Sufi practices

Mosque in Morocco

Sufism is the path of the mystics. The path of comprehension.

Sufism includes 14 directions, which are called tariqas. Tariqa translates as path.

Sufism is considered a mystical trend that adheres to a certain extent to the canons of the faith of Islam, but does not thoroughly follow typical rituals. Many people believe that Sufism does not belong to Islam, but has only hidden in the depths of this religion, having absorbed the polygamy of more ancient teachings into itself.


Some researchers hint that the origins of Sufism come from Buddhism, because the ideas of asceticism and reunification with the higher are inherent in both directions. Others claim that Sufism is a relative of Judaism and this is such a glorious interpretation of Kabbalah. In this field, disputes do not subside! But while others are arguing, we will do a few practices that are most suitable for our purposes.

This tradition of spiritual healing uses various techniques to achieve cognition based on the enlightenment of the mind and heart. The practices I know are very effective, and since I like everything simple and effective, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the breathing Sufi practices. Of course, many of these practices exist in various variations and in other teachings. But it doesn't matter to me what and what is the name and what tradition it belongs to. All practices on this planet always and everywhere belong to people, so for us only one thing is important. These techniques work. We study and do it.


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