Sufi whirling

Sufi whirling

And this is a really complicated technique. She belongs to one of the directions of Sufism, the Mavlaviya (Mevlevi) order. The Sufis of this mystical tariqa (path) use circling to music to enter into meditation in an action in which the surface mind quiets down. A similar practice, for example, exists in the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. In the literal translation, absolute completeness. In the Dzogchen teaching, such exercises are called semjins. These are skillful methods of influencing the psyche to enable a person to come to the original state of emptiness and bliss. By the way, the Dzogchen tradition is followed by the current Dalai Lama XIV.

If you master this practice, then in the future you can replace the exercise "spinning" in the complex The Eye of Rebirth with a Sufi dance though would be in for 5 minutes. It will be very effective. Focusing on the sensations in the body removes "otherworldly" disturbing thoughts well. Especially if you've had a hard day and need to relieve tension. Enjoy the flight.


Start carefully, smoothly, slowly. Be careful of those who have problems with pressure: the practice of Sufi rotation causes dizziness. But over time, this state turns into a deep meditation of action.

This technique, like all meditations, is performed on an empty stomach, about three hours after eating. This is natural, otherwise it will just start to feel sick. You can also do everything methodically and correctly, but nausea will still come. It is impossible to predict how much training you will need personally. It depends on many factors. But, if you are still afraid and something is not going well, leave it, do not torment yourself. Make 5 Tibetan pearls for six months or a year, then try again.

Execution technique

They stood up straight, raised their right hand up, and lowered their left hand down a little. In the Sufi tradition, it is accepted that the right open palm is facing God, the left open palm is facing the Earth. One leg stays in place, the other leg spins you around. The head was slightly tilted towards the right hand. The eyes are open. The gaze is unfocused. The body is relaxed. They began to spin counterclockwise. Smoothly. The world slows down and becomes fluid, just like you. And you are like water...

You can perform rotations with your eyes closed, immersing yourself in yourself. But remember that you are holding onto this world with your eyes. Explore both options.

You determine the duration yourself. You don't have to try hard and try to spin for a long time, but you will make a whirlpool of ill health out of the practice of the whirlpool of energies. Learn slowly. And rest.

Power Dance for trained users

If you have already trained yourself, then for the first 10-15 minutes you still rotate smoothly. And only then increase the speed. Please be vigilant. It is not necessary to practice if you can touch objects. It is important that there is enough space around you, and under you there is soft earth, sand, carpet, in general a soft surface, because at some point during prolonged rotation your body will pull down. And you should easily settle on the ground. You can, of course, "fall", but this is only when you are already perfectly proficient in this method.

Sufis believe that when the body is well relaxed, then with the fall the earth takes away everything that has already outlived in a person. Then you lie down on your stomach, pressing against the ground, close your eyes... Then your body knows what to do. You will merge with the earth and the world around you, and then, perhaps, you will stop feeling the boundaries of the physical body.

Whirling dervishes is a powerful technique. Even one full-fledged experience can change a life.

The practice should be performed with a clear focus on the feeling of the center in the body. This is your axis around which the energies are spinning. First they rise from the depths of the body, then they expand, capture consciousness and your subtle fields expand.

The images of the world around you float, but you keep your attention inside. You are focused and relaxed at the same time. It's a tremendous experience and an indescribable lightness. The universe is spinning inside you and around you. It is and always has been. But in your inner space there is no more ego and duality, the boundaries of personality are erased by the dance of power.


I have chosen the following video so that you will not only appreciate the beauty of the dance, but also try spinning to charming music.

You can also spin around to the music of composer Sami Yusuf. He is a British performer of Islamic songs of Azerbaijani origin. This composition is also suitable for our practice.

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