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Stories from practice: grab luck by the wallet

Stories from practice: grab luck by the wallet

There's a party at an expensive club tonight. I'm going with my friends. I wonder what they will be wearing? I need to make an urgent call... I bought awesome clothes, had my hair done and a make-up in the salon. There's still some money left for a couple of cocktails and a taxi. And there, the main thing is not to make a mistake ...

Meticulous self-examination in the mirror:

— I'm so gluey! It's cool that I've grown eyelashes and nails. So... We'll cover up this pimple a little more. What is this? A wrinkle?! I'm already 20! We must hurry. This bitch, Lyalka's friend, is now with her sponsor in the Maldives. And even though he's a fat brute and burps during sex, he gave her a car. How lucky! Why didn't I crawl under the table in the club to give him a blowjob? You fool! But today I will definitely meet my "friend". And I won't slow down. Stockings, underwear, rhinestones. He can't resist: higher heels, shorter skirt, higher bangs, push-up bra...

"He will notice me and invite me. He will notice and invite you." — The girl repeated like a spell while driving to the club.

The spell worked. She was chosen, drunk, driven, stripped, fucked...

It was disgusting and disgusting from someone else's sweaty, heavy and snuffling body, but she moaned so that he did not doubt her sexuality for a second! It's such a rare piece of luck to be in bed with a rich uncle! Yes, anyone is ready to be in her place! So don't get distracted... Is he done already? Urgently shout loudly so that he does not accidentally think that she does not know how to "make an orgasm.".. He must decide that she is the most uninhibited in sex and agrees to everything! Hurray! Happiness! She was not sent home by taxi. Someone up there heard her request—she stayed in his bed until morning. It started...

At the romantic stage of the relationship, she was delighted with gifts, dreamed of a new meeting, was under the spell of expensive hotels, beaches, cocktails. For her man, it was both pleasant... And it doesn't matter. He was showing the child toys. The child was squeaking with delight. Someone else's sincere joy made him feel something besides the fact that he had fallen into such a trap of politics with his millions that it was impossible to stop. And it's scary... And sometimes it's very scary. With "this one" he was distracted for a while and remembered his youth, his first money and the sharp joys of what he earned. And their freedom from these sworn millions. It was so easy to live... How happy he was... With his wife. As he loves her now, but he has to keep his family at a distance for most of the year to ensure at least a semblance of safety.

...Candles. Champagne. Cognac. Fruit. Strolls. Yachts and... everything! The oligarch "remembered" and flew away to work. He wanted to send the "baby" home, but she begged him to leave her in the house until his arrival. He returned with two models. They had sex. He watched and drank cognac. Then he came with male models. They had sex. He watched and drank whiskey. Then he decided to give it to his friend. Before that, he invited me to his office and offered me a choice:

— Listen, baby, my wife is returning from abroad with her children. It's time for you to leave. You can go to my partner's house, or you can come home. I'll give you the money, you can spend it any way you want. It is better to spend on education. You're very young and silly.

— Why should I study? It's boring and boring there, but youth passes. First, you urgently need to get married, and then you can study. Although, I hope that my future husband will give me money for the business. I've already thought of it — I'm going to open the coolest and chicest salon in the city... can I stay your mistress? I'm going to be very, very good. I will be waiting for you in our apartment, you will come at any time.

— No, baby. When my family lives with me, I don't have time for nonsense.

— But you're going to divorce her anyway!

— Why is that?

— She's old. I was actually surprised how you sleep with her when I saw the photos in the living room.

— Well, so am I old. And I don't want sex and eternal celebration so much anymore. I love the peace and the smell of cheesecakes in the morning. She's a great cook.

— What should I do? You're kicking me out! You're giving me away!

— You are kind and beautiful. In your passion to marry a rich man, I do not see a thirst for profit. This is how you imagine your happiness and with stupid joy you submit to a more experienced person. And experience is power. You are not my first girlfriend at a time when my wife accompanies my children while they study in England. She feels better this way. I fly to them sometimes.

I know that most of you sincerely want a family and children. A beautiful house. They want to drive up to the cafe in a new car, drink champagne, eat oysters and tell their girlfriends that everything is cool.

Desiring material values is good, living in wealth is great. But not once have I heard that you want love. You can tell a person, "I love you," but you whisper it to him out of fear of losing comfort.

And he knows it. No matter how it seems to you that you are manipulating him with the help of cleavage and long legs, you will not be able to deceive. Your tricks are ridiculous. Pumping up your lips, making breasts, losing weight is stupid. Too small goals for life!

Now — at the age of 20 — imagine that you are 40, 50... What are you going to do at this time? Rushing around the salons, removing wrinkles, hating the younger and slimmer, feverishly afraid of every birthday? Life cannot be photoshopped over time. So take the money and go to university. I offer this choice to everyone. And maybe you'll be smarter than the others?.. I'm tired. Go away. We won't meet again, and if we do, I don't want you to bother me.

— One more question. Was I worse at sex than the others? Am I worse than your wife?

— I love my wife. I love her not for the sex, but for the fact that we talk.

Well, think for yourself: your sweet chirping, of course, is touching, but it cannot be considered a dialogue. You're listening to me, and you're calculating what else to ask for as a gift. Did you grab your luck by the purse? I'm not interested. I want to be alone after having sex with you. I want to sit in my office and read a book. And you only read your phone. There is a gap between us.

You have no brains, corny. I'm not interested in your shopping, TV shows, girlfriends, or what you think about the world. If you're thinking at all... I'm not even interested in your youth. I had my own and very intense one.

I'm bored with you. Take the money and leave. The driver will give you a lift to the train station. You still have time to book a ticket home.

The girl took the money, bought an apartment and went to look for "justice" for the sorcerers. So she walked in circles, hoping to return to the "former master." And she was ready to use "any means" of magic for this. But she was a kind girl... And she came to me — at the request of one of her boyfriends. Do you know what kind of practice I really like? That's right — to study! Exactly what the oligarch once told her...

She went to university. I fell in love with a classmate. They got married. A girl was born. Sometimes she sees "her ex" on TV. He always looks at the screen with special trepidation. She did not tell her husband anything about the relationship with this man. Years later, she is very grateful to him because he said the right words to her at the right time. She still doesn't understand why he was so open with her. Lucky...

Now she wants to tell the younger generation: "If you fall under the charm of an adult and a rich man, do not take gifts of fur coats, gold, diamonds, cars, apartments, etc. While you are being used, grab the best education. Then, over time, you will really become interesting to a man."

Taking responsibility: who owes whom and to whom?

Men should take responsibility. Otherwise, they are not men... Several beautiful women have already sent me phrases of similar content after the article "Sex and money: what do people have under masks?". The most common one is: "If a person doesn't take responsibility for you, it's not your person." I don't know where the girls read it and listened to it at the same time. Although... Now there are enough women's forums about what "men should do". But on these sites, the opinion of the opposite sex is usually not present. And men are unhappy... And men are indignant...

3/15/2021  118 

Sex and money: what do people have under masks?

In the articles "Classics of the genre: you want, but he pays" and "Women's money: to want more or to have more", we touched on the vast field of gender relations on the basis of misunderstandings about money. Dear men and beautiful ladies continue to write, express opinions and indicate desires. For many, there is material for reflection. It would seem that there is nothing new in this topic?.. But, you know, most people are used to thinking that only they know and only they are right. Let's figure it out...

3/10/2021  100 

Genre classics: if you want, he pays

Many men stopped admiring the fact that they need to "take responsibility" and provide for the opposite sex, which suddenly stopped being and looking weak. Men, of course, would like to continue to believe in love, traditional values and protect the well-being of the family. But sometimes women themselves deprive them of motivation...

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