Facial massage

Girl and energy

There are a huge number of facial massages. I suggest you familiarize yourself with two techniques. What is their attraction? They certainly help to cope with age-related changes, but this is not due to mechanical influences, but due to the effective pumping of energy due to the activation of electromagnetic fields. I understand that this statement does not sound clear to everyone. But you produce the effect with warmed palms, and this means that you have previously rubbed your hands well against each other. This is magic! The channels and points on the hands have come into motion and you transmit these impulses to the brain. That's right...

Each of these practices is a simulator for working with the brain, and the result of high-quality work with the brain is health, the result is beauty.

Beauty is when the eyes shine with anticipation and unpredictability. How can anyone resist such a force?

Remember... Always remember that people evaluate you and see how you look only for the first few seconds, and then only your energy affects them. The more energy you have, the more attractive you are.

I recommend combining these technologies into one practice. You will see that the Qigong system and the shaman technique of ancient Mexico coincide in basic approaches.

Massages should be performed without creams and oils.

I recommend performing facial massages together with the head massage offered by Master Wushu Mu Yuchun.

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