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Indivisible energy and the phenomenon of our world

Indivisible energy and photons

Electromagnetic fields (synonyms — soul, subtle fields) consist of streams of quanta of light. Quantum is a conditional name for an indivisible portion of energy in physics. And the particles-carriers of electromagnetic interaction are photons — quanta of the electromagnetic field.

A person, like, for example, a black hole, takes energy from space, transforms it through subtle bodies and gives it away. Must give, not store for the future.

A person, like God, is called to spread light: "Everything you give will remain yours. Everything you hide will disappear forever." Well, is this a complex technology?..

If the System starts accumulating energy for itself, we will all cease to exist: the movement of photons will stop. And every photon is a phenomenon in our world. At the moment of birth, it is already accelerated so much that it cannot be overtaken by any object of the three-dimensional Universe. It immediately reaches the speed of light — the absolute value of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a vacuum — 299,792,458 meters per second.

In pure air, with a pressure of one atmosphere, the speed of light is lower by only 2 percent.

Photon in translation from ancient Greek — light. Photon, as a carrier of electromagnetic interaction, exists only in motion. It is impossible to stop it. It simultaneously exhibits the properties of both a particle and a wave.

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