Everyday practices

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In the morning

  • Immediately after waking up, press on the points in the lower abdomen. Practice Discovery of vitality.
  • Do 5 Tibetan pearls or your favorite morning exercises.
  • Make a choice: Nada Yoga, Wim Hof technique, one of the Sufi breathing practices or one of a practitioner of the Qigong or yoga system. If there is not enough time in the morning, then you can do breathing practices at any time on an empty stomach.
  • Do push-ups and squats after breathing techniques. Necessarily. This quickly redistributes energy throughout the body.
  • Do Taoist walking. This is an exercise for those with healthy knees.
  • Contrast shower.
  • Handclaps. The claps activate all points and zones on the hands at the same time, triggering energy in the channels. In China, this exercise is done in the morning 500 times. Then they put their hands to their eyes and gently move them over their face. They clap again and rub their hands. This is called dry hand washing.
  • Rub your ears with force for a minute.This exercise quickly activates energy and increases the brain's ability to concentrate and be creative by at least 25 percent.

During the day

  • Keep an eye on nutrition.
  • Make sure that your lower jaw is not strained.
  • Track the tension in your body in those moments when you are excited or upset. And relax with a slow exhalation. You can massage your wrists. The technique is described below.
  • Make sure that your inhale is equal to your exhale.
  • Pay attention to the heart area and focus there at least for a few minutes several times a day. In moments of concentration, speak in the Loving heart area/Loving.
  • Do practices that are methods of simultaneous concentration and relaxation. You can use what I suggest. You can do any other techniques that you like.


If your profession is related to business and creativity and you need breakthrough ideas, then you need to know that...

A person needs to spend half an hour without a phone and additional beeping devices so that his brain changes wave activity and creativity turns on. After half an hour of contemplating images in free flight, we suddenly understand something, something very deep... And we have new ideas... And inspiration... And the strength to implement.

For the night

  • Sleep on Antakaran symbols.
  • Dynamic meditation at will. Depends on your condition.
  • In bed before going to bed strain the whole body, keep it in tension as much as possible, and relax with an exhalation. Repeat several times. Especially pay attention to the facial muscles. Make a face and freeze for half a minute. Then relax the facial muscles. Repeat several times. You can also make several dozen yawns.

Practice "I'm dying and it's great!"

After relaxing, imagine that you are dying right now. You can call this fun game even more cute: "Hello, Death! It's been a long time since we've seen each other. The point of the game is that you ask yourself questions:

  • How did I feel today?
  • Was I happy?
  • What important things have I done for myself?
  • What good have I done for people?
  • If this is my last day of life, did I live it the way I wanted to?
  • What do I need to do in order to live beautifully and effectively?

Wrist massage for relaxation

If you are worried or afraid, then massage your wrists. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are responsible for the state of fear, and some points on your wrists are connected to the kidneys. There are also points on the wrists that are responsible for blood, lymph, and hormones. Thanks to a simple wrist massage, blood will begin to circulate better through the body.

With one hand, you wrap your other hand around the wrist and massage in a circular motion. Then you change hands. It is recommended to do it at least three times a day for a few minutes.

This massage also helps if you have nightmares or your sleep is restless. You massage the pulse area, which is responsible for deep and good sleep.

In such a simple way, you eliminate anxiety and normalize the work of the whole body. Make this easy exercise a habit. It can be performed at any time and in any place, because it does not cause excessive attention from others.

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