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The program of fear as a training for the Soul

The program of fear, as a training for the soul

The expression: "Fear shackles the Soul" is not figurative. The Soul cannot protect itself when this "emotion" prevails in a person. Fear is one of the introduced programs of artificial quantum intelligence, which people figuratively call "dark forces". Later we will consider the concept of "dark forces" in more detail — without excessive mysticism.

People try to get rid of the program of fear in peculiar ways.

Many love everything that causes adrenaline rush. From a medical point of view, this is true: adrenaline burns cortisol. And cortisol, when it accumulates in the adrenal glands, leads to prolonged depressions. The person burned cortisol and felt euphoria. It's like riding a roller coaster: first it's scary, and then you want more and more.

Everyone knows that after feeling fear, there are two ways — fight or run.

Ran, ran again. Then — kept silent, did not protect, passed by, not your business... You got into the system, which can keep you on a leash until the end of the allotted days.

The system has been working for a long time, clearly and smoothly: stress at work, layoffs, financial problems, resentment, nervousness, insomnia, low self-esteem, economic crises, attack on humanity by various viruses, mass panic, despondency, indifference, anxiety...

Doctors will tell you clearly that you have all the signs of depression, "mental cold". And bad doctors will calm you down: "Well, not only you. We all entered the age of borderline mental and emotional states. The disease of civilization. How scary it is to live! Drink antidepressants and learn to think positively." I noticed that negligent specialists often combine "antidepressants and positive thinking". How can you think under antidepressants? And if it was so easy to "think positively", then the World Health Organization would not sound the alarm: according to its statistics, the number of people in need of psychological help is growing faster than the number of people suffering from cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Attention: despite the prevalence and destructiveness of this disease, the mechanisms of depression have not yet been discovered... by official science.

Depression (from Lat. depressio — suppression) — you got into the system of fear. The system suppressed you. You can get out of the system yourself. You need — "just" — to stop being afraid. For this, you do not need "positive thinking", for this you need a clearly working brain, to understand: fear is not something abstract that floats in the air, but a built-in program inside the consciousness. And like any program on a computer, it can be used. You, when you approach a computer, are not afraid of the stuffing that you constantly use? Therefore — forward!

The program of fear, even if it comes from the "dark forces", is a very good training for the Soul. Magnificent!

If a person turned to face the danger in order to take a blow and strike back, — he has already won, regardless of the consequences. Adrenaline rush — this is the tangible, physical reaction of the Soul to help a person. Courage! Battle! How to jump with a parachute to meet fear: at first — "ouch-ouch-ouch", then — "yay-yay-yay"! How sharply life is felt at this moment. Not a vague "joy of life", which they teach at personal growth trainings. And life inside yourself: the heart beats.

Put your hand on your heart. As long as you hear this knock, you can change Everything!

It sounds a bit pompous and banal, but the fact is: you can change Any Fate, regardless of what is "written on the rod". Playfully cancel curses, send demons to the stage, disperse the sabbath of witches and politicians, cancel the Apocalypse. At least personally for yourself. This sharp courage from the beating of the heart is called "Never give up".

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 11:16 PM 

«Приложите руку к сердцу. Пока вы слышите этот стук, вы можете изменить Все!» — на мой взгляд, самая важная фраза, которую следует запомнить каждому.

Friday, December 4, 2020 3:25 PM 

И ты не раз доказывала это и своей личной историей и историей людей, которым ты помогала! И я из их числа. Спасибо тебе, друг! Люблю!

Monday, October 18, 2021 8:47 AM 

Инна, Благодарю за твой сайт, за практики. Это такая экстренная «скорая помощь». Вчера накрыло ,такая волна страха.... Скрутира в позу эмбриона и тело все оканемело. Подключила всё: и практики дыхания( сильно сработало дыхание собачки), перечитала все статьи про страх, слушала из папки молитвы 50 псалом и другие (под свечу). Настолько легче стало, тепло пошло по телу. Реально на себе прочувствовала силу практик!!! Благодарю!!!

Monday, October 18, 2021 5:46 PM 


«Приложите руку к сердцу. Пока вы слышите этот стук, вы можете изменить Все!» — на мой взгляд, самая важная фраза, которую следует запомнить каждому.

Да, Елена. Сегодня эта фраза вошла в мою жизнь. Стала моей направляющей. 🙏🙏🙏

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