Breathing for peace from Master Mu Yuchun

If you are often worried and irritated, then you have a weak nervous system, weak body, weak energy. In order for you to feel calm and comfortable, it is necessary that the energy in the abdominal area is in harmony.The Qigong master's exercise technique quickly calms the nervous system, but only a systematic approach and daily exercise will lead to success.

The first exercise for peace of mind

A light inhalation through the nose air and energy fill the head — and a long exhalation from the navel area. Exhale through the mouth with a prolonged sound. The exhalation descends from the head, passes through the body and exits the abdominal area. This area is called lower Dantian. Our life force is concentrated here.

The master recommends doing 10-15 quiet breaths and exhalations. Then 10-15 loud breaths and exhalations. On the inhale, we open our hands in front of us, on the exhale we reduce. And gradually we enter into the rhythm of breathing.

The second exercise for peace of mind

The second exercise is done when you have already done the first one and have felt the warmth in your hands and in your body. Now you exhale slowly with the sound of "a" and tap the upper part of the lungs and the navel. It is important to follow the rhythm of tapping. You can do the exercise with both fists and open palms bent into boats. Do it for a few minutes a day.

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