Uddiyana Bandha belly vacuum

Abdominal vacuum exercise

Uddiyana Bandha: Diaphragm lock and abdominal retraction

This exercise is recommended for weight loss, creating a slim waist and strengthening the abs. Of course, don't flatter yourself that exercising "lying down and breathing" will burn fat in the abdominal area, as no matter what various fitness resources have promised you. But the waist will certainly tighten, because the muscles will strengthen.

Many people believe that this exercise was invented by the athlete Frank Zane, and Arnold Schwarzenegger made it popular. The origins of this technique are found in yoga practices. In the future, you can do it according to the classical yoga technique, but first do it after waking up... If it is convenient for you to do this technique at other times, then, like all breathing practices, you perform it on an empty stomach.

Technique of execution

Lie on your back. Bend your legs at the knees. Take a slow breath, and on the exhale, pull in your stomach as much as possible and hold your breath. I also recommend paying attention to the fact that you squeeze your crotch.

How long you will last is at your discretion. With practice, the time of retracting the abdomen while holding your breath will increase.

How many approaches you will make also depends on your fitness. If you are a young user, then start with 10 seconds of 5 sets. After a month, you will already be holding your breath for 30 seconds and doing 2-3 sets of 10 times.

Effectively perform 5-10 sets of abdominal retraction practice, and then proceed to the Wim Hof method, which is described in the material Breathing: Recipe for despair.


Naturally, there are limitations. Naturally, they are logical and the same for all respiratory practices with prolonged respiratory retention: pregnancy, copious and painful periods, ulcers, circulatory disorders of the brain, chronic diseases of the digestive system, thromboembolic disease, high blood pressure, etc. But that doesn't mean you can't do anything at all. Do Vipassana with short breath holds. This exercise, like many others, is also a variation on the theme of this global practice of observing breathing.

I like another abdominal vacuum technology, in which, while holding your breath, you inhale and release your stomach several times or make your stomach spin.

Classic versions of Uddiyana Bandha. Standing and sitting

Stand up straight. Feet are shoulder-width apart. Do a tilt with an exhalation and go down to your bent knees. Then lift the body without inhaling, pressing your chin to your chest and closing your throat. And you pull in your stomach even more. You rest your hands on the belt, straighten your elbows and pull your body up. And exhale, lowering your shoulders. Completely relax the body and only then take a breath.


Exercises on the abs

This information is for those who are not an expert in fitness. People often think that they train the abs, but in fact they are pumping the ilio-lumbar muscle, which is located between the spine and the intestines and goes from the base of the pelvis to the 12th thoracic vertebra. Of course, it is very important. In tension, it affects the kidneys and can lead to their displacement, in a spasmodic state it presses on the hip joint and internal organs, which leads to constipation andproblems with digestion. And this is at least. I won't even describe further "horrors".

You engage and strain the ilio-lumbar muscle when, during abs training, you strongly spread your knees to the sides and spread your feet. Therefore, until you are an expert in this exercise, start doing your abs workout by holding your knees and feet together. It is necessary to draw in the stomach a little and not to bulge it out on exhalation. Also, you should not hold your breath while doing the exercise. Breathing should be free. Usually: exhale when lifting the body and inhale when lowering the body. It is not necessary to raise the case high. Just give in a little bit forward.

In order to check whether you are doing it correctly, put your palms on your feet and pull yourself up. Only the palms will completely "cover" the knees, you can lower the body.

Do the exercises calmly and slowly. And it is not necessary to strain the neck too much, so that later it can be stretched rigidly and injured with other improper exercises. By the way, if your neck starts to hurt during the exercise or you already feel problems in this area, please watch the video of the Chinese Master Mu Yuchun in the selection of exercises by this specialist.

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