the most important thing in life — awareness — self-knowledge! And as a bonus, naturally, without your hints and instructions, the Meeting will happen. Faith, God, Love will bring you the very best partner.

The best — only for you. For everyone else, he may be simply unbearable!!!

You need to constantly learn faith and gratitude, as we learn to love and respect every quantum of creation, regardless of who he embodied.

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