Belly fat: What are people doing wrong?

Girl shakes abs

It is wrong to violently pump the press. Training any muscle group will never lead to weight loss in a specific area. The amount of fat in the abdominal area will not decrease, even if you achieve hundreds of twists per day.

The amount of fat depends on nutrition, but not on training: 80 percent success rate in getting rid of fat, 20 percent — training.

Therefore, it is not necessary to start weight loss with intensive training on the abs. Otherwise, you may encounter side effects.

The muscular system: in the body, everything should be in harmony. The law of kinesiology: when training the flexor muscle, you need to train the extensor, i.e. the antagonist muscle. Otherwise, an imbalance of the body.

You train your abs, train your back muscles. And then the spine will not forgive you for this.

The best way to start training is to walk at a good pace without panting. Every day, starting at 40 minutes a day.

If you are suffocating, reduce the pace, and then the muscles will start to burn, and not the fat.

Walking trains all the muscles of the body plus the cardiovascular system.


We are not talking about special bodybuilding workouts right now. Of course, there are exercises for pumping the abs. They need to be done according to the scheme and under the supervision of a trainer. For example, to make relief cubes before competitions or the beach season.

Many choose to pump their abs and eat fried potatoes overnight. But such a scheme does not work. It is necessary to limit the consumption of simple sugars and fatty foods, regularly give the body a balanced strength load and combine it with moderate aerobic.

And the most important thing is to work with the physical body every day. And work with the brain every day. And it means learning to be patient and wait, because good results never show up instantly.

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