Lion's Yawn

Lion yawns

The Yawn of the Lion — Simcha Kriya.

Simcha means lion. Kriya has several translations of action, activity. All kriyas are important for practitioners as a preliminary activity to rock the body and energy.

Simcha Kriya is a well-known practice of kriya yoga. She is also called simhasana. On the Internet, you can find various options for its execution, but I don't want to load you with unnecessary information. Therefore, I suggest doing the simplest option, which shows the Sadhguru.

This practice refers to actions that clear the throat and lungs. This practice also helps people whose work is related to negotiations and influencing others with the power of words.And now the main bonus of using it...


The throat is one of the places of the body that contributes to the formation of the power of intention.The lungs are the domain of destiny. Therefore, you are not only training the immune system and solving respiratory diseases, but you are also training fate. As always, everything is very simple.

Technique of execution

A brief summary of the practice of "Lion's Yawn" so that you don't strain yourself watching the video.

Practice is done on an empty stomach.

Sit on the floor in a lightweight lotus position, i.e. on the ass with your legs crossed. Place your palms on your knees.The arms are straight. Shoulders are raised. The chest will also rise up as much as possible. This body position is maintained throughout the practice.

Close your eyes.

  1. Open your mouth wide. Pull out your tongue. Breathe quickly, deeply, but without jerks. The belly moves like waves in the sea. Do it 21 times. Made by.
  2. The mouth is open. Wrap the tongue back as deeply as possible. We also breathe intensely. My throat is tight. You will get a sound of "shortness of breath", as if you had been running for a long time. 21 times. Made by.
  3. Take a deep breath and hold your breath as much as possible. 30 seconds 1 minute. Exhale while lowering your shoulders. We relaxed. Made by.

That's it. Elementary.

After this breath, your lungs are filled with energy, and your thoughts are clear. Therefore, it is rational to wish yourself an effective development of destiny. And smile.

You may have some misunderstandings. Check out the material Simcha kriya: frequently asked questions.

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