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Learning Love as a Force: love by birthright

Love by birthright

In our System, there are three original energies: Love and "beginnings" — male and female.

Love and Spirit in this context are synonyms. The Source invested himself in every atom, as the original force of creation: a positively charged nucleus of an atom and a field of negatively charged electron (or electrons) around the nucleus are created for each other and unite them... I really want to write love. But such a field of physics as quantum mechanics, which studies the laws of motion of particles and waves in the microworld, calls this force "the uncertainty principle", which is infinitely true.

The Spirit binds together man and woman, day and night, life and death, Yin and Yang — the famous black and white Chinese "fish". Yin: black fish — female principle, rest, "minus". Yang: white fish — male principle, activity, "plus".

Everyone has the one who belongs to him by birthright.

The idea of the System is that, by spiritualizing matter, it immediately creates a harmonious pair, in which the "opposites" have an ideal energetic match of male and female.

I emphasize, an ideal match. This means that when you look at "your" person, you feel him as yourself, only the body is different.

But such a miracle does not guarantee that you are born at the same time and in the same place.

The search for true Love is one of the exams that you need to pass on the paths of Antakarana.

Why does God do this to us? The answer is obvious, although ambiguous for the barriers of perception that people fence themselves off with.

In the process of passing these lessons, we become extraordinarily strong and conscious, understanding and wise, merciful and loving.

Imagine if you were given what you want right away... Would you appreciate it? No. You would spit on this gift. And decided that there — beyond the horizon — there is someone else, then more and more.

What if in a far-far galaxy there lives a beautiful prince or princess? What if you were wrong, choosing a girl from a neighboring yard or a neighbor at the desk?

People are so afraid of making a mistake that they reject the fate that is given easily, to look for what comes through suffering.

In each incarnation, we catch in others the correspondence to the image that is laid in us by the nature of the Source. Even when we fall in love at first sight, we can react to laughter, to a turn of the head or something else "insignificant", and the hormones already scream: "Similar! Similar! Let's check!" That's how people check, changing partners, and always want one thing — forever first, forever only and forever last. And this is not a "half" in the human understanding, but a bright individuality. Integral entities approach each other and the atoms of the body accelerate the vibration so much that "Love happens". There may be many infatuations, i.e. searches, but Love is one.

When you meet a person destined for you, then during the act of physical intimacy, energy is not consumed, but flows from vessel to vessel.

I emphasize, mutual energy exchange is possible only when there is love between partners. In other cases, you lose strength and time.

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Статья отозвалась в душе, как что то правильное, близкое, родное. 🙏🙏🙏 Благодарю!

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