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Your life does not belong to you

Your life does not belong to you

They will ask:
— How to cross over life?
— As if by a string, the abyss is beautiful, careful and fast.

Nicholas Roerich

Briefly about the concepts of happiness and unhappiness

Unhappiness is when your brain is not your friend. And you are constantly fueling suffering with your thoughts. In reality, your soul does not hurt. It cannot hurt by definition, because the soul is the electromagnetic fields inside and around you. Only an anxious state of consciousness prevents you from living easily and effectively.

Disturbed thoughts provoke first energy disturbances, then hormonal and physical ones, which cause despondency, pain, depression, as a huge inner feeling of helplessness in front of what is happening. And it feels quite concrete already: everything is burning and twisting inside. This "mental" pain can get worse and worse. And "suddenly" any minor event or spoken word leads to despair.

Happiness is the realization that nothing external can affect you. Understanding this does not come through philosophical "reflections on the fate of the world", but through certain actions that demonstrate to your brain, body and soul the seriousness of your intentions.

Now a few theses about what you can and cannot control

Your life does not belong to you: energy just flows through you. Life flows through you. Death flows through you. The Spirit flows through you. Love flows through you. And this is a constant process.

Life, Death, Spirit, Fate, Love are the same force. And it doesn't matter to her what physical world or what non-physical dimension you are in. You are conditionally alive or conditionally dead. There are no such concepts in the universe at all.

These people came up with the idea of "being afraid of death" in life, "being afraid of life" in life in order to scare themselves and control others. The result is the same: the time of life is lost to fear, but death still comes. Then, of course, a reboot and a return.

Your new body will be made up of a new set of atoms and you are here again. And—mind you—by your own stupidity. No one specifically sends you here to "suffer" and "work out karma."

You come to the planet surprisingly smart, strong, and full of energy. It is the transformation of death that makes all this beauty for you.

Isn't it so nice to look into a baby's eyes? He's not afraid of anything. He doesn't need God to honor Him. He doesn't need "all the gold in the world" to be happy. He knows how to live. And then the environment intimidates him with dogmas, the child grows up and tries to find in the eyes of others a reflection of the dimensions from which he came. But in the eyes of others, he usually sees the same fear of life as inside himself. And already, behind a sense of self-importance, he tries to hide the inferiority of existence. Fear is inferiority. The fear provoked by your thoughts corrodes electromagnetic fields steeper than any "damage". People curse themselves, forgetting the magnificent qualities of death, which gave them everything for the effective development of fate.

Here it is — the wheel of samsara, it is also the wheel of reincarnation. The majority of the population is afraid of life, death, love, God, fate, because there is no place for new things in them.

The new is not future events that are beyond the control of a person, but the flow of energy that he himself creates over a certain period of time. And a person who does not even own his thoughts cannot control either his mind, body, or energy, i.e. he is unable to form an intention, which is a concentration of personal power.

Your soul does not belong to you: electromagnetic fields do not have human concepts of conditional happiness and conditional unhappiness. The soul simply reads your current states, and, depending on this, builds and corrects future events.

Your body does not belong to you: the Earth gave it to you — and you will return it to her. You don't really control your body. You don't order yourself to breathe. You don't give orders to internal organs to do their job. They're doing just fine without you. Illness and ailments are only a diagnosis so that you can change the state of your electromagnetic fields through understanding the causes of disorders in the body. A common concept is to change the worldview, i.e. to abandon the formed model of behavior. But it also leads to conditional suffering, because thinking in a new way also needs to be learned. But you don't want to do that... It is much more pleasant for a superficial mind to consider oneself right, strong, chosen.

Thoughts also cannot be considered personally yours: they are often built on the basis of the limitations of those people who instilled in you their "correctness" or "wrongness", "sinfulness" or "righteousness". Thoughts also depend on the external environment in which you are immersed.

A pleasant event is a joy. The unpleasant thing is grief. This is a typical dependence on circumstances that are either provoked by previous actions, or that you cannot influence. Therefore, there is a constant struggle in the mind — a struggle of fears.

The biggest fear is the fear of uncertainty, in which you may find yourself helpless and out of control of the situation. You think about either the past or the future, and most of the time these thoughts poison your present. You forget to live. But with each new breath, your body, mind, and soul give you the opportunity to change. It is at the moment when you stop breathing that everything will become "stable", calm, peaceful, balanced, because your questions will be solved by the power of death. And — finally — you will absolve yourself of responsibility. Happiness has come! Nothing needs to be solved! Right?..

Your suffering is also not exclusive: at the moment, 95 percent of the world's population is in sluggish disagreement with themselves. 95 percent are dissatisfied with the "unfair" world. 95 percent of humanity is constantly afraid of missing out, losing, not matching...

Even the fear of death is not as great as the horror of losing a sense of self-importance. For most, death is an unknown abstraction that "will never happen to me." But the loss of illusory self-esteem feels like a completely physical phenomenon, and its infringement leads to torment. The bright flashes of pain that you overcome strengthen the body, and sluggish suffering leads to destruction. This condition is commonly called depression. But, mind you, no one is born with chronic depression...

Outwardly, you may seem quite successful and fashionably "positive", but inside you are lonely, upset, upset, unhappy. You are afraid to be alone with yourself, because your unsatisfied passions without external social support begin to surface at great speed. That is why most people do not succeed and cannot even get the appearance of "meditation", i.e. the silence of the mind. As soon as you try to relax and immerse yourself in yourself, "something" begins to roll in. And quite a lot. Similar conditions are likely during the day, when anxiety rises for no reason. Get acquainted — these are your desires from the past. Of course, fate saved you from having them all fulfilled, otherwise many of them would have led you to a real physical death. But the brain and the body remember them. And they are preserved in you. All. It is necessary to get rid of them and past emotions of "suffering". No options. Without a doubt.

So, what does belong to you anyway?

Only your condition, which needs to be changed by working with your body, brain, and emotions.

Only you are experiencing emotions. And only you own them. No circumstance in life and no person in the world causes emotions in you. Everything external is only a catalyst for what already exists in you.

When you fall in love, love already exists in you as a primordial force. The other person only blows you up so that you get to know how beautiful you are. When you suffer, the pain already exists in you, circumstances — outwardly unfavorable — only bring you healing from the deeply hidden.

"Negative" emotions show you what you need to work with. "Positive" emotions also indicate what needs to be worked with. Emotions are the best clues for realizing the wholeness within each person.

Through the state of consciousness, your soul — your electromagnetic fields — communicate with the System of God. It is also a system of quantum physics that covers all dimensions present in our universe. It is impossible to negotiate with the System. She is beautiful and effective. The so-called "God" does not possess human concepts of morality, morality, religion, etc. The system impartially reads only the state of your electromagnetic fields.

To enable the soul to pave the most effective path for you, you just need to leave it alone! But it is necessary to strengthen the physical body and work with the brain. And only with time will you be able to interact with energy, both internal and external.

The transition from feelings of unhappiness to happiness will not be easy, but it is worth taking the risk and starting to live beautifully, cheerfully and richly.

You can take sedatives, get high on antidepressants, shout to the whole world about how much you are in pain, but billions of people around don't care. Most are busy forming their own hell. Only you are able to close the abyss of despair inside yourself forever. No one else knows how you feel. You can talk about it as much as you want, but you're the only one who feels it anyway. Therefore, you have only one opportunity — to use the freedom of choice.

Yes. You certainly have the Freedom of Choice. You can continue to live as you used to, or you can learn to live happily.

Happiness is just a skill! There is nothing mysterious about it. You don't need to dream about it. And there is no need to pray for him. But you can learn to receive it...

And then... after a while... You will realize that you don't really need freedom of choice either. She is just another ploy on the path of liberation.

And then... after a while... Your only choice will be to act as easily as you breathe. And who breathes through you? Well, you used to call "him" God... Good. So your only choice is to act the way God acts — beautifully, carefully and swiftly.

This is a true desire worthy of a Human Being. You can also write down your purpose here.

Saturday, July 25, 2020 11:53 AM 

Мощно, как всегда!!! Ухх... дальше двигаемся Красиво... Бережно... Стремительно! Благодарю, Инна! 🙏🙏💖

Saturday, November 28, 2020 3:39 PM 

Инна, как вовремя ты всегда приходишь в мою жизнь!
Читаю твои статьи и прям чувствую, как они меня отрезвляют на многие вещи, как развеивают иллюзии и возвращают на землю, как начинают меняться состояния и реальность. Иногда даже этот процесс происходит где-то в глубине и не до конца не осознаётся умом. Есть над чем работать. 🙂

Прям слышу тебя через них, твой голос, чувствую твою силу, мудрость и мощь!
Как здорово, что ты делишься всей этой ценной информацией!

Спасибо тебе! Люблю, обнимаю!

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