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Money or enlightenment

Money and enlightenment

For the collective consciousness of a large contingent of the Earth, the desire to receive money and/or enlightenment is an abstraction. Those thoughtful citizens who "want money" naturally consider the caste of those seeking enlightenment to be idiots. And vice versa. So two beautiful illusions divided people into two irreconcilable camps. But! In fact, some do not have a million, others do not have enlightenment. And the vast majority can only think about these conditions abstractly. Like, "How cool it would be if I had it... I would then..." And then the wild fantasies of the heroes of illusions begin, when they think about the eternal "then I" ...

There will be enlightenment and then "everyone will honor me, and I will help people."

There will be money and then "everyone will love me, and I will choose who to show mercy to." I know, I know... The thoughts of "those who want a lot of money" usually revolve around how they will spend money and distribute capital into banks and jars. It is necessary to invest so profitably that "I did not work, money brought money, and most importantly, so that no one could find them and take them away." Ha! Once you have a similar amount of money, there will be a huge queue waiting to take it from you. There are many of them. They are united. And they are serious about teaching you how to share.

For a novice entrepreneur, healthy sleep disappears as capital grows, while for a mature oligarch it depends on the convulsing stock exchange and the anxious moods of politicians.

As a businessman I know with wealth experience told me: "A person is happy as long as he can carry all his money in a bag." I ask the most visionary not to perk up. Yes, I know that a million dollars in hundred-dollar bills fits comfortably in a sports bag. But the oligarch did not mean such "little things" as a million. He said that when you have a certain number of bills that do not belong to banks, you can feel free. He was talking and sorting through plastic cards... Colorful pieces of plastic with cute patterns to give their owner an imaginary peace of mind.

Those who seek enlightenment are also trying to find a similar "peace of stability". They also need security.

By the way... Those who are now thinking about enlightenment, in their hearts consider themselves better than those who want to get a "big jackpot". Those seeking ecstatic states are sure that everyone who dreams of earning money is an outcast, mired in the material world. They appoint them as outcasts themselves, of course. The Quantum God does not have such powers. But it is God who is actively implicated in this topic as the "giver of enlightenment." Another delusional contract of spoiled children: "Look, Daddy, my desires are righteous and beautiful. Now I know for sure that you will like them. That's why you have to pay attention to me. Oh, give it to me! I'm waiting." They have been waiting, of course, for decades. They sit in meditation for so long that they feel that the lotuses are already opening in them. Although...Perhaps many have died long ago and flowers really sprout through them. They so earnestly wanted to receive enlightenment during their lifetime that they did not even notice that everyone is given the highest degree of human awareness at the moment of death. Unless, of course, the person died in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication.

The so—called "enlightenment" is a natural program prescribed in every thinking being in the same way as the ability to breathe. Neither your body nor your soul can strive for enlightenment. Only the mind, acting on the basis of a sense of self-importance, strives to get "something that others do not have."

The ego is always dissatisfied: either there is not enough money, then the partner is not the right one, then the boss is a brute, then the economic crisis has gone wrong, then some dirty people have gathered on this planet. In general, this is not the scale for a significant person who always wants more. And along the way, she insists that God be her personal assistant.

I do not intend to disappoint you in the idea of a "good God", but I will definitely say that the system of the quantum Universe absolutely does not care about all human desires. Desires are not considered by energy quanta as a call to action about you personally. You communicate only with the brain and soul — electromagnetic fields. And it is they who, based on your internal states and external actions, form what is commonly called "blows of fate" and "gifts of fate".

You can interact directly with the System only when the usual passions evaporate and intention takes their place. The intention does not arise "at will" of the user. It is produced when what a person says, thinks, does and feels becomes one. This can be called strength. This can be called goodness. This can be called awareness. This can be called enlightenment. Whatever you call it, it's all just words. And they are not understood until this condition breaks out of a person. "It" is inside everyone. But that's enough...

You don't need to think about what will happen when I am, because there will be no "I" anymore. It's a funny topic. Let's postpone it... But, nevertheless, in order to get "it", it is necessary to make the brain your friend. Let's start with the analysis of desires.

So, we have determined that the two camps seeking wealth and enlightenment need protection. From what? Of course, from your own thoughts!

It is the thoughts that make you want something to be mine! My husband ... My wife... My children... My house... My car... My money... My enlightenment...

I can't help but remind you that all this is successfully taken away by death, but people usually do not take into account such a recognized world leader in their plans. It's not a logical approach. After all, this is the only fact that everyone knows about themselves: "I'm going to die." For those who are now roused by the realization of the obvious, I declare this is great news. You can immediately reconsider your wishes. I offer, as always, a simple technology.

Start wishing for the future not from the moment that you are experiencing now. And it doesn't matter whether you suffer or rejoice. These are just emotions. They are changing. Start dreaming about the future from the moment of death. Exactly.

Ask yourself questions:

  • How do I want to die?
  • Who do I want to see next to me?
  • Where do I want to die?
  • Before I die, I want to observe the mountains/sea/mountains and the sea/a sunlit clearing, etc.?

You do not invoke death with such reflections. You're just setting priorities. Further, based on the understanding of how you would like to do it beautifully, you go down in time. And turn on the logic. Let's say you want to die watching the sun rise over the sea.

Asking questions again:

  • Which country/which countries do I like for this action?
  • Will I live in a house, a bungalow there, or will I stay in a hotel?
  • Can I afford this house/bungalow/A hotel right now?
  • What areas of activity do I need to work out so that I can/can freely decide when and where to go?

You think about these questions without illusions like: I will suddenly become rich, I will suddenly get married successfully, I will suddenly become enlightened, I will suddenly make a breakthrough start-up, I will suddenly become great, I will suddenly become...

You take only yourself as the basis of your conclusions. If I need to earn money to travel to such a country, then I will find out how much it costs, how much a house / apartment costs there, how expensive or cheap it is to live there...

Now the main thing is:

  • What do I want to do so that my sweet desires become reality and no longer distract me from the direct enjoyment of life?

After that, you make lists:

  • The skills that I have at the moment to get money.
  • What I need to learn in order to increase my value in the market.
  • I am learning "this" and getting "the next".

There is also an ideal option:

  • I work with my brain, which provokes unsatisfied emotions.
  • My brain is becoming my friend. And now...
  • Any place on the world map is suitable for me both for death and for life, and for the pleasures of both death and life.

Go ahead... By the way, you can immediately select all the development options. At the same time, you are working on increasing your currency value and on the state of your thoughts. Training in business and necessary losses in business is very conducive to discipline and analytical thinking. And responsibility for the decisions made is the basis of awareness.

Friday, September 18, 2020 7:24 PM 

Вспоминается отрывок из фильма «О чем говорят мужчины».

С какого-то времени появился этот вопрос «Зачем?» Вот раньше тебе говорили: «Слушай, я с двумя девушками познакомился, у них квартира свободна в Отрадном, посидим, выпьем! Поехали!» Ты сразу ехал. Если бы тебя спросили «А зачем?», ты бы сказал: «Как зачем? Ты чё, дурак? Две девушки, отдельная квартира! Посидим, выпьем, ну?!» А сейчас... тебе говорят «поехали», а ты думаешь: «Две какие-то девушки... левые. Квартира у них в ОТ-РАД-НОМ! Это ж ехать туда, пить с ними... потом то ли оставаться, то ли домой... завтра на работу. Зачем?!»

Пример утрированный, но имеет право на опубликование. Потому что вопрос «Зачем?» очень крут и эффективен. Если его задать себе самостоятельно, то есть шанс выйти из плена очередной иллюзии. А если вы уже преододели очередную майю, то этот вопрос возникнет перед вами сам собой. Выключится автопилот. И вы, так упорно двигавшийся к своей цели (деньгам, просветлению, вершине карьерной лестницы и т.д.) окажетесь как бы у разбитого корыта. А чей-то мудрый и древний голос лукаво прозвучит у вас в голове: «ну-с, голубчик, это все здорово, молодец, поработал. А слабо продолжить дальше, но уже с полным осознанием бессмысленности (в человеческом восприятии) происходящего?» И тут начнется настоящая игра. Добиваться богатства, которое вам не нужно. Качать пресс, который вы больше не рассматриваете в зеркале каждое утро. Слушать и качественно выполнять задачи шефа, чье кресло вы уже не мечтаете занять. Быть может, звучит глупо и непонятно. Да и абсурдно. Но все же попробуйте. Впечатления не описать.

Спросите, а зачем тогда это делать, если в этом нет смысла? Думаю, начав, вы вскоре и сами найдете ответ на этот вопрос. 😉

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