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Meditation: getting rid of illusions

Meditation: getting rid of illusions

Meditation in Buddhist practices is self-contemplation. But the word "self-contemplation" only tells us that this is a beautiful word! And in the images we imagine a sage sitting in the lotus position with his eyes closed. Naturally, with a face that radiates light and universal peace. Of course, such people exist on the planet, but there are very few of them. A couple of hundred, I think.

...And now let's go back to reality, in which you do not have a Sufi or a guru registered in your house. Let's say, "someone" from your household closed his eyes, crossed his legs and yells: "Get out of the room! Don't you see that I'm meditating?!". So — this is not meditation. This is just an anxious person. He just sits, trying not to think about the pain in his legs. He just closed his eyes, trying to stop his thoughts... But! He is nervous and quite rightly raises his voice, because he can't do anything. But you are not to blame.

Let's call the state of your beloved pet — focused reflection. I hope this person will understand over time that the most important meditation in his life is showing attention, respect and love. And the hardest thing is to express these feelings not to the abstract humanity, talking about the fates of the world, but to the very specific relatives. And — as my friend says: "They are, relatives, so annoying!". There is a wonderful expression: "If you thought you had achieved enlightenment, then spend a week with your loved ones". The same applies to meditation: nothing in the world can distract you from real meditation.

Meditation in its original sense is not actions aimed at sitting and looking at a "point" or "inside yourself". This is a practice that is mastered over many years. Many years!!!

How did they teach meditation in Tibetan monasteries?

I will give an example that does not require imitation.

When parents gave their child to the monastery at the age of 5-7 years, he had to pass an exam for compliance. The child sat in the courtyard of the monastery. They put a lamp with burning yak oil on his head. If the child moved, the oil spilled. That's it. Failed the exam. If he managed to sit still for about seven hours, then such lessons continued for years. And — yes — by the age of 16, this person knew how to meditate and move through the worlds in an astral body.

In our society, the ideal meditation is a state where you successfully act in a social environment and external circumstances cannot affect you.

Buddha's meditation is not visible. It is obvious in his actions aimed at eliminating ignorance and suffering in the world. And the fact that he sat under a tree — so this is just a push for development, not development itself.

Meditation is first concentration, then relaxation, which is accompanied by a state when thoughts slow down and change. And with a certain multi-hour practice, such a state becomes concentration and relaxation at the same time.

I understand that this sounds figuratively. But — in essence — a person needs to spend about half an hour alone with himself without a phone and additional beeping devices, so that his brain changes the wave activity and turns on — creativity. And we are called to create the world. And it is with the help of thoughts that we create hell or heaven around us. After half an hour of contemplating images in free flight, we "suddenly" understand something, something very deep and personal... And we have new ideas... And inspiration... And strength to implement good.

Meditations are actively used in Sufi, shamanic, Buddhist traditions. In the tradition of Christianity — these are prayers. Although different types of teachings are not important in this context.

Conscious people through conscious actions have long understood the importance of simultaneous concentration and relaxation. Therefore — we do. Any meditations. But — a big request — do not try to stop the inner dialogue. Don't try! It won't work either the first, or the second, or the tenth time. You will constantly think: "Oh, I think or I don't think? Here I thought again... Ah!!!".

Yes. You think. And that's great. Your brain is an ideal device for analytical thinking, which is billions of years old. So think! And think effectively.

In order to learn not to think, you need to first learn to think. As our Tibetan friends say: "The hardest thing in life is to learn three things — to think, to endure and to wait". Therefore — we concentrate, relax and learn to think beautifully.

...And now I can't resist. Although many, fanatically seeking electness, will not want to understand the simplicity and effectiveness of what will be stated. But why should I think about it, if I, like a girl, have already been cured of enlightenment?..

Attention, future Buddhas!

You started to get nervous during meditation because your mind does not obey you and the inner dialogue does not stop? Have sex. With a loved one, of course. When creating this process, you will definitely not think for at least a couple of seconds.

And if you don't have a loved one for the highest spiritual practice right now? Then I wish you to direct all the power of intention to getting this attribute of "spirituality".

Being loved and loving is much more important than stopping the inner dialogue. And when you fulfill this "simple condition" — I guarantee — life itself will help you master the meditation of happiness.

Let it be so! And better!

Especially good and effective are the meditations of Sadhguru. For example, Isha Kriya. Easy to find on youtube on his channel.

Sunday, April 12, 2020 9:57 PM 

Некоторое время практиковал Иша Крийю. Недавно осознал, что есть одно огромное препятствие для эффективного использования практики: ум ожидает спецэффектов. Садхгуру в видео говорил, что после некоторого времени выполнения практики может случиться, что практикующий отделится от ума и тела и будет находиться отдельно от них. Так вот это ожидание отделения и мешает на самом деле отделиться от ума! Потому что ум (и мы вместе с ним) как бы находится в активном ожидании чего-то чудесного.

С некоторого времени делаю практику с настроением, как будто это зарядка, тренировка осознанности. Субъективно качество практики стало выше.

В общем, делать практику ради практики, как часто советует Автор....

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