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Secrets of love: you don't know who suits you

Secrets of love: you don't know who suits you

Loving and beloved people are chosen by your soul — your electromagnetic fields — based on the speed of information processing by your neurons. I understand that this is a "strange statement", because in our society now the concept of love has been replaced by the concept of convenience. Many people find it much more pleasant to communicate with those who are intellectually and energetically weaker than them, so some men and women try to choose a partner who is easy to manage. Thus, they become for other people a kind of teachers "in life". And such a position is certainly detrimental to development. You spend your life on nonsense and don't even see how the energy drain is happening.

There are many similar examples. "Strong men" take girls as their companions who "look into their mouths" and admire every action associated with taking out a purse. "Strong women" find suitors who obey them. Then, of course, both come to a state of despondency and misunderstanding. And they always end up disappointed. In a year, five, ten years. Time doesn't matter: "You wanted to get a pet, get it." And along with the emptiness comes the pain of lost time and futility of invested efforts.

Do you want to be loved? An energetically weak person will do this for you without any problems. Will "love". And that's exactly how you teach him to love himself. Oh, how it raises self-esteem: "He/she loves me more than anyone in the world! He/she can't live without me! Yes, he/she will be lost without me!" But this is an illusion. An energetically weak person does not love you, but those needs that you, as a more experienced person, cover with your life skills. That's why it's so easy, for example, to "love the rich." Along with other people's money, the removal of responsibility for being active somehow comes into life.

Are you pleased that your partner likes the same things as you? Yes. But often this happens because the person you have hired does not know what he likes. His sphere of progress is closing. His dreams focus only on what he can buy: food, shopping, travel.

Have you noticed that people who waste time need to "rest" several times a year? It's like some kind of obsession. Someone earns money in a couple, and someone is constantly making plans for where else to go to make the world happy with their presence. Families are measured by how many times a year they go on vacation. This is now quoted as an indicator of prosperity.

Do you really need to take a break from business so often? Is there something wrong with the business? Or with your attitude to what you do? Your activity should not bring such stress that you dream of "disconnecting from all problems."

I have to admit that more than ninety percent of the world's population now lives in constant stress, which has long since developed into a state of rejection of annoying reality. And this is not a strain from current affairs at all. This is a pain because many people live with people who are not close to them in their perception of life. They can be comfortable people, pleasant in all respects, and successful companions in living together, but they are strangers. You can successfully coexist with them for years, but this is another illusion for which you pay with time. Your time. Your choice. You're paying.

Days are like days. Years on years. Jobs are changing. Businesses. Partners. Children grow up. Grandchildren are born. But these are external events. But nothing happens inside.

There is a deep feeling of dissatisfaction: you know for sure that you are missing something important. The constant question is, "Was I born for this?" Yes. You're missing something. And this "something" is life. You have "something hurts" inside — this is the time you spent on nonsense.

No. You weren't born to sleep, eat, drink, have sex. This is the level of banal instincts. Instincts are inherent in nature and they are easily fulfilled by the entire animal world. For people who use analytical abilities, instincts are not decisive. But, unfortunately, they become limiters for many. For example, the communication of most partners over the years slides down to simply meeting current needs. The question "What are we going to eat for dinner?" overshadows the rest of the questions of the universe. Family calculations, "when was the last time we had sex?", close the possibility of being happy. Simply so... Just now... Regardless of external circumstances.

The media, social networks, and various experts constantly impose opinions on you about what is the "norm" and at what age. You are constantly comparing your sex, your wealth, your house, your car with someone else. And they are constantly dissatisfied. But you usually measure your life against someone you don't even know.

Unfortunately, you don't even know the people you live with. Very often, it is divorces that deprive people of illusions. The men are perplexed: "She was so kind and sweet, but she took most of the property when they parted. And she sent me away." Now this is especially typical for European marriages, so many men after a divorce are no longer going to repeat a failed experience.

Men are told that they must build a house, raise a son, plant a tree. Women are told that they should get married, be mistresses in bed, housewives in the kitchen, queens somewhere else. Rave!.. Sophisticated imposed nonsense. A huge number of men and women have done this before you, but it has not brought them one step closer to happiness. People also follow the path of psychology, prescribing the qualities of the future chosen one or chosen one. And so they try to foresee everything, imposing their will on "someone from above".

Facts from my practice indicate that the qualities of a partner attracted to life often coincide in many ways, but there is no spiritual closeness and joint joy. People always forget to specify something. For example, women think of themselves as strong, smart, courageous, blue—eyed, and so on down the list. And they forget to write — unmarried. Then, having lost years and taking into account previous mistakes, they rush back into the pool of features of the next partner, and the man reappears. But the result is that, for example, he turns out to be gay.

Oh, this cosmic humor! Don't play these games. Do not waste time, otherwise a fictional image will always stand between you and your intended partner like a shield. And your psychological experiments will only distance you from the "fateful meeting".

I'll tell you a secret — you don't know who suits you. You cannot "calculate" this person from millions of similar ones based on the action of hormones. You don't control them. You don't know how. You are not in control of your thoughts. You don't know how. Therefore, relax, ignore the importance of the upcoming event and remove from your mind all ideas about a future partner based on previous experience. Erase all images of what your loved one "should" be. And it will work. I guarantee it. And — please — live the present more cheerfully and stop worrying about the future.

Your loved one will be what he wants. And you already act the same way towards yourself. Without deception and illusions. The only criterion for joint happiness is that the partner must be loved by you and loving you.

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Всё четко и понятно. Благодарю! 

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