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Harmful goals

Harmful goals

Well... Now the consciousness of many will cry out and want to discard the received information forever, because it largely does not correspond to the generally accepted standards of "successful success". We will talk about mythical goals, which, as soon as people set them for themselves, they immediately become limitations.

Any "right goal" — to earn, conquer, win and even achieve enlightenment — is not organic by nature.

Such priorities have a shaky foundation: to become better than others, i.e. to satisfy vanity. And this is necessary for a person to prove to himself and everyone around that he is not the last poop of the Universe.

Such a walking neurosis constantly compares his "victories" with the successes of other people. And against the background of many — he is always losing. Not the richest... Not the most successful... Not the strongest... Not the most beautiful...

It is on the fear of not matching the illusions of "self-love" that many trainings of "personal growth" are built: those who go to them to increase self-esteem, pump up energy, become a millionaire, do not remove the causes associated with dissatisfaction with themselves and the world, but — on the contrary — increase them many times.

And the vulnerable psyche of the neurotic fails soon after the person seemed to have "pumped up" and "charged". Time passes after the seminar, emotions subside and the person faces reality, in which he is again not appreciated at work, the opposite sex does not pay attention and — worst of all — personal messages to the Universe do not work.

The person held on to the "positive" for a long time: thought about the good, made wish cards, used mental rituals like "I am a leader", let go of situations... And the Universe — this is a cold community of quarks — is silent and does not give. That's what it is — soulless and bitchy...

Fear rules the minds — fear makes you want

When the "Universe is silent" and does not fulfill desires, the person either plunges into depression with all the ensuing alcohol, psychedelic and carbohydrate addictions, or — goes to the next training. And already constant seminars of "personal growth", trips to "places of power", searches for the coolest teacher, shaman, conductor of energies become for many a kind of "narcotic needle". Although, of course, it would be more effective to go to a good psychotherapist and figure out the causes of neuroses, and then with pure thoughts take up spiritual growth. Without imposed desires and ambitions. Because...

As long as fear rules the mind, it will make a person want. More success, money, sex. In general — all kinds of nonsense, possession of which does not bring happiness to anyone, if the mind itself produces unhappiness. Disappointment — a hundred percent "reward" for any unconscious goal.

Those who have achieved are already unhappy, those who strive are still unhappy. Well, where is the logic? Maybe it's still worth canceling the fashionable goals in your mind and finding out what business on this planet will make you personally satisfied?..

None of the characters on Earth have any disagreements with the structure of the Universe. All human problems are only between his beautiful personality and his rebellious psyche.

Limitation by goals

People can call anything goals, but — in essence — these are just their unsatisfied desires, which are directed to the external world. Common human desires grow out of biological needs — to reproduce, be safe, feel like the main one. Here also add the past experience of relationships with parents, relatives and partners, which for many quite noticeably crippled the psyche.

Let's consider a typical desire of modernity — to become a millionaire. It would seem... A necessary goal... But, as always, there are nuances...

A lot of people come to me and most of those who do not yet own their own businesses are seriously tuned to a new profession. And every time this "specialty" is associated with the fact that they want to earn quickly and a lot. But...

There is not a single profession in the world that guarantees "big money". Or — God forbid — millions.

You need to know how to manage millions. And as my friend financier told me, all the clients who came to him for help in the last few years were already dollar millionaires, but no one could save money, because people do not know how to invest wisely. There is simply no knowledge or experience of capital investment. There is only vanity that you became a "millionaire" on some kind of fast deals.

Therefore, as we discussed in the material Finding your destiny by the plan of three priorities, it is logical to want not money, but pleasure from the profession that you are engaged in or are going to engage in. And you can find out if you have a talent for the chosen goal only in the process of mastering the skill.


There are no goals to achieve, overcome and overcome. I don't see any sense in them at all — only deception of the brain and clouding of consciousness. Most people have the same goals as billions of people on this planet. And these goals are always based on "lack". There is nothing — I want this "something". There is this "something", I want more "something".

So-called goal setting is good for teaching a child and developing a business, but not for the state of awareness, because it distracts from the main thing — from the inner state.

Your real goal is to be happy now. And what after "now"? No... Not tomorrow... And not the day after tomorrow... Then you won't have time for anything... Then you will learn only to postpone actions and life in general.

After now — strangely enough — only Death. Only with such preparation you will be able to be in full awareness at the moment of transition. And not to slide into the abyss of memory loss, another dream and another fall into the wheel of rebirths.

Concentration of attention

Yes. This is the simplest and most global practice of concentration of attention. Part of the attention should be constantly kept in the body. And the other part will effectively solve the tasks of the current destiny and not bother from the change of external circumstances.

Everything is simple. Love what you do, because only then you will be devoted to the process.

Do everything you do in the present as well as possible. Do it with pleasure. This is the easiest way to live happily.

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