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The structure of God: what God looks like

What God looks like

Our energy and the energy of all living beings are electrical energy, but only partially: there are types of energy, such as, for example, tachyon energy, which are not yet available to Earth scientists. And — thank God: otherwise we would have already blown everything up here!

Entities in good energetic form look like charged spherical batteries. The same looks for God and our Universe. And a multitude of Universes inside God — look like glowing dots, moving along shiny threads. To visually imagine the structure of God from the inside, watch any scientific film about the structure of neurons.

The nuclei of neurons — Universes — are connected to each other by branches, similar to the branches of a sprawling tree — the thread-like matter of God. Thanks to this thread-like system, Universes exchange information with each other and grow in God.

So, God looks like a multidimensional tree, enclosed in a radiant sphere, on the branches of which a multitude of glowing fruits are filled with power. God is — the tree of knowledge — Without Good and Evil.

God — sphere.

You — sphere.

Without options.

Without doubts.

The structure of God, Universes and all Entities are identical.

We are inside the System and cannot yet go beyond its limits and look at God from the outside. Therefore — each of us, as God and each of us — God. And we are all — One in God. Elementary — We are His Energy.

Typical misconceptions about freedom and awareness

Mindfulness is an energetic quality of a quantum System, not a personal quality of a person. Therefore, to practice awareness and freedom for yourself personally is to introduce additional illusions about your exclusivity into your consciousness. By practicing mindfulness/spirituality/meditation from a human point of view, you practice your importance because — well, you really want to be different from others. Others don't suit you for some reason... There's something wrong with them... They are not "conscious" or "sufficiently aware." Therefore, many who have appointed themselves the "chosen ones" believe that they urgently need to become knowledgeable and practicing in order to teach others. Only these "chosen ones" with irrepressible stubbornness do not want to understand that God also created others. And the quantum System, unlike the human factor, does not make mistakes in choosing those who should live on this planet.

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The structure of God: our Universe is not alone in God

Every microorganism in our body is a separate "personality", having its own goals and tasks — purpose. Each Universe is also such a microorganism for God. How many universes can he "grow" inside himself?

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Learning about Love as a Force: higher yoga for two

The different positions of the bodies during the act of love are the ritual sign language with which we communicate with God. The highest yoga that gives happiness. Such a state comes only with relaxation. And relaxation leads to the fact that we stop controlling the world... And for a few seconds we become Buddhas. Don't you believe it? The technology is available to everyone!

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