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The Law of Retribution against "Irreparable Good"

The Law of Retribution against irreparable good

Often letters come to the site, in which people ask to change the fate of their husband, brother, sister, child, grandson or any other relative. Sometimes your loved ones are sick, sometimes they have no work or problems in their personal lives. Of course, you want to help them. Of course, you experience suffering, pain, guilt, that you can not do it yourself. And since many people do not know which way to go to get at least temporary relief, they begin to think that black magic is to blame for the misfortunes and diseases of the family.

Suppose you were told or you decided that a black magician put a curse on you, someone malicious cursed you, vile envious people put a crown of celibacy on you and so on from the list of magical influences. And if your psyche is vulnerable and impressionable, then you will really feel bad, and everything will start to fall apart in your life. I wrote in the material How to suffer correctly? about the effect of nacebo: "Your inner pain is the effect of nacebo, i.e. thoughts about the negative influence on you of the external environment, fate, person, any substance, cause negative consequences. A person often gets sick from his fear and does it for real". That is why many sincerely believe that their unhappy lives are the influence of "dark forces".

People are hostages of consciousness

But — a "sad" fact for anxious personalities — dark forces do not chase people. People — by their own will — feed them with their anger, aggression, lust. Think about it... What's the point of chasing those who already spend most of their lives looking not at the sky and not into the eyes of a loved one, but at digital media? Of course, this is not about you... By the way, what was the sunset yesterday? Don't you remember by any chance?.. There are no coincidences. This is proven at the subatomic level. Therefore, at the same subatomic level, it is proven that all our lives are the results of clear patterns, which, of course, confirms neurophysiology.

People are hostages of their consciousness and, as a consequence, their behavior. Hostages of interpretations of the world, which are banally composed of other people's words, other people's concepts, other people's concepts, other people's images.

In the human mind there is absolutely nothing individual. Even the notorious egoism — a great sense of self-importance, vanity inflated to infinity — is equally huge in all living beings. Yes? You, of course, will say "no".

You will say that you are modest and charming, and your self-esteem suffers from the outside world, which does not love you. Yeah... Sure... Then why do I have so many letters in my mail about the fact that fate did not work out only because "dark forces" oppress someone and demons arranged a sabbath in someone's head. Such self-esteem is bigger than the Universe.

The devil does not chase the gloomy

In the concept of "dark forces" pay attention to the noun "forces". Somehow it has become too commonplace addition to the adjective "dark". So, I inform the thinking people: the force needs only the force. All other inventions are vanity and obscurantism.

The devil does not chase the gloomy lazybones and public girls, and does not run after everyone else, either, flashing red eyes and shouting: "Give me your soul!". But the conditional devil settled down as "addiction to fear" in the neural networks of many people. Because it's so nice, damn it, to do nothing, whine and moan to the whole world about the tricks of demons.

...The fashionable demons now, spun by a large number of shows about the otherworldly. They can be blamed for all the troubles of the world! Then cut the unfortunate black ram in front of the camera, sprinkle the blood on the ground and that's it — the demon is defeated. Tales... Wild delusional tales for people to exist in fear and not even try to analyze the picture of the world.

The beautiful Russian word "ass" most vividly reflects the situation of 90 percent of the population. Someone evil will come and take everything away! Everything that was earned by hard work! "Interesting..." — Think many frightened oligarchs. — "Who will do it faster — Putin or Death?".

People are afraid of the Devil and are touched by the movies, in which these same cool oligarchs, officials and their mistresses have a lot of money, have sex with everyone and cheat on each other along the way. Exciting plots. Intrigues and investigations. Who else will sleep with whom in the next episode? Everything is like in life... Right? Unfortunately, yes. But what does the Devil have to do with it? People do everything for him anyway.

The choice to do evil — to betray, kill, rape, torture — is made by people. Always — people. Demons are not to blame for all human actions. They only create conditions, and we make decisions ourselves...

And if I tell you now that you are stronger than any black magician, any demon? Each of you is stronger. Without rituals, without magical formulas, without cloaks, knives and blood of unhappy roosters. Think logically. Magicians use something "otherworldly" that affects the will of other people. And this is extremely... Extremely punishable, no matter how they defend themselves. They also create an illusion of protection with their rituals. If you are so powerful, then you never need to protect yourself from anything... But I know that for many my words are useless: for most of the population, black magic, unfortunately, causes horror, because it is convenient to live when someone is to blame for everything.

Why does God punish him?

However your fate or the fate of your loved ones turned out — it is the result of previous actions. Everything in this world is regular and does not deviate from the cosmic laws by a quantum. There is not a gram of pain that would be given to a person beyond measure. Everything is calculated and provided for. This is the Law. Karma — the Law of Cause and Effect, also the Law of Retribution — is impossible to outsmart. Karma can only be lived out.

The same Law of Retribution works for children, although it is very difficult for parents to accept it when the child is sick. But for energy there is no difference, how old a person is. If a child has genetic disorders — there are objective reasons for this, related to past incarnations. For the quantum Universe, everyone who came here is a Person. The concepts of "child", "old man", "accountant", "oligarch", "president" are not taken into account. Absolutely.

Yes, I understand... You see a sick child and ask: "Why does God punish him?". And God sees a Person in the whole complex of his previous actions and states. And No One Punishes Anyone. Through various disorders in the body, the process of cleansing the past, present and future of the essence goes. And believe me — whatever happens — it is always the most effective, acceptable and verified program. Without options. Without doubts. Accept it as a fact. "Disgusting" fact.

Instant exchange of karma

Helping others should start with yourself. And this is not a comforting verdict. Painful events are given to change the approach to life. And through a new awareness to modify the state of the soul — electromagnetic fields, which you exchange with your loved ones and, of course, with God. And here you can not deceive the quanta with the invented "positive thinking". You either change the situation, or — send it all away, deciding that you need to look for magicians, healers, psychics. Why do you need to look for them?

Of course! So that they do everything quickly, waving a magic wand or watering everyone thirsty with holy water... In fact — they took responsibility for what they did on themselves.


If you get healed, without removing the cause of your ailment, it will burst... It will definitely burst in another place of your destiny. And the force of the impact will be incomparably greater than the troubles that were before, and the retribution may already spread to the whole family.

It sounds terrible! But no one will change your thinking for you. God will not do it. Fate will not do it. Your neighbor will not do it. I will definitely not do it! In this scenario, which I call "inflicting irreparable good" — when the consequence is removed, not the cause — there is an instant exchange of karma.

If a close person is sick, you need to use modern medical methods and simultaneously change your consciousness and behavior. Only in this way you will be able to effectively influence the course of the disease. But if your loved one "knows how to live", then you do not need to forcibly drag him into awareness. His fate is his decision. You can only support him and offer options, but not decide for him.

And, of course, you can ease the condition of a close person through love. No matter how banal it sounds. This is the only force that transforms matter. Of course, if there is still time for transformation in this reality.

Friday, October 23, 2020 7:30 PM 

Отличная статья. Доходчиво. Эмоционально. Вкусно.

Вставлю своих 3 копейки. Как-то довелось мне длительное время находиться в отпуске. Отдых выдался качественным, поэтому получилось разгрузить мозги и отвлечься. Вернувшись на работу, наблюдал, как коллеги беспокоятся и переживают по житейским и деловым вопросам. И с удивлением обнаружил, что сам остаюсь спокойным и даже отстраненным. Хотя до отпуска в таких же ситуациях кусал бы локти и рвал на голове волосы в такт с остальными.

Этот опыт натолкнул на мысль: очень даже возможно, что наша реальность все-таки субъективна. И мы можем определять и решать, как быть.

Конечно, мир наполнен не только молочным шоколадом и бабочками, это очевидно. Поэтому не всегда бывает просто взять и не грузиться. А если почитать какие-то крутые интернет-цитатники, то вообще можно закомплексовать. Там ведь часто написано, что все должны радоваться и смеяться, наслаждаться жизнью...

Но! Опыт каждого индивидуален и неповторим. Если вы не чувствуете радость и легкость, не думайте, что с вами что-то не так и вы обязательно должны их чувствовать. Так вы просто добавите себе очередную проблему и повод побыть виноватым перед собой.

Не верьте на слово, особенно если это слово опубликовано в суперпозитивном паблике, отрицающем все проблемы. Просто живите. И живите тотально. И если вы о чем-то беспокоетесь, за что-то переживаете, тратите свои силы и время, то постарайтесь быть на 100% уверенными, что делаете это не зря. Как страдать правильно, мы уже прочитали в предыдущей статье, спасибо автору.

К тому же, при глубоком изучении какой-нибудь тупиковой ситуации можно иногда найти выходы, которые сперва были не очевидны. И тогда положение перестает быть патовым. Появляется повод вздохнуть полной грудью, выйдя на простор для творчества.

Ну и как вариант попробовать дистанцироваться, чтобы взгянуть на все со стороны. «Если вы думаете, что заняты чем-то очень важным, идите в отпуск».

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