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The only sin

The only sin

The only "sin" that has been imposed on people is ignorance. Everything else is a fragmentation of ignorance into traumatic emotions: despondency, greed, jealousy, envy, vanity, anger, lust. There is a common expression on Earth: "The worst sin is despondency" And there is a rational explanation for this. Despondency is a lack of self—love and, as a result, rejection of others: people, opinions, teachings, theories, and worlds.

From neurotic emotions grow ambitions and fears that root hatred in people. Many people used to think that the opposite of hate is love. This is not so: the antithesis of hate is addiction.

Many people need the feelings of another person in order to drown out the fear of loneliness. Therefore, when they receive a reaction from the opposite sex to themselves, they begin to demand confirmation of their importance. Without a satisfied ego, they are worthless. Without a satisfied ego, they suffer.

Ignorance tries to control people's thoughts. Sometimes — obviously —with great success. As soon as a person is ready to take off, they always throw some kind of mud in his head: "I lost my job — how will I live... I changed my favorite one... My beloved left me — I can't live without him/her... I want to earn a lot and have a rest — otherwise why live if you don't have a rest!"

People are constantly being forced to believe that they cannot live without something. Can. There is a rather banal fact: if you are breathing now — just breathing — then you can change everything in a second. Moreover, the habit of thinking like a victim, complaining and accusing.

You are not a victim of "karmic circumstances", as some "knowledgeable in matters of evil fate" citizens are trying to convince you, justifying your chaos in your head. You are a victim of imposed ignorance.

By the way, what does your restless "mind" tell you now?

I will suggest three typical options.

The first option is: "I decide everything myself!".

Of course! Then decide not to breathe for five minutes now. Can't you? So, breathe and watch... Everything is not what it seems... And read the material Your life does not belong to you.

The second option is: "I'm not deciding anything. It's fate."

Your decision to "not decide" is counted by the soul as an intention that your life is given to "someone" else. Even to God, that's for sure. "Thy will be done, Lord!" is a common expression when a person does not understand the cause—and-effect relationship of events. But, logically speaking, this same God blessed you to be born on this planet and provided you with a will — his will. Without illusions, your will is God's own will. When you breathe, it is not some abstraction that passes through you, but the very Spirit that is the energy of the System.

Therefore, it always makes sense to act by taking responsibility for yourself. Without looking back at the all-seeing Pope. I understand... It may not work out right away... But it is the risk and solutions to atypical tasks that show the magnitude of a person's real strength. The harder it is, the more fun it is! Comfort and stability are liked only by people with low energy levels.

The third option is: "I work out karma for past lives. And I constantly have to clean myself and my family."

Now the notion has taken root in many that they need to "constantly clean themselves." And people "clean up" for years, forgetting to live, but there is no relief. New generic programs pop up again and again... Just finished with the family, we need to clean up past lives ...

Think about it: every day brings you closer to death. Death will clean everything up! Uniquely. And you have a reason to smile and relax. Yes, there are both generic programs and past lives... But a couple of months of driving at the peak of emotions cleans karma better than any "magic training".

No options. Without a doubt.

Is it weak to check? Then take a chance and fall in love! But — attention: you will have to send a request to your heart and ask to love yourself, not to be loved. This is a huge risk!

Such intentions pass without a queue, because they count as a challenge. The pumping of energy will be so powerful that it will most effectively "clear" the blocks of unsatisfied desires and open up the future. Love burns the past. But it is the love that comes from you, and not the feelings towards you at all. Please take into account the nuances.

It would seem that the action is elementary and does not require rituals — to ask the heart to love. External simplicity is naturally ephemeral. You directly tell the System that you are ready to check how "ready" you are to take the exam without hope of a result.

Yes, you may not be reciprocated. Most likely, this will happen. But it doesn't matter. Because it is not a "positive result" in the human sense that counts, but your reaction to what will happen exactly not as you expected. That's what the exam is about — accepting rejection — men, women... Fate. It is through other people that fate talks to you.

The positive option for building the future is understanding, relaxation, gratitude. The negative option is anger, dissatisfaction, suffering. Gratitude comes from conscious decisions, and that's exactly what people learn. Suffering comes from ignorance, i.e. fear and despair, and this is exactly what you need to get rid of.

People often justify their failures, i.e. the complex result of previous actions, with the expression "suffering cleanses the soul." Suffering, pain — mental or physical — only indicate that it is time to change the circumstances of life. I'll say "pretentious" — it's time to turn to love. But!..

Love is not synonymous with the expression "everything will be fine" if the sufferer, for example, decided to "believe in God." This is absurd. People don't need to believe in God. Everyone Knows God. And this gives him the right to believe in himself. And love yourself.

Love is an indivisible force that does not depend on external circumstances. And in order for our bodies to become clean to accept this power, pain is necessary at the first stages of learning, as a source of rebirth.

Ignorance gives rise to duality — the splitting of consciousness. The duality of consciousness forces people to give personal interpretations to everything around them: "good-bad", "friend-foe". In fact, it's all complicated because it's false. Because a person has defined something as pleasant, it has not changed its essence. Another person will call the same object disgusting. But neither the object, nor the person, nor the phenomenon are transformed by such characteristics. Only Love and Love have the ability to transform. Death. People fly from them...

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