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Love is the greatest danger for us

Love is the biggest danger for us

People at meetings often ask the same question about their "current" partners: "Is this person right for me?"

There is a paradox in the answer to this question — in the very word "suitable".

On the one hand, I can say that no one on Earth will ever suit you. The other person is not a bag, not a car, not a convenient thing, not a pretty decoration for your importance. There is an intrigue in the word "other". The other is a Friend. You don't ask about your friends, "Is my friend right for me? Does my friend look good enough next to me? Maybe he's not very handsome and successful for me?" No. With friends, "for some reason" everything is obvious. They're friends!

On the other hand, there are now more than seven and a half billion people on the planet. And I guarantee you that you can successfully sleep with millions. And you will like them with intimacy. And you will be able to coexist with them in a guaranteed thoughtful and controlled relationship if you want to create a so-called "stable marriage" as an option for business cooperation. So they all "fit" you?

Well, will you have time to check all the potential grooms and brides? Some people try... It is now fervently called "in active search" — an ingenious invention of human recklessness for the active loss of energy.

The confidence of many that they need to try with the next candidate / coy faster is based on past experience. And in the past, of course, you repeated the same actions in a relationship with the opposite sex and at the moment, regardless of age, you have become professionals in repeating the same nonsense. As Eduard Asadov wrote correctly: "How many people you can go to bed with, How few people you want to wake up with...".

It may seem that I am against "free sex"... Oh, come on! This is just the initial level of what people enthusiastically call free will. But, unfortunately, in the future, "free sex" becomes bondage, coercion and a way to manipulate a partner. So there can be no real freedom in such a relationship.

But all these "active searches" are not about love. You — personally, you — each of us — are always provided with the best possible options. But hardly from the first, second or third time... Do you think fate is mocking you? No. It's just that people in their cool vanity like to throw away real gifts.

While you are "small" and still do not know how to be loving, that is, to give, regardless of whether you get something in return, then you have been searching for years, burning yourself, suffering. But when it would seem that nothing foreshadows — here he is — the most inconvenient person in the world. And he may not fully meet expectations, because the "real gift" does not obey, does not ingratiate, does not beg for love. And he's beautiful because he's different. And it may seem to you that this person is not suitable for you... A paradox.

And now one sweet tricky question from me: "Are you sure that your desire for true love is not hypocrisy?"

Yes. I understand. You want to be loved. So that God, fate, and higher powers will provide you with a partner with a sign saying "I am your man", or better yet, several to raise your self—esteem, who will "love" you and certainly quickly. Why delay the time... And you will choose. You will begin to evaluate how well he suits you, and whether you will be comfortable with him, and — most importantly — how he loves you. Brr...

You just start a magazine in your mind, in which you record in detail all his successes and failures in relation to you: "Here he served me well, said pleasant words, successfully took my hand, and then he abruptly cut me off, called at the wrong time, allowed himself to disagree." Something is wrong — and "ugh, go fuck yourself from my place, in case you disturb my "way of life". That's right — the image. This invented image has nothing to do with life.

You have been creating this image for years — and it has turned into a mask. This mask has achievements — you are proud of them. This mask has losses — you hide them. You feel comfortable in this image. You're cool. Pompous. Majestic. Even when you are alone with yourself, you maintain this mask with an internal dialogue about your importance.

But, I know, there are days and nights when everything secret becomes clear — and you cry. Or you silently and sullenly plunge into the abyss of despair. These are the seconds, minutes, hours that you would rather get rid of, the most honest in your life. This is what you call the soul, yelling at you: "Wake up, you madman! There's no point in living if you haven't surrendered to love."

True love is a stream that captures you, and you have only one way out — to immerse yourself. The stream is carrying you — and you don't know where. And this unknown is so attractive. It promises so many discoveries. Some currents arise inside you, some waves, and the soul melts with anticipation. And you don't care at all about arguments about "whether this person is mine or not", "whether I will be happy with him or not", "whether he suits me or not".

But the main thing is to give up. What does it mean? To tell myself honestly: "I don't know anything about love. But I I am ready to learn and improvise."

And you are stepping into the abyss. And you do not fall down, but up — to where you have never been before, to where the minds of the prophets and the enlightened ones enjoy. Here it is — an awakening accessible to all — to dive into love.

Would you say that you need a "special" person for this? Beloved. Teacher. The guru. But it's not. Other people only push us in the right direction, and we fall or take off ourselves.

True love is like real meditation. It's hard to understand without experiencing this experience yourself. But such a state is an ongoing realization, the power that you discover in yourself. Therefore, give up! Ignore the conventions, the control, the opinions of others. Kill the cool image of the righteous and the victor in yourself.

Yes. True love is like death, because you dissolve. And there always comes a moment of fright of your old personality — like a break when you want to stop, slow down, hide.

You will start to doubt everything. You will try to find something in your partner that you can punish him for. You will look for a reason for quarrels and provoke conflicts, checking "is it for sure that I am loved "for real". This is fear. An ordinary human fear of transformation. A clearer definition is the fear of death. But it is in this state that the most powerful transformation takes place. But — take another step into the abyss... Jump in. Because... While you're breathing. Now. You still have time to love. And there is time to tell others that you love them.

And if there are "difficulties" with a partner, that's fine. With each overcoming, you become lighter, stronger and more fun. Your joint movement in love is never calm. This is not the stability that many are looking for to hide from life, this is an explosion and a new game. Playing with God in himself. Because only the truly enlightened and truly loving are visible from all dimensions of the universe. The rest are still vegetating in the swamp of "building an addiction relationship", finding out who is cooler in a pair of scared idiots, and being afraid of this most dangerous thing in the world — love.

Yes. True love is the most powerful weapon in the universe. Energy of such a high frequency that everything melts in its presence. Therefore, when you want love, and at the same time you want to remain "yourself", this is a deception. You will never be the same again, because the old you will already seem to you the most depressing being in the universe.

So, do you already want true love, or will you postpone the decision until the next life?

Monday, July 13, 2020 11:13 PM 

Отлично написано! Спасибо 🤗

Monday, November 30, 2020 11:26 PM 

Хотим! Спасибо, Друг! Это прекрасно! Ты прекрасна! Люблю❤️

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