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Why do we need past partners?

What are past partners for?

We come into this life to work on the issues we couldn't handle in previous incarnations. Our task is
to make this life so intense that it becomes the last in the cycle of reincarnations.

The words "last life" don't sound scary, considering that many had hundreds of identical incarnations before. Without memory. Without strength. Without fire.

Remember the movie "Groundhog Day". A good comedy? Of course... Only the word "comedy" should be taken in quotation marks.

Imagine that one day repeats for you until you finally make everything in your life beautiful. This is how dozens or hundreds of incarnations go: the same people, the same lessons, the same actions that lead to the same result.

Result: death — reboot — another birth. And a new "day" without memory of the past.

But in this cycle of lives there are two positive aspects.

The first bonus: anyone would go crazy, seeing how foolish they acted before.

The second bonus: your soul comes into a new life with a full set of memories, experiences and skills.

There are no random partners

Now it is important to understand that in every person with whom you "had a relationship" in previous lives, you left information. It is like a code that needs to be activated to complete the walk "through the circles of hell" in one life. That is why...

We connect in life with different people. Each partner is given to us in accordance with the tasks that need to be solved. This is a very strict system. There are no random partners. What you do not like in another person, what annoys you in him, very clearly shows what needs to be changed inside yourself. Not to change the partner, but yourself, i.e. to get rid of the illusions that we build to isolate ourselves from the real world. That is why...

We feel that when we break up with someone who was close to us, our world collapses.


The person you were with was needed to work through certain tasks at the next stage of development. And with the solution of these tasks, many cannot cope alone. Impossible, because...

Knowing God happens through knowing your essence through other people.

We need relationships for spiritual comprehension. Therefore, for each stage of the path, you need your own partner. And for the final stage of the path — a beloved partner. For all times...

One "simulator" under different masks

Knowing yourself — often looks like a rather painful act of awakening, because in the process of communicating with other people, a person has to get rid of excessive self-importance.

It is rare now, when people meet only with one person and with him in harmony go through life. Such stories are already like fairy tales... Of course, just a hundred years ago there was no such "abundance of partners". But now there is an Apocalypse — a time when selfishness in people has reached its maximum for many thousands of years.

So... You met someone, went through your lessons, broke up. Of course, breaking up with a person who was next to you for a certain time is painful. But this is honest pain. This is necessary pain. This is how the transition to the next level of development occurs, because pain is an effective technology for removing the past. Without pain, the past does not let go. Without pain, the space inside you is not cleared to accept the energy coming from the future.

Of course, with this movement, your experience and awareness should grow. It is not scary to "make mistakes". The people you were with are not mistakes, but stages of the path. But it is foolish to repeat the same experience over and over again.

Often you have to see that a person has several / many partners throughout his life, but if you look closely, this is the same "simulator" only under different masks.

A person breaks up with one partner and finds himself the same in terms of qualities and characteristics. And, as usual, at the beginning of the relationship everything goes "well", until people show each other demo versions of themselves, i.e. their best sides. But real selfishness manifests itself at the moment of crisis.

Pain of breaking up

During the breakup, many are horrified and surprised to find out that their "beloved person" can happily inflict pain on their partner. And the stronger your pain, the more he benefits from it. Unfortunately, this is true. Many show the size of their selfishness only when breaking up.

Look carefully at how people around you suffer. Few can endure pain alone. Most suffer so that it is visible and obvious to you. They ignite in themselves the fire of "righteous anger", in order to impose on you a sense of guilt: "Look how I suffer! It's all because of you!" Having imposed a sense of guilt on you, your partner "wins", because he gets power over you. Now he can manipulate you until you endure it. Many endure for years.

Love always comes first

Analyze rationally: a person who loves you does not want to cause you suffering. Love eases pain. Only selfishness aggravates suffering.

Yes... It hurts to admit that maybe you were just a convenient person for your partner. And when you became not what he was used to, he is ready to get rid of you. And — believe me — breaking up in this case — is the best option for you.

It makes no sense to spend your life on people who want you to suffer. You live to love. And there is no selfishness in love. In love there is only giving.

Yes... It hurts to find out that the feelings of another person were not sincere towards you. But it is much scarier to live with someone who does not appreciate your care.

Everyone is provided with a chance to meet a loved one. And such a person does not need to be "looked for" in the usual sense of the word.

As they say, there are two things in the world that will find you themselves. These are love and death. And love always comes first. Because the one who has love inside never fears death.

Death is only a temporary process of transformation. Love is a constant state of development.

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