Rational approach to nutrition

Millions of people dream of defeating the Devil, but they cannot defeat the bun.

Girl refuses flour

In the world, there are a huge number of recommendations on the topic of when, how much and what to eat. And the vast majority of them position themselves as healthy food systems. After all, you can't sell them otherwise... Healthy, healthy, farm...

But — in fact — queues at McDonald's are constant and large, and the most frequently ordered dishes are pizza and sushi. And this is easily explained — food is the most hyped and easily accessible pleasure.

Tiramisu won't tell you: "I don't want you!"". I bought it, eat mine! The feeling of possession is satisfied. Why else would there be some unknown happiness if dopamine is already working and gives a feeling of short-term ecstasy?

The hormone dopamine is synthesized during meals, which we regard as delicious when food is in the mouth and when it is digested. And the first release of dopamine usually suppresses the second, so many overeat. They want to chew over and over again. There is no hunger, but I want to get "gluttonous sex" so much. Over time, the cunning brain releases less and less dopamine. And in order to catch up with himself to the state of acceptance of the world, the addicted person strives to absorb everything that his unsatisfied gaze clings to.


And happiness? And happiness... Ordinary human happiness — order more!But we're not going to do that, are we? We know...


The system of concentration practices is to make your brain your friend. And everything is important for this: the body, thoughts, emotions, and, of course, conscious possession of all these parameters. And this mastery in the early stages of working with the brain must be supported by discipline and will.

Our first stage of training is dedicated to ensuring that you simultaneously work with traumatic emotions from the past and rebuild your body. They saw themselves and were proud. It should be natural for perception: when you glance in the mirror, you should not be distracted by thoughts about losing weight, building muscles, tightening the body. What kind of spiritual practices are there when most of the attention is constantly focused on the outside?..

We do it with pleasure and up to the result

If you have a hyped metabolism from nature, then you know yourself that your body will quickly cope with various taste excesses.

If there is a weight on your body that you rate as "extra", then... Well, it's very simple. Less carbs, more movement. That's it!!! Movement should be a joy. Food should be a joy. But neither one nor the other should be a priority.

If you want to lose weight, we exclude flour products, pasta, cereals, sweets, cereals, muesli, rice, potatoes and fruits for the night. No options. It is not necessary to sit down at once on all the diets of the world, but there are now more than thirty thousand of them. You just need to turn on logic and study how your body works. A diet... Yes, fuck them!

So, we need to lose weight. We are doing it. Before the result. We need to pump up our muscles. We are doing it. Before the result. Then we get into the taste. And we do it just because it's nice.

Quality energy from quality food

Spiritual practices require a well-developed body. I'm not saying perfect! There is nothing perfect in the world. Even God, otherwise he wouldn't have needed billions of beings to expand his perception.

If you focus only on your extraordinary beauty, then you are wasting all your time, opportunities, life. If you focus only on your miraculous spirituality, then you also lose all time, opportunities, life.

If you are already practicing mindfulness, then food for you should be the most basic thing in the world. There are no problems with food consumption at all. It's just energy for the body, and this energy must be of high quality. That's the whole secret of a normal diet. And if you are just about to start your journey into the unknown, then think about it... As my brother used to say: "Millions of people dream of defeating the Devil, but they can't defeat a bun.".. Think about it... And start by defeating the bun!

The practice of conscious consumption

So, what is important for our practices? That's right, mindfulness. Therefore, we do not create a cult out of food, but make a practice out of food consumption.

I am offering you a simple and rational approach.

1. It is important that you eat meaningfully.

It's good if you eat in silence. Without a TV, which directly beckons you to approach it with a full plate, get comfortable and start "intemperance"...

Well, if you pay attention to what you eat. Although you would kindly look at what you are going to do with your fuel. A few seconds of mindfulness while taking any meal will do more for you than all nutrition systems.

2. Your meal can be anything, but after it you should feel light.

It is not effective, for example, to eat pork. This is not a religious prohibition. And again, the same logic. Pork is digested for about five hours, and while the body digests something, practices do not give maximum effect. It is also advisable to reduce the consumption of beef and lamb. These foods are digested for about four hours.

Whether you eat meat or not, it doesn't matter at the first stages of training. Over time, the amount of energy in the body will increase, and you will begin to feel the products yourself. You will walk around the supermarket, but you will find a minimum of food for yourself there. Tested on myself. Tested on people!..

Your body will begin to regard most externally attractive products simply as plastic. You will not be able to physically want them, just as you will not be able to communicate with people who cause you discomfort.

3. Half of your diet should be made up of raw vegetables and fruits.

If you are determined to lose weight, then fruits should be eaten only in the morning. And don't overdo it with freshly squeezed fruit juices. And it's better to exclude them altogether. Vegetable juices are welcome.

4. Eat at any time, but at least 5 hours should pass between meals. Perfect — 8.

Then you will give the body a rest from the constant strenuous digestion.

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