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Grab the customer by greed: motivational whirlpools of money trainings

Grab the customer by greed: motivational whirlpools of money trainings

For self-realization, which many now dream of, you need not just work for the benefit, but know what you like. Because, if you do what is fashionable, what others recommend, what brings profit, but does not bring pleasure, then... You, of course, will acquire some money, but spend time and lose life.

A person who is forced to believe that money is the basis of his happiness, rushes into any motivational whirlpools of "money trainings": "And suddenly I learn something there, that will overtake everyone on the way to happiness...". Although, no one is a secret, that...

Because of the lack of a million dollars, no one has died yet, but in the pursuit of money, many burn out and fall into depression.

So what happens: on one side of the scales money, and on the other — disease? Not equivalent concepts for a mentally healthy person. But in them, of course, there is a common — both money and diseases need to be serviced. And — as strange as it may seem — it is money...

Desire for wealth or a huge neurosis?

To keep money, you need money to hire professionals and save the accumulated. To get out of the disease, you also need money to again hire specialists who will not let a person finally bend.

As you can see, both situations lead to dependence on circumstances that a person himself formed. And to live peacefully and relaxed, you only need those funds that you can eat for a day. For food — anyone can earn. For this, no additional motivation is required. The need for food is motivation. Trainings, how to earn not buckwheat nobody conducts. On the presentation photos bread and water are not advertised, to grab the customer by greed. Everyone goes crazy for sports cars and yachts.

Humanity is imposed postulates of cheap happiness by those people who themselves live in misery. And, of course, neither the leaders nor the led even notice that their desire for wealth equals a huge neurosis.

People at most such events are taught to want. To want, but not to get. Motivation at the level of thinking works only in the case of cognition of the new and getting pleasure, i.e. the allocation of dopamine, and this is a banal learning.

Learning new — always brings success. But the speech should go about knowledge, and not be reduced to bright motivational slogans.

The brain knows nothing about the future

Cunning brain, of course, analyzes that a person at the seminar — he is satisfied — great! But... Always check in reality, what exactly you have learned. Success stories — these are just fairy tales. In them there are other people's "miracles", but no knowledge.

Cunning brain also fixes that its carrier enjoys the desire and forms connections that allow it to do so until the first roosters of the next incarnation. Attention — to enjoy the process of desire, because — I repeat — pleasure now is for the brain and is the result now.

And about "successful success" in the future neural networks do not know: ate, slept, mated — well done — live on by the rigid system of biological needs.

The brain has no settings for the past and future — everything that you think, everything that worries you or pleases — this is always for the brain the present moment.

You can go to motivational lectures, watch motivational videos, but give yourself an adequate report: "I listen to this. I watch this. I get pleasure now, but to the real business, it has nothing to do."

Imagine a billionaire who wakes up and declaims: "I am a leader. I will succeed!". Come on... He has a day by the minute scheduled and no time for joy from encouraging himself. Things are waiting... And he knows what to do. And if he does not know, then he hires specialists who know. As we said, to service big money, you need money. Therefore...

It is better for many not to waste their life time on thoughts about future wealth, but to get those professional skills that will eventually bring pleasure from the application.

Not for nothing for centuries there is the first oldest profession: need — pleasure — money. In the construction of a favorite business works the same scheme.

Inspiration instead of facts

Obsessive desire for wealth, for which you need additional "motivation" — it's like wanting to visit the toilet and sit in meditation, to understand what to do... Really, what to do?.. Exactly — you need to learn and do, do and learn again. But the organizers of "money trainings" instead of obvious facts use "inspiration".

For example, came looking for self-realization citizen at the seminar, comfortably settled in a chair and inspired by speakers. He was supplied with a bunch of materials, schemes, and on top polished stories of success. In general, twisted on some fashionable scheme: like "everything will work out", "I am a leader", "the universe hears me", "God loves me", "money comes to me easily" and so on in the spirit of slogans of social networks. Here it is not lazy for people to invent them! Not lazy...

Slogans are now sold better than knowledge.

Then comes into force my favorite heading "years went by"...

Years go and take with them someone else's inspiration. A person who has gone through many "money trainings" and done everything as he was taught, giving the idea of accumulation a huge amount of funds and time, falls into despondency.

Why is that?.. For what reason he does not become a millionaire, and — on the contrary — falls into a vicious circle of desperate unrealized desire?

Unrealized desires — as everyone knows sages — are the highest walls on the way to awareness.

Therefore... The most important thing to understand — not everyone "on the birth written" to be dollar millionaires.

In the article Neural paradox: people do not need money we talked about the fact that by the standards of our quantum mind to have a lot of money/a lot of power — this is not a reward for previous successes, but a temptation comparable to retribution. Few people pass it worthily.

And let at the motivational seminars people even until the first roosters of the next incarnation shout that "it is not worth bending under the changing world, let it better bend under us". Who remembers, this is a quote from the song of the group "Time Machine"... But... But... But...

Oh, how I love these cosmic "but"...

And about them we will talk in the next material.

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