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Sex and money: what do people have under masks?

Sex and money: what do people have under masks?

In the articles Classics of the genre:you want it, but he pays and Women's money: to want more or to have more we have touched upon the vast field of gender relations on the basis of misunderstandings about money.

Dear men and beautiful ladies continue to write, express opinions and indicate desires. For many, there is material for reflection. It would seem that there is nothing new in this topic?.. But, you know, most people are used to thinking that only they know and only they are right. Therefore, men's messages resent the fact that women do not appreciate their efforts and have long forgotten the words of gratitude. And in the women's letters, there is confusion: "How is that? Men don't want to pay?! These are not men. Let's give those who want and can provide." We will talk about this in more detail in the following materials, and now — to enhance the effect — get acquainted with two opinions about money and sex.

Female version: the main thing is that it gives a lot of money

— Girls, I'm mercantile too! I want money too!!! I want to walk through the mall and buy, buy, buy. And don't think that it won't be enough or my husband will judge me. It's cooler than any orgasm. Orgasm for a couple of minutes, and then long-term pleasure and every day, if I want. To suit the mood. I don't even care that sex with my husband won't be very good. I don't care about his age or appearance. Yes, it's true that you wrote about instincts in the materials.

We want to sleep with handsome men only in erotic fantasies, but if there is a choice, and we want to have a choice, we will choose a person with money.

And I will scream and moan in bed as long as it takes. I will perform the duties of a paid kept wife so that he is firmly attached to me.

The main thing is that he gives me a lot of money. And then I'll relax. I'll get used to it. I'll relax again. I will be protected by his money from the whole world. I'll be calm about it. And I'll think about what to do next.

Male version: insatiable aggressor wives are sitting at home

— I completely agree with the men who wrote that they were fed up with their wives. Here I have the same. And I've never talked about it with my wife. Only in the sauna with friends. Our sauna is purely for men. Do not think that we are going to drink and date girls. We take a break from social life, from businesses, from families. Yes, we are waiting for a meeting, because insatiable aggressor wives are sitting at home.

If they are considered separately as other people's women, then they look great and know how to behave in society. In companies, my just a cute kitty who looks at me with delight and "listens to her husband" in everything. In general, a smart girl, a beauty, a wife and a mother are the envy of everyone. Relatives are thrilled. Friends are jealous. And only the closest friends know that this is not the case.

She changes at home. She immediately broadcasts that she played her role well, and now give it to me for this, otherwise there will be sanctions. And I'm giving you money. She's not interested in sex. Not with me, not with anyone else. That's why I'm not worried that she'll cheat on me.

How can money be changed? And the money is me. Although my wife doesn't think it's my money. She thinks it's our money and she earned it by living with me.

It took me a while to realize that she didn't care about sex. Everything was fine for the first few years. I was sure I was the coolest kid because she loved me passionately. It was only later, a few years later, that I noticed from the expression on her face in bed that she didn't care. More precisely, when she saw me looking at her, she immediately changed. She immediately became the "goddess of sex." But I can't erase that moment from my memory anymore. It's a bored, arrogant expression: "Like, okay, do what you need to do there, and I'll be patient."

If anyone had told me that this would happen, they would never have married. Although she was still so cool. I remember who I fell in love with... Or was she faking it?

I think she became like that when she was with me, or always was, and just played a good role to get married. And I'm really just an ordinary moron who fell for it... But for what? Now I'm looking and I don't understand...

My brain is so sick that it shakes me when she starts talking in her trademark whining tone with childish intonations. It's her habit to be a "little girl." It's a stupid habit. She's dumb. There's nothing to talk about. I'm dumb for dragging this out. But it can be seen that there is still no limit, since I tolerate it. But I already realized for sure that I don't want to be with her for the rest of my life...

Money as protection from the world

These extracts from the letters are very revealing. They are honest and emotional. For almost every sentence from these letters, I can give detailed comments that many will not like. But they will clarify the essence. And we will continue the series of articles about love, hormones and instincts. Oh, it's clear that you and I will comprehend awareness through sex and money. By the way, it is quite a working technique ...

So, what are these letters about? About the love that people need so much to be light and cheerful masters of life? No... About completely human desires...

Hormonal desires are often fulfilled, but in the long run they do not bring the desired result.

Please note: people write on emotions, which means that it bothers them a lot. So it hurts ...

A woman wants money — this is normal for modern society, because money has tightly merged in her centers of biological needs with a sense of security. But if you talk to her individually, then, of course, it turns out that most of all she wants to be loved. And her "cry for money" is an echo of a past relationship in which she was strongly attached to someone, but her desire to be with this person was not fulfilled. And now, dreaming of a rich man, she is afraid to love so that it does not hurt again, and with someone else's money she wants to protect herself from the world in which this very pain walks ...

Yes, resentment against a past lover is firmly entrenched in her heart, although she may not realize it. That's why she decided to "change tactics": I won't love myself, let them love me and pay for my desires. If only it were that simple... But even this line of behavior does not lead to happiness ...

The man "from the letter" wants to be appreciated, regardless of his wallet. But... If you talk to the wife of a man who is so dissatisfied with the domestic "aggressor", then I am sure that his woman will say something like this: "He stopped paying attention to me a long time ago. He's not interested in how I live. He doesn't talk to me, but covers all questions with me and the children with money. He doesn't care what I think or how I feel." So? So...

His wife is not a "mercantile bitch" as he wants to present her, but a completely normal woman. And women in men value most of all not the payment of their "wishlist", but reciprocity and communication.

A woman needs to talk to her man. It is important for every beloved wife to know that her husband listens to her, even if, in his opinion, she is talking nonsense.

What do people have under masks?

Now let's look at the "unexpected" option. The woman from the "first letter" is dating the man from the "second letter". What's going to happen?

Most likely, he will flaunt his money, and she will pretend that she does not need his support, but needs feelings. And they will both broadcast demos of their personalities to each other.: "Like, look how cool I am/how cool I am/cool! Where else will you find such happiness?"

Then they will sleep together and after a while they will take off their masks. And what about the people under the masks? That's right — naked desire — love me, please! Because it is unbearable for me to love myself without an external impulse. I don't believe myself. I do not believe in myself and it is catastrophically important for me to know that someone needs me, because alone — alone with life — I am afraid.

The "ordinary" drama of inner loneliness. People are dissatisfied with their fate, even if they eat from golden dishes.

...There are millions of such stories. Many have already captured and legitimized their desires. It was not love that was found, but desires that were legitimized!

We did everything as prescribed in the requirements of the society. The pairs are created. The children are born. The years go by. The children are growing up. And they are increasingly dissatisfied with the partners they have chosen themselves. Hormonal desires are fulfilled. But there is no happiness.

No one dies from lack of sex. They die from lack of love.

To be continued...

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