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The technology of prayer: how to effectively ask for health

The technology of prayer: how to effectively ask for health

In the material The technology of prayer: how to effectively ask for money we talked about how to work with the opening of opportunities, and today we will consider the situation when a person prays for health. It would seem that health is not material values, you can ask for it always. Yes — you can ask for everyone.

For example, Garchen Rinpoche — one of the respected teachers of the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism — addressed the followers who expressed a desire to practice in honor of his birthday, which falls on April 15. He gave the students a prayer — lines from the text of Shantideva "The Way of the Bodhisattva":

May all beings suffering from diseases,
Be freed from all ailments soon.
May all diseases of the world be healed
And never happen again.

The essence of the mantra is that you pray for the well-being of all. In these lines there are no selfish desires, only the general intention to free humanity from suffering. And — as we know — the sufferings of humanity arise from the ignorance of humanity. So these "simple words" are much more powerful and effective than the usual wish for health. You can use such appeals every day. And they will accumulate in you what is logically called goodness.

...Although most people do not understand what goodness is, because either they briefly tried its taste, and the sensations were too unusual, or they never experienced anything like that...

Bliss of perception — this is not a beautiful phrase, but a state of inexhaustible gratitude. You can experience it as the opening of such huge horizons that you feel with every atom that the Earth is your planet, and everything here matters to you. And then you "suddenly" realize that this Universe is your Universe. And in it everything also matters to you.

Bliss of perception and ordinary human attitude to life — this is the difference between the person who had an orgasm and the one who never had it. You try to choose the words, but still impossible to describe. What is available to one, temporarily unavailable to another. But — only temporarily...

Do not forget to accumulate goodness in yourself with prayers for the well-being of people, the planet, and the Universe. Without thinking about the result, of course. There will come a non-random minute of instant expansion of perception and the dam of human conventions inside you will break. True, you will cry right away, but this will also be — for goodness...

Now let's consider the requests for personal health. Here not everything is unambiguous... Unless, of course, we take toasts "for health". Please, this is always acceptable, if you do not spoil your health with what you pour into yourself. Otherwise, an absurd situation arises again: yesterday you drank so much for health, and today it became worse than yesterday. This is a clear indication of the well-known statement: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". You drank for "all the good", got — "worse". And you, taking the pose of repentance over the toilet, brightly realize that your "prayers at the table" were "correct", and the actions were inadequate. Such situations are often observed in both man and humanity in all other spheres of life.

You can wish good and health to yourself and your loved ones, but at the same time furiously emit "righteous anger" on the whole family, not accepting the way of thinking, values and not putting anything the desires of other people... Why do you act so stupidly, and then you get sick from it? Because you have "life experience", "right to vote" and "know better"? So — the System also knows better...

Imagine that God has personally heard your prayer for health right now. Great. Now you know that he has a good hearing! Will he call you on the phone to find out how you feel? No. He connects with your Soul, i.e. the system of electromagnetic fields that have no emotions and illusions about you. And the Soul tells God: "The disease of my next body is associated with the fact that the body was brought to the state of disease by such actions of the personality. Retribution — as always — is mathematically accurate and does not exceed the necessary impact on fate".

Therefore, the logical request for health should consist in the fact that you realized what actions led to the ailment, and immediately stopped doing them: "I ask for wisdom and understanding to realize what actions led my body to the disease, and ask to help me correct the situation in the shortest possible time". With such a layout — the decision will definitely be made in your favor. The main thing is to have time, until the Soul itself decided that having such a tired, decrepit and sluggish body is no longer interesting to her.

If the Soul decided to live, you will not die, no matter what disasters and cataclysms fall on humanity. If the Soul decided to change the body — you will die.

Without options.

Without doubts.

And there are no human technologies to keep it here. There are non-human technologies, but this is already from the category of rough magic and demonism. Retribution for such an impact on the Soul is measured in such a complex of cleansing procedures that in the fire of the Spirit the demon will be so long and fervently praying for a cool place that he will learn what "eternity" is on his own example. Well... At the same time and learn to pray.

In all prayers, not the requests of the human mind, but the state of the human Soul are always taken into account. You can read the most miraculous prayers in the most beautiful words in all languages — the effect will be zero... Another trick? No — again logic. Divine, naturally. And we will talk about this in the next material The technology of prayer: safety technique.

Friday, April 24, 2020 11:58 PM 

Больше всего в этой статье меня поразила именно эта фраза: Если Душа решила жить, вы не умрете, какие бы бедствия и катаклизмы не сыпались на человечество. Если Душа решила сменить тело — вы умрете. Именно ее я бы выделила из контекста.

Мы слишком привыкли «договариваться» с Богом или Высшими Силами обо всем на свете и о здоровье в том числе, практически исключив самих себя из числа тех, кто принимает решение. Если цель просьбы не достигнута, то на это «воля Божья» или его кара, а мы сами остаемся сторонними наблюдателями или страдальцами.

А на деле получается, что это именно мы своими действиями/бездействиями допустили такой результат. Вот почему так важно как можно скорее понять причину или неправильные по отношению к нам самим действия, чтобы иметь возможность излечиться.

Благодарю Вас за такую простую и такую нужную всем нам формулу: «Я прошу мудрости и понимания, чтобы осознать, какие действия привели мое тело к болезни, и прошу помочь мне исправить сложившуюся ситуацию в максимально короткие сроки».

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