Meditation of entering the sacred space of the heart

Here are two versions of meditation from the book by Drunvalo Melchizedek "Live in the Heart". The male way and the female way. Choose the one you like best, regardless of gender. Perhaps you will work with these meditations in turn. Do it and find out how this practice works exactly for you.

The male path

The female path

Explanations from the book by Drunvalo Melchizedek for a better understanding of the material:

"In order to enter the sacred space of the heart, you do not need to learn anything. Rather, we need to remember, because we have always been in this space since the very beginning. Once we decided to direct our attention along the current path of duality consciousness, but I am sure that after passing this lesson, we will return to the original state of unity.

The first method, with which I tried to enter the sacred space of the heart, is based on the results of research by the Institute of Mathematics of the Heart. We are talking about the discovery of the toroidal field around the heart and, in particular, the small torus, which is located inside the large one.

As a starting point, the assumption was made that it is inside the sacred space of the heart that there is a source of an incredibly strong electromagnetic field. Accordingly, if you move along the energy lines of this field, they will lead to space itself. And I found out that this is how it happens.

This method is masculine in nature, that is, it can be transferred to another person. And if this person follows all the instructions exactly, the result will always be the same and the same. But unfortunately, men's methods are not always suitable for women.

And the second method, which is feminine in nature, turned out to be so simple that I did not immediately manage to see it.

Very soon we will move on to the practice itself. We will have a physical heart in front of us and we will feel or see the toroidal field surrounding it with our inner vision. We will focus on the small inner Torah.

The male path to the heart

Here is a description of the male way of reaching the sacred space: when you, moving towards the heart, see a small toroidal field, rise above this field to see the torus from above.

As I have already said, this energy field is a vortex that forms a funnel, like a stream of water going into a drain. At the outer edge, the movement is slower, as it approaches the center, it becomes faster and faster, and in the center there is a downward fall.

For some people, this vortex rotates clockwise, for others it rotates counterclockwise. The direction of rotation may depend on a person's sexual preferences, but it doesn't seem to matter.

In the process of this meditation, when you see the toroidal field from above, look or feel which way it rotates. Then let the spiraling energy carry your spirit, just as the current of a river drags a leaf that has fallen from a tree.

You are moving in a spiral, turn by turn, slowly at first, then, as you approach the center, faster and faster, and in the center you areYou're starting to fall. But there is nothing to be afraid of. Just let go of yourself and fall.


After a moment, you will realize that everything is very, very quiet and calm, as if you are in the eye of a hurricane. You are in the sacred space of your heart. Really there.

The female path to the heart

This is what a woman's way of entering the sacred space of the heart is. As I've already said, it's so simple that I didn't see it right away.The instructions are very simple and clear, but by applying them, each of you will experience a completely unique experience, unlike what will happen to others.

It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, but if you live by following your heart, listening to his voice, then this method is for you.If you have chosen this path, you just need to see or feel how you are approaching the heart, and then allow yourself to pass through its membrane.

Now trust the feminine principle inside you, and let your intuition lead you into the sacred space of the heart. Listen to her and move forward knowing that you will actually come straight to this sacred place.


Try one method, and if it doesn't work for you, use another. Remember, you are a child of God. This place is familiar to you, because in it you and God have always been one.Always.

Meditation of entering the sacred space of the heart

Give up any expectations. Feel like a child, play with the opportunities that open up to you. If your experiences are real, you will soon find out everything. Remember what Jesus said: "If you don't be like children, you won't enter the Kingdom of heaven."

Preparation for meditation

Find a place to meditate. No one here should disturb you, — so you will not only be able to provide yourself with peace during meditation, but also a safe return to your normal state.

If you are meditating while sitting on the floor, sit on a pillow to support your spine. If you prefer to sit in an armchair, place your feet on the floor and keep your back straight. In the standing position, find the center of gravity and allow the body to sway a little or move as it wants.


A very dark place is most suitable for this meditation. The darker the better. Even a candle can be a hindrance. And only after you have done meditation a few times, the absolute darkness will no longer matter so much, and you will be able to enter this space just by closing your eyes. But at first, the darkness helps a lot. It is even better to use a blindfold, which does not let light through at all. Then it no longer matters how dark the room is.

The book by Drunvalo Melchizedek Live in the heart (chapters about meditation).

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