The impulse starts with sincerity
(reviews on practices)


Thanks from the author... And a Blessing for All Times

To all those who have passed and are undergoing practice, thank you so much for your trust. And — for Sincerity. This is the only state that really charges us. And it doesn't matter through tears or through bliss.

Only sincerity carries an Impulse. And this is our main externally hidden ingredient of Practices, which I rarely mention yet. But it is He who acts. And only when he has personally experienced it...

Here you are and touched the inner, "just doing practice". All the components have coincided: you, time, state, desire to comprehend ...

The impulse always acts precisely, though selectively. It is impossible to come to an agreement, but you can draw his attention to yourself by the discipline of the mind. That's why I named these practices Getting rid of suffering... It would also be possible to say more figuratively getting rid of stereotypes of thinking. Imposed thinking. Why get rid of stereotypes? To raise pain in yourself, transform it through yourself and take responsibility for fate... And that's what it means.; To Become A Sincere Person... Become a Master.

The impulse starts with sincerity. The impulse begins with honesty in relation to oneself and others.

Sincerity is the most energetic, the most capacious, the most charged state in all worlds and in all Universes.

An honest man cannot be overthrown. Any external circumstances are powerless against honesty. That's the basis of Momentum. Without sincerity, all words will remain just words... And Spiritual Practices — just another entertainment for "bored humanity"...

I know that some people expect some ecstatic states from practicing. And — yes — some will have them. But others will not have extraordinary experiences on an emotional level.

The main thing is not your condition during the internship period.

The main thing is that for 21 months (of course, I mean the Antakaran period)... And so... The main thing...


Within 21 months after the consistent passage of the entire range of practices, a major change in fate will occur. Such a breakthrough, which a person did not even count on... Yes, just because I didn't know that it was possible to dream about it: you didn't have such a global experience, but all the desires were like everyone else's! And 21 months is a very rapid transformation. By the standards of earthly time. Of course, the changes will start earlier... Much earlier... Already in the practice process. But you will be able to assess the scale of the changes later.

Simple human desires are transformed into the best for everyone in a natural way. Someone will change jobs, someone will learn a new profession, someone will change their partner, someone will change their place of residence, someone will establish relations with their family... That's how Momentum works... Verified. It's working!

You are concentrating on the Huge, and all human achievements are given a bonus. The law, do you know...

Therefore, please do not order anything specifically. Let the Best happen. This is what I call the Effective Development of Destiny.

God is you!

I want to say separately about the practice 40 days. It always has the largest number of questions. With other practices, people don't have such perception problems. I understand that many things may not be clear, but there is a clear pattern in the practices of getting rid of suffering. With practice, 40 days have to be explained in detail... Sometimes it's hard to insist.

I know for sure that it is in this form and in this sequence that this practice works best.

Your brain does not understand what is offended/offended and upset/upset. All the beautiful "right words" don't work. You can forgive someone until the end of time of this universe...

But if you even pronounce the phrase I forgave/forgave, you have not forgiven! As long as you remember that you have forgiven someone, you remember!!! And you haven't forgiven... This thing is still sitting like a splinter in the brain.

The most correct and beautiful words do not solve anything. Actions decide. Radical actions are being decided. Raising a huge reservoir of power.


Hate only looks like an emotion on the surface. But this is not an emotion. It's a power. A huge force — only preserved. You need to open this jar inside yourself, and the brain and body will do the rest for you and for you. And the brain will finally start to respect you, because you are working with the cause, and not with the effect. And the brain will begin to change the physical body. Because the past that you carry in yourself is old age, it's fatigue, it's weakness. This is what enslaves you. It's your past that makes you a slave to circumstances now. So break it — and from the past, only experience and skills will remain, and you will throw out all unnecessary — through hatred. Your real ally in dealing with the past.

It's so fashionable to be forgiving now


As long as you remember how well you did, you didn't really forgive, you just interpret the past in such a way that you seem to yourself and others better. Isn't it so fashionable to be forgiving now?.. I want to introduce a new fashion for humanity. Don't be offended. Just don't be offended! It's still more logical than spending time and effort first on being offended, and then on forgiving...

If you want to forgive yourself, forgive yourself that you spent your life on resentments, disappointments and suffering until this moment. If you forgive yourself, then forgive your fate, which mocks you so much. Then you will then "forgive" and God, who arranged such a fate for you... Right? Yes? Or did you arrange it for yourself?... It is here that the understanding will come that your fate is your responsibility. Your actions

Only I used the word "God" — it immediately became difficult to perceive. It became scary right away. After all, he will punish... But most likely you have already been punished by yourself. And if you perceive God as something higher and wiser, then why not tell him directly: "Listen! I don't understand what's going on in my life at all. Lord, I'm afraid of you, because you can do anything with me at any moment. And that's what you're doing. I am suffering. Then I feel a temporary relief and suffer again. And what do people do when someone does what they want with them, and they are afraid of him? Of course, people hate the terrible, the unknown, the uncontrollable...

For example, it's easy to hate Death. With her, it would be as simple as that: She comes when she wants and takes who she wants. But Death, Life, Spirit, Love, God are one and the same power...

Ignorant human perception

God will not punish you for the fact that you hate him! God is you... You are and there is a God. Only Together! It's an ignorant human perception to think like this: if I can hate and punish, then he can... no. When you write „I hate God“, you always write about yourself.

Well, here it is... Let's say you've figured it out... Write... And for the first time, your hand will shake when you print this phrase. Even among seasoned and inveterate atheists... I know... I checked it out. Are all brave in words, and in actions?.. In actions that many regard as actions „against“... They're slowing down... And suddenly" they think: "And maybe there is Someone there after all?". Thank God they Think So... Drastic measures always make you think... Of course, you can cheat a little and write "I hate myself" for...". This is also acceptable, but the process will be slower.

Do not have to "hedge in fear". There is no Power in fear.

  • Change your perception.
  • Change your mind.
  • Change Your Fate.

Reviews on practices Getting rid of suffering

It's easier together, more fun together


Inna, thank you very much, which I cannot measure with words or feelings, for the sections with practices! This is truly a divine gift! Neither royal nor royal, but exactly Divine!

It's a herculean effort to put together nutrition, gymnastics, breathing, music, daily practices. You can't imagine how I'm looking for it all, how I'm rummaging on the Internet, picking up music, andHere IT IS!!! Breathing exercises, music, I take everything and carry it to yoga classes, people! Not all at once, of course, on the sly.

Thank you for explaining the difficult things in simple, understandable words, that you don't hate, that you understand and accept, that you are very tolerant of educating us, the slow and short-sighted. Thank you, Sweetheart! Thanks for the answers to the unanswered questions. Thanks for the most important thought...

You know, I'm afraid to scare her off, she's like a butterfly on a beautiful flower. It's scary to make too loud a sound, then she'll fly away...

I'll whisper, quietly say it's easier together, more fun together, more trusting together, more interesting together, close together and in a native way. Everything else is not important, it comes with a trailer. Not even a trailer, but a white carriage decorated with bright fragrant flowers!

The most important thing is to be together, to be close, not to resist, not to resist, not to stupidly rape God and people in an effort to get now what you don't need now.

Such simple quiet thoughts. And they are so difficult, so painfully arising in a heavy head. It's so hard for them to break through layers of decades-old compacted shit (or experience?). I want to shout very loudly, People, appreciate your relatives and loved ones: your wives and husbands. Appreciate it! Take care! Love! Hug me! Kiss me! Stroke your hair as you walk by! Take your hand, put your head on your shoulder, look into your eyes, press your whole body, inhale your native smell, say stupid, most intimate words; This is what we live for. Cherish every minute you spend together. Maybe there aren't so many of them anymore.

No amount of money, trips, restaurants, cars will satisfy this thirst for warmth, trust, proximity to the smell of a loved one, the feeling of being needed by him and his need for you. Damn, you hear it a thousand times, you read it, but it bounces off...

People, go back inside. Everything is inside. There — outside — only what appears as a glimmer of inner joy... everything. I'm silent.

Practice for 40 days: How "I hate myself" turned into "changing myself"


When I started practicing for 40 days, it was very difficult to write the word "hate". For me, this is a very strong killing word and writing it in relation to myself was like destroying myself. But I got ready and started practicing.

I immediately chose very important moments for myself (as I thought at the time). The easiest thing for myself is: "I hate myself for being lazy." For God: "I hate God for not having a man I love." Third: "I hate my ex-husband for the pain and fear caused to me." For the first time, even my hand was shaking, writing out the word "I hate". How can you hate God???

Two days later, an inner understanding came: "What does God and my man have to do with it?". And "I hate God for not having a man I love" changed to "I hate God for my loneliness". But after all, I chose my loneliness myself. It's more convenient for me: not to let another person into my life. Don't change your lifestyle. And the understanding came again:

God has nothing to do with it, everything is exactly the way I built it. And I took responsibility for my loneliness on myself. A huge relief!

And the claims against her husband dissolved after a week. There were moments when I provoked him myself. You just go and do something, and then a memory pops up and I see the moment of the quarrel and I understand that it's not only my husband's fault, but and myself.

The claims against my husband have disappeared, but they have appeared. I hate my parents for being sent far away, and I have been living away from them all my life. The word "hate" has somehow become easy to write, and the fear of the meaning of the word has passed.

A couple more days passed, and events began to surface when I could return and live next to my parents. And then it dawned on me that it was easier for me to blame my parents for everything than myself!!!

I had so many opportunities to change my life, but it was necessary to make an effort, to take responsibility for myself. And why? It rolled as if on a roll. After all, blaming your parents and not doing anything yourself is the easiest thing to do... I've done it so many times... I've been working on this offense for so many years, but it really only worked now.

Yes, my parents did what they thought was best for me, and that's all the rest of the responsibility is mine alone. I would like to go back to them. That's it. There is no problem. There is no offense. Great!

It's interesting how the practice works for 40 days "I hate"...

After 14 days, I just forgot to write. The notebook was in front of my eyes, and I only remembered in the morning that I had missed the day.

Started over. All claims to God, to external people are gone. There were only complaints about myself. And I realized that I had built my life on my own.

I understand intellectually that it is necessary to change, but the internal resistance is such a bastard that it is difficult for me to force myself. And that's when I started hating everything I want to change about myself!

I wrote:

  • I hate that I quit Hong-Za training.
  • I hate that I do housecleaning by force, bursting into tears at the same time.
  • I hate that I don't take good care of my beauty.
  • I hate that I stopped developing a natural cosmetics project.


  • went to Hong-Za training, chose the best gym and the best coach. I get a lot of pleasure at the same time.
  • I do the cleaning playfully, because I do it for my beloved. I create comfort and cleanliness.
  • there was a breakthrough in cosmetics: new recipes appeared, I bought gorgeous apple seed oil.
  • I enjoy making face masks and hair masks for myself.

And the most important thing is that now I don't do everything because I have to, but I have a DESIRE to do it. Practice changes the brain so much!!! And it's so great when there's a desire to act. Lightness appeared! In general, I am not set up for 40 days, but for 120 days.

Today, looking at the calendar, I can conclude that I can write for 20 days at most without a break. Then I forget abruptly and then I start again. I hate it, I'm changing it, I want to fix it. But I write "hate ". Because it's more efficient that way and the brain hears.

I recommend it to everyone, it works great.

I got rid of the heavy stone inside


I considered myself a very kind and tolerant person until Inna showed me the ancient practice of writing hate with my left hand on paper. Yes! That's exactly how — writing out hate. She said to do it for 40 days in a row without skipping. And I started diligently.

At first, before going to bed, I took a notebook with me to bed and began to remember whom I hated today and for what? Because it was necessary to write exactly like that for whom and for what. And what is interesting — pulled out of the finger. Because I've already promised myself forty days. There were no special feelings. It was as if I was doing my homework at school, because I had to. And one day we quarreled with my husband, and we always quarrel very violently and loudly, like Italians. And right in the epicenter of events, I remembered my magic notebook and went to another room. In itself, this event surprised me very much, because before that, during the time of raging passions, I thought exclusively and only about raging passions. And here is such a twist! And here I am sitting on the sofa, on my knees a notebook, a green pen (I remembered it!), barely writing what I found, it was at the cottage, and I slowly bring out I hate my husband (name) for the fact that he is yelling at me...". It's so cool! I am right-handed. Therefore, writing with my left hand is already an event for me. And according to the course of deducing curved letters with a left bias, you begin to calm down!

You begin to analyze and systematize the scandal that has just happened, because you need to write out FOR WHAT! So you isolate what exactly caused the attack of hatred yourself, kind sweet words expressed in the process, a friendly expression, sympathy and understanding shown by her husband. I will not claim that magic and instant reconciliation are taking place. But the or stops for sure! Because if the sparring partner had retired to the office, then it would seem that it would be no longer interesting to yell. This is one moment when hatred has to do with another person.

By the way, I'm going to say a terrible thing now. I've done this practice and about my children. Yes! It was very broken, but I did it! Because...

I have learned to be very clearly aware of the attacks of burning terrible hatred in myself. And it's better to throw them out on paper.

When it was really cool, I would close myself in the bathroom, turn on the water, put my hands under the stream and, looking into the mirror directly into my eyes, I would say the same phrases. Long. Until the burning in the solar plexus stopped, until the muscles relaxed. It has never been fast.

And one more thing. A lot of entries in my notebook were dedicated to myself! Yes!

It turns out that you can fiercely hate and despise yourself! Here I am an unsurpassed master! I honestly wrote — hate myself for hating myself; for not being able to make a decision; for yelling at my husband; for being lazy; for nbsp;the fact that I can't bring anything to the end for cheating on my daughter and a lot more...

Surprisingly. I've been doing this practice for about six months for sure. Every day. I didn't go to bed until I wrote down everything I experienced during the day. One day I fell asleep, and an hour later I jumped up and went to write! And then at some point I felt that I no longer needed to. There is no need. And solemnly burned the notebook in the fireplace. Ritually. With a feeling. I will not say that peace and prosperity have come to the family forever and ever. It probably doesn't happen that way. But...

I got rid of the heavy stone inside. There are still enough small pebbles and sand, but the main thing is that we can talk.

Can you tell me who can't? Yes, everyone is talking. And talking with trust is something else entirely. And we continue to learn this. Sometimes it even seems to me that my husband and I walk in circles like two wolves and sniff each other incredulously, but we don't rush and we don't grab at each other's throats. In my opinion, this is a good result. When the weight of centuries-old grievances, claims, omissions is not pressing. When you are not fighting, you are not defending your right to be in charge, but you can already talk and voice your feelings. Just calmly say mdash; it really hurts me when you shout at me. Looking into the eyes. Don't go into a room and don't cry into a pillow there out of self-pity...

Lace of Love


Hello, Inna! Everything is in order. I started practicing. After two days of prescribing, Greetings from the Past immediately arrived. The man she once loved became more active. He started calling. I didn't answer. She continued to make Trataka. She continued to practice for 40 days. She continued to write, exhale, burn. At the beginning of the work, except for the activation of past connections, nothing special seemed to happen, but then!!!

It is difficult for me to formulate and describe my condition. But I'll try. I felt a powerful stream of Light passing through me. I remember that I didn't want to finish my practice, I always wanted to experience these feelings. To feel this flow of energy of creation and creativity through yourself forever...

The practice is over, the memory of sensations and states remains. And when I immerse myself in the memory of the state, in the feeling of energy (of course, not of such intensity), then I want to weave a lace of love and decorate everything with it. Wrap them not only in your space, but the whole street, and even the city, and run the pattern over the whole Earth. And it seems that this can actually be done. You can run this lace through your man, and you can also run it through all the men around you, even if you see them for the first and last time.

And it so happened that my closest and dearest men became more active and really wanted to meet. And it seems outwardly everything was happening as always, the same place, the same topics, but it was...

New condition. A state of love and awareness of what I am doing. Exactly... I wove and spread the lace of love. And I love doing it so much!

This is my secret, a secret about which those with whom I communicate do not know, but they definitely feel. I can see by the glowing eyes... And along with the sensations come thoughts... They are not new at all, they have been registered somewhere for a long time... I've already heard it from someone, but for the first time I missed them through myself... and...

The main realization is that every woman in one way or another is responsible for every man on Earth...

I want to make every man happy and make him feel like a real man. And it's not about physical contact... And this responsibility is not a burden, this responsibility is inspiring! Inspires you to create your own love ornaments and be the creator of your magical reality!

Trataka — purification of personality


According to Inna's recommendations, I did Trataka with short breaks during the year. During this period, he additionally practiced isha-kriya from Sadhguru (insert hyperlink), 5 Tibetan pearls and various other practices aimed at working out fears, desires and acceptance. And there was also regular physical activity. As it turned out, this made the Trataka safe for the body.

At first, I only worked on the past. Then I began to work out the various situations that occurred during the day. The effect was cumulative and interesting. The bindings were missing. Fears. Wishes. In situations that used to get you out of yourself, you managed to act soberly and calmly. In general, the personality was slowly erased or purified.

Then Inna advised several more options for using Trataka. For example, try to remember a past life. Or find answers to your questions. But such use of practice is possible only after a certain stage of internal work. When you have a certain concentration skill and you are able not to expect a result.

Here's what I got from this practice:

  • The ability to concentrate has improved.
  • Many fears, desires and attachments have melted away.
  • You can work out some points online. It happened in the afternoon, in the evening they remembered, felt and blew out a candle.

Now I continue to practice. Because it helps to maintain order in the internal space.

The Void Has Everything


I do practices. I'm going into the Light. The light is back on. This time it's not scary. Good. I'm not here. There is no one. There is only Light. Everything around is a live stream — light, dense and native.

A little later, a few days later, a very strange condition... A state of madness and despair at the same time... I feel like I'm going crazy... A clear feeling that nothing I see around exists, that it's all an illusion... That all our desires are meaningless, and that there is no point in anything...

The meaning of owning material things, achieving something, setting goals and going to them disappeared even earlier... But then I found a different meaning of Love... Now there is such despair that this meaning has disappeared...

I felt like a balloon, not a very comfortable state... When there's nothing holding you back. It seemed that everything was ppts. And every time realizing this, going into this State, tears and despair rolled over... Fear... The fear that nothing holds...

Another interesting observation. If the state of Light came before... The state when we are all Light, we are all one... Now I periodically fall into the void... As in the abyss... I'm falling into vertigo... And I'm afraid I don't see the supports, I don't feel them... I'm starting to ground myself... I'm failing even more... The light is cozier and warmer... And being the Light is more cozy and kinder... There is nothing in the void. And it has everything.

Often now, walking down the street, I suddenly begin to realize how much everything is around... I'm starting to feel it all on my skin: the air, the trees, the houses, the people... Very tight... What happened... Or it will be... Or it's happening now... And at the same time with this understanding that there is nothing... There is absolutely nothing, but there is... Emptiness...

And let's play this game of Life!


Hello, Inna.

I have started my journey. It's not as easy as it seemed. On the first day, the hand resisted writing "I hate" in practice for 40 days, I looked at the candle in the Trataka like a ram at the new gate (provided that I was good at working before with a candle). Practicing with the return of energy from the object becomes stupefied, so I began to paint hypnotic beliefs to rock myself.

There are pleasant events... As you said, the effect of the practices began to manifest itself on the physical level. I've wanted to dye my hair for a long time, but it took a lot of money, and it turned out to be a wasteful month for birthdays... And suddenly today my boyfriend gave me money to go to the salon. I didn't ask him, I started putting it off myself. Therefore, I did not expect it! Such a pleasant surprise!

Good day, Inna.

Life is beautiful, one day you want to jump from happiness, give love and live. I want to die the second day. The practitioners are working, the shit is rolling right down your throat. I want to cry, it tears me up from the inside.

From the important point: I understood why in practice I write "I hate" when it seemed like it would be possible to write "I love". The realization came from within. A rush... And there, and energy is spent there, but words I love" are always more pleasant to the brain... And it needs to be done more efficiently...

I'm a little tired of the fact that everything inside is bubbling and moving: practicing, working on myself, digging into myself, looking from the outside at my importance and ego, I'm sick of it... Envy takes over, it seems to me that everyone is doing well, they are so cool and with money, and I have everything in a circle.

The body breaks... Everything is agitated and I don't know when the improvement will begin. But I can safely assume that these are my installations of the past that do not allow me to move from my place. I asked myself the question: "Why do I need diseases?". And I understood — in order to feel sorry for myself and to be pitied... So it's easier to complain that I'm s o poor!.. It's all in me mdash; from not love and not self-acceptance. In general, a whole tangle. I'm slowly unwinding it in practice.

Thank you.

Good evening, Inna

There are 44 days of practice, and the number of people in the lists is not decreasing, but increasing!!!

The mood and condition are stormy. There's porridge in my head. Sometimes I live and I don't understand what's going on. Every day I take steps into a happy life, but there is no happiness. Happiness is in every day and movement, and I don't get to appreciate it and enjoy it. It seems to me that my brain is spinning me, and sometimes I don't have the strength, I want to give up. I'm afraid to change... And what if my loved ones turn away from me? I'm starting to get confused... I hope I won't give up!

Good afternoon, Inna.

I'm still building and going to my pain through my pain. Calmly and gradually working through people. There are no particularly pleasant events happening. Basically, it's pain, understanding, awareness and the question hovering over your head: What's next?".

The relationship is acute now. I behave like a fool sometimes. Something is pissing me off. I'm angry with myself, I'm offended. It is not pleasant from this. And it happens the other way around — everything is very pleasant. In general, a swing.

Good evening, Inna.

It's been a very busy month. Both emotionally and at work. I'm a little tired, I don't have much energy. Because of the emotional backlash. I'm still pouring a lot of energy into thinking and thinking.

I want to learn the right relationship. I don't know the roles of a girl. I don't know how to build boundaries, how not to overload myself, how not to take out the brain, how to be happy?.. Now the relationship with the guy is good. But I really want more. I want to go forward so much.

...I stopped doing practice on Saturday. Since I began to feel that I was doing it through force.

Good evening, Inna.

I'm writing again. Today I felt guilty for not doing more practice, because it's hard for me to do them. And I can't handle myself. Even the tears are rolling in, apparently I wanted to feel sorry for myself again. A lot of thoughts lately.

I feel like I've picked up everything inside, but I don't have enough time to digest everything from this and the porridge in my head. And more...

I feel like I'm about to step forward into a new self, with new thoughts and acceptance, but there's just a little something holding me back. It still covers periodically. But... I am very glad that so much pain is going away. I get closer to myself every day. And the realizations come.

Thank you very much! With your help, I have a chance to change my life and change myself. It's hard to do it all by yourself...

Good evening, Inna.

I haven't done any practice for 15 days, it was a difficult period. I was overzealous, I was making up my mind. There was a lot of work, plus family problems. Things got complicated. I had an emotional burnout. I didn't want anything. Generally. Just lie down and stare at the ceiling. I thought to start the practice with the new year, but in the end I couldn't stand it and started yesterday.

I want to express my impression of them:

  • I used to think that practice was a panacea for everything, and if I do something, it will pass and never come back.
  • There are people I've been working on, and they've come back, and I've hated them again. I thought it wouldn't be like that.
  • My brain is spinning with me.
  • I still have a lot of pain inside. And I'm stormy.
  • I really wanted and waited for the result... And I didn't wait for the result. And in the end, I started to get sick of the fact that I was doing the same thing in my life... I am constantly waiting for a miracle, money, impressions, happiness... Yes, my mistake is that I think: I will do practice quickly, and love, happiness, and money will immediately come...

Good afternoon, Inna!

Life is in full swing. I'm doing practice, all sorts of shit comes out of me again, you can't say it any other way. Out of the niceties, for the first time I was given an advance without my mention. I used to always remind and get upset about it. The most interesting thing is that I forgot about the salary for the cleaner myself. I give it to her. Then I noticed it and thought: "How can they give me time if I don't do it myself?"". And she began to do it all the time and keep an eye on it. And four months later, I was given money at the time. Nice.

Good afternoon, Inna!

Inna, I feel your influence! Storms sometimes are not a joke... As you said, when the past is worked out, it always hurts. Yesterday there was a state when I didn't want anything, neither to live nor to die. There was just no way. But I overcame myself and did the practice...

An event happened today! Pleasant!.. My boss gave me a gift. Dear mdash; for 690 euros, I have never been given such a gift in my life!..

Good evening, Inna.

I saw your new Practice section. Already everything was agitated inside, I ran from one article to another, I was confused... Thanks for such a detailed description, for the structure. I saw where I had a little bit wrong in working with practitioners. With a new reading and with new realizations, I continue... Inside the butterfly. Thank you!

I have a small joint, I admired you yesterday. What you do, and how you do it. What you were like, I'm talking about looks, and what you are now. You are the universe.

...And here's what happened after the break in practice:

On the second day of practice, a cockroach ran through the kitchen. And my boyfriend and I decided: "Oh, I started doing practice and a cockroach appeared." The next day I was unexpectedly given a bonus. And a day later, my boyfriend also unexpectedly received income. This is the second time I've started doing practice, and he's getting money. He's like this: "It's not a coincidence anymore. Effective practices.

I continue to do practices, plus I added practices to my diet every day. For the first time, feelings began to play inside: "Uhhh, you, and let's play this game of Life!"

Whatever I want, it can be mine


What do I feel? That I'm alive. That the sun is beautiful and warm, how wonderful the music I'm listening to now is, how delicious the herbs smell, what insanely delicious cucumbers are. Yes, yes, fresh cucumbers. A few months ago, I didn't even imagine how you could live without coffee, but now my favorite drinks are herbal tea and chicory. What was important is no longer important and vice versa. It's great that I have the opportunity to feel energy flowing through the channels in my whole body every morning. How wonderful it is to walk in dresses: after all, they are not only beautiful, but also allow you to feel your own energy. How interesting it is to observe how the color of the eyes and hair changes... But the most pleasant thing is to feel that I am alive.

Whatever I want, it can be mine. One has only to think about it and let it go.

That energy can be both destructive and creative. That it is very pleasant to radiate love and give it away. By the way, she's coming back and even in greater numbers! There is no return to the past. There is only love and the way forward. I just trust the Higher Powers, the universe, myself. And most importantly, I understood what it means to love, and first of all, to love myself.

The mood color is like this:

Be Egypt for yourself, the Gospel of the Evil One, a collection of lost souls, braid your braids of coppers and smear mascara on your eyelashes, calling yourself a Jellyfish from Gorgons. Take the sword and go fight for the Iron throne.

Be for yourself a Queen, a Prophet, a Suicide Bomber and a Servant. Create your only World, so that it is only yours, so that it is only yours, and not someone else's. So that any of the Gods would look over your shoulder, smile rather or with envy and say that he always believed in you and knew all this, in general.

Be an Apostle, a Priestess, a Lover and a Lover for yourself. Not surrendering to captivity... And do not ask for mercy, do not beg for mercy, where your Path would not lead.

Be Egypt for yourself!

Be Yourself!


I continue to practice daily. Thank you very much! It's amazing how space changes in front of our eyes when we change inside.

I wanted to be a wife so much. And now I have a choice


I do practices every day: now I'm doing 40 days and spending a lot of time. How it goes: in general, already at the beginning of the practice, the description of hatred immediately took several pages. At first, writing with the left hand was very annoying. During the time I was writing, various sensations appeared in my body, some areas began to hurt. Amazing effect!!!

Then I realized that 40 days and Trataka should be done in parallel, and not one after the other in one day, as I originally thought. That is, I write a phrase that I hate there, and then I exhale into a candle. I write the most hate on my man.

8 years ago we met on a trip abroad, fell in love, he invited me to live with him. I moved to his country. There was a lot of love. Everything was going to the wedding, but he never proposed to me. I was very upset, but we lived together because I was sure that we were made for each other. And if he doesn't want to formalize the relationship, then he is free to make his choice. I love him! And that's the main thing. Then I got pregnant, I was extremely happy, I told him about it with the confidence that he would be happy too. But his reaction was different: he started to say something, and then said: "Abortion". At that moment, everything inside me snapped. It was a betrayal. I don't remember much about what I was doing because I was so overwhelmed that the whole world collapsed. He saw my condition and somehow "sort of" agreed to have a baby. But I was so worried that I soon had a miscarriage. But we stayed together. And I started doing practices to change my condition. I also kind of love him, but I don't trust him completely...

Now in the practice of Trataka, something different about him comes every day.

I remember various moments that hurt me for many years, but I put up with everything because I loved. And she adjusted to her man. And tried to please.

But something inside me stopped being me. From a cheerful, beautiful girl, I turned into some kind of neurotic. I was constantly afraid to do something or say the wrong thing in front of him, because he immediately scolded me... He is very smart... And then he started saying that it was hard for him to live with me. He even said once that he had stopped loving me. It was very, very painful. I cried all the time, but I survived it because I loved him very much. And I was sure that my love would overcome everything. Of course, I could have been very offended and left, but I couldn't leave the country because of the situation with covid. And I couldn't rent an apartment because I didn't have enough money anymore. All the money has flowed away during the isolation period. Therefore, there was nothing left for me to do but endure and wait... And I started doing practices. That's why I started. I was in despair. She couldn't leave. We were shut down by covid in the same house.

I concentrated on practicing 40 days and Trataka. Surprisingly, after a while, the practitioner ran into a pin with his eye, leaving a large black eye. A couple of days later, he was poisoned by something incomprehensible. Everyone ate the same thing and the same thing... A day later, he began to behave inappropriately, called me a liar and a fraud (literally) after he saw that I had taken more of his products from him than we had agreed. I didn't know at all how much we were talking about!.. He just found a reason to tell me off... And then I realized that the practitioners, on the contrary, made me feel calmer in general. I don't want to show more of those aggressive outbursts that have been in recent times after a failed pregnancy, and which I attributed to hormones.

...It took some time of practice and I got a job that was physically difficult. To get to work on time, I get up at night, but I still like it. However, I do practice afterwards with my eyes closing... So the weeks went by. I didn't get enough sleep. And she didn't look very good. But then everything turned around somehow quickly. One man, whom we met a long time ago, began to invite me for coffee. As a friend, we talked a lot. He is very good, and kind, and responsible, and extraordinary, and an amazing person... He proposed to me to become his wife! And then the man with whom I live found out about it, and said that he now wants a child and is ready for everything, and now he is calling for marriage. Like that...

At one point, two men proposed marriage to me, which I had been dreaming about for many years. I wanted to be a wife so much. And now I have a choice...

And I remember that you strictly told me not to interrupt my practice under any external circumstances. I do. I'm changing. And everything is changing at a tremendous rate. But it was necessary to wait. And don't give up. You were right! It's a miracle. Thank you very much. I love you very much and kiss you hard!

Trataka has forever become a technique for optimal Living


For me, Trataku has forever become a technique for optimal Living. I started practicing it out of desperation, in my head there were obsessive thoughts about unrequited love, about a rival, about the fact that it would never be like that, As it was before, I can't do it anymore. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I did Trataka for up to 15 minutes in a continuous process. And this literally helped me in returning my perception to a sober and clear situation. Gradually, especially when I was in despair, remembering passionate sex with the girl who left me, and started dating someone else... I imagined my object of passion with others, imagined my humiliation in front of the object of unrequited love, and I always went to Trataka. The candle helped me clear my mind. It doesn't matter — night or day — when I had an attack, I did Trataka. And immediately after the trial, I wrote about what I saw in Trataka, what I was going through, I wrote to Inna. I received feedback from her. For example, suddenly a copper basin covers me, and I imagine the object of love in an orgasm with another. And here the most interesting thing begins: a lump in the throat, feelings of panic, fear, helplessness. I go to Trataka and view this picture in as much detail as possible — tears in my eyes — inhale, exhale— only me and candle — and emptying occurs in the head, you come to yourself.

Trataka is the simplest and most working tool for me. It enhances mental potential, then there is mental clarity. The power of concentration, gaze, and willpower are all trained in the process of regular practice.

The perception of reality is becoming more "sober". Now, for me, Trataka allows you to get rid of unnecessary information that comes across daily in large quantities and interferes with mental clarity. All this helps to prevent stress, and also gives peace of mind.

I am sure that the results of this work on oneself with the help of Trataka necessarily include two conditions:

I started thinking differently
I started doing things differently.

So it was with me. More than a year of daily activities and work in the Trataka, strengthening the old, working out new images, feelings, fears, self-pity, pain, and even fragments of happiness. All this was then a measure of my reality... But the price was literally worth the candle.

I got rid of the old object of passion and all other objects by working through all the queues. I started reacting differently at first, thinking differently, and then acting differently. I even changed my appearance while doing sports!..

Life has found new colors. I met Love and got married. My reality has become different.

A young beautiful girl became my chosen one. I realized that the past was leading me to Her, but at the level of perception that I used to be at, I just wouldn't have noticed my approaching happiness. I met her on the train and decided from that day on that I would be really happy.

The fact that I used to react very painfully before has now become either not at all important, I absolutely do not turn on, or I am very calm. The focus of perception has changed.

Therefore, even if some bright thought dawned on you, and you realized how improperly you were wasting your life, start this in the Process of Spending.

Try. I can't even imagine what would have happened if I hadn't done Trataka. Now I Love and am Loved. Of course, I continue to do Trataka, but it is no longer painful, but with pleasure and a sense of success. The feeling of Sacrifice left me.

I paved the way to my happiness through my inner work in the Trataka. I also changed my position. And I became a leader, noting in myself that I do not humiliate subordinates, I do not assert myself. I'm just working on meanings and concrete actions.

Trataka is my salvation from fears and doubts, from humiliation and disappointment. And the main thing is that people of a completely different quality began to come into life. As they say, like attracts like.

It's bitter to admit it, but the truth is that real change comes through pain. And this pain must be passed in a Trataka. Life changes will not take long to come.

Freedom is the most valuable thing a Woman can give to a Man!


Now all the practices live inside me. Now I understand the main thing is to be Alive. To allow Life to flow through you. To allow yourself to Live. Feel. To love! Learn to admit your feelings to yourself and to others. To be able to give others Freedom, allowing them to be who they are, accepting, respecting any of their choices. Now this is my main practice 24/7. Study... It will always be like this.

My practice has given me an awareness of the relationship between a man and a woman. Obviously, this was the most important thing for me. And now... I like a man. I feel a Kindred Spirit in him. And I confessed to him that I liked everything about him and gave him Freedom! Freedom is the most valuable thing a Woman can give to a Man!

A woman transfers her energy to a man when she cares about him, when she thinks about him, believes in him. Of course, if a man and a woman make love, then a channel is created between them, through which energy flows from the woman to the man. This is the strongest and most reliable way to dissolve into it, to surrender not only to the body, but also to the Soul.

When a woman gives a man not her body, but her soul, this is the peak of bliss. This is neither a comparable sensation.

But even without physical intimacy, a woman feeds a man. She cooked him lunch and gave him some of her strength. I gave him a massage and nourished him.

How does a man return a debt to a woman? Through your help, protection, care, and love.

Когда он восхищается ее красотой, он питает ее энергией. Когда он говорит, что любит ее, она чувствует душевный подъем. Когда он уделяет ей время, оказывает знаки внимания, заботится о ней, Женщина становится счастливой. Вот так обоюдно мужчина и женщина поддерживают друг друга, отдавая часть себя.

Мужчина — это всегда действие. Только по его поступкам женщина может определить, как он к ней относится и кто она для него. Испокон веков так... И только так...

Только из глубочайшего уважения к мужчине, мудрая женщина не будет проявлять инициативу, потому что знает, делая это, она на тонком плане уничтожает мужскую энергию. Это если мы говорим об отношениях с физической близостью. Но мужчина и женщина обмениваются энергией даже тогда, когда их отношения дружеские или платонические, и между ними нет физической близости. Женская энергия питает мужчину, вдохновляет его, окрыляет и делает мужественным, сильным, смелым. А мужская энергия женщину расслабляет, успокаивает, умиротворяет. Это тоже энергообмен.

Вывод. Только тот, кто способен действовать, может называться Мужчиной! А так — это просто "мужская особь". Если от мужчины нет действий, значит, у него нет желания идти в Глубину... Идти в Женщину...

Родная моя, Благодарю за всю Мудрость. Я чувствую, как Она расцветает внутри.

Эффект ореола


Делюсь впечатлениями от практики Тратака со свечой. Основное чувство, которое я прорабатывала — ненависть к мужу. Ненависть, которую я тщательно в себе не признавала. После его измены. После того, что я вопреки желаниям своего тела продолжала заниматься с ним сексом, мы вместе жили, вместе ели, вместе спали. Так вот...

Когда начинаешь выполнять практику, кажется, что ничего не происходит. Сидишь и тупо выполняешь какие-то действия. Один день, второй, третий... Две недели... И в какой-то момент ненависть начинает захлестывать! Просто в реальной жизни.

Начинает бесить в нем буквально все — выражение лица, запах, движения, одежда. С этим очень трудно жить. Но продолжаешь делать. Делать. Делать. И просто перестаешь об этом думать. Бывали моменты, когда просто в этих ощущениях идешь и садишься, и начинаешь дышать, смотреть на свечу, просто продолжаешь. Не выплескиваешь на человека, который даже не подозревает о том, что к нему испытываешь. И...

Наступает время, когда все проходит. Незаметно. Как будто накопительный эффект срабатывает.

Вроде бы он не изменился, делает все то же самое — чавкает, храпит, сыпет крошки, надевает старые штаны. Но это перестает иметь такое острое значение. Просто видишь все это, но внутри нет жгучего отклика. Как будто якорь или крючок отцепился. Не за что больше зацепить. А еще мне лично помогает фраза, которую я говорю сама себе — этого может и не быть! Объясню.

Муж три раза чуть не умер от тяжелых болезней. И вот я приезжаю из больницы домой. Пусто. На кровати лежат его домашние штаны и майка. С его запахом, который почему-то не бесит, а становится до боли родным. И...

Я очень остро ощущаю, что вот прямо сейчас эти вещи могут быть единственным, что останется от самого близкого человека. И плевать уже на все остальное.

В последние несколько месяцев, как только что-то внутри поднимается, сразу вспоминаю тот момент. Очень отрезвляет. И внутри затухает жгучий огонь, будто холодной мягкой водой все смывает, только пар поднимается... Не знаю, как еще описать это состояние.

Чудесная практика. Действенная. Да, требует силы воли, терпения, потому что копилось десятки лет. За один день не выздоровеешь. Но, как сегодня сказала мне моя мудрая дочь — есть такая штука — эффект ореола — если твердо и безоглядно верить в то, что кто-то или что-то тебе поможет, то это обязательно произойдет.

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