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What is the danger of "love" with the rich and nasty?

Sex and money: what is the danger of sex with the rich and nasty

There are girls who think they can use wealthy men. Their motto is, "Yours will be mine." They live isolated from the world by their "model appearance". Age from 16 to infinity. Dreams of marriage. Or at least about a rich sponsor. The reasoning about the future is the same: "You need to take it right away. Ready-made. Don't waste time on those who still need to earn money."

Such young ladies are usually condemned by other "less fortunate" citizens, but I suggest looking at the situation from the other side.

A successful man has an unusually strong charisma. And, regardless of age, confidence is his beauty. Feigned calmness, lazy swagger, wolfish grip. It's easy to fall in love with the rich! So when a girl says, "This is an extraordinary person. He just fascinated me," and that's it. She was fascinated by his money. And even if he is the most disgusting lover in the world, she will moan in bed, thinking about what to ask for a gift later.

Outwardly rich, but inside he has long been a devastated man, chooses women as new employees in the corporation, or rather, he sorts them out. He has such an opportunity, the girl does not, because his investments in himself are much more significant. And it's not just a currency account. Life experience, strategy, a mind accelerated to super speeds. A wealthy man, if the money is earned by himself, and not stolen in time and not inherited, instantly, like a psychic, reads information from the interlocutor. Therefore, a young lady looking for benefits in bed is like a monkey in front of a wise boa constrictor. And her main illusion is that her youth and "model appearance" are the most advantageous qualities for a Boa Constrictor. Of course, she's right. For a while...

I ask the seekers of rich sponsors: "What does a man want from a woman?". Women recite without hesitation: "Of course, sex." Many people answer this way because they have heard enough of the now fashionable "experts in building relationships" from the Internet space of accessible obscurantism.

Such experts talk about how to manipulate men to snatch as many gifts from them as possible before you "give yourself to him", keeping silent about the preliminary run with failed cavaliers. Girls are zealously trained to enter a state of femininity that needs to be "pumped up". They teach you how to text a man correctly so as not to seem intrusive. They insist that you need to wait half an hour after his messages to create a myth of employment. They tell you how to look like a mysterious and inaccessible nymph. And, of course, they add many more beautiful words that here are a few more courses for the development of a glamorous personality, and you will become that unique friend whom a wealthy sponsor will take to the Maldives.

Girls create the reputation of "princesses for rich men" with Instagram photos. Sometimes they are inviting poses on the wide bed of some hotel. Sometimes on the beach in the thoughtful pose of an existentialist philosopher. The photo shows all the attributes of fashionable sexuality: protruding lips and grimaces of persistent indifference.

Many people have already understood the absurdity of human existence so well that their faces have become ideal covers for Jean-Paul Sartre's novel Nausea. Here is the deep despair of seeing the ocean of eternity and the hopelessness of the difficulty of deciding what to order for dinner... It's a very difficult choice... This is the Maldives... And the photo needs to be posted online... And we must not repeat ourselves... And present your luxury story in a new way. Of course, a glass of liquid with bubbles on the background of a bottle of French champagne is always welcome. Oh, that bottle! It seems that she is like a boomerang wandering between the images. Oh, these attributes of a luxurious life. Someone else's life. With other people's money. With strange men...

One day, an oligarch brought his next passion to me and told her:

— You can ask Inna any question. Absolutely anyone. About life. About death. About the universe. About love. Ask.

The girl asked:

— Will I have a Lamborghini?

— No, — I replied.

That's it! The girl fell into such a deep stupor that it seemed to me that she decided that her life no longer made sense.

While the oligarch and I were trying to bring her to her senses, he asked me:

— And, by the way, why won't she have a Lamborghini? Of course, I do not plan such investments in it. She will never become my wife — she is too stupid and greedy, but maybe someday someone else ...

— It's not about the make of the car at all. Not only does she not know how to drive yet, she will never learn. She has a strong fear of the road.

We laughed that everything turned out to be so "elementary".

And a month later, he took her to Maldives... And a few months later, when her childish spontaneity from gifts turned into adult cynicism to "take more", he abandoned the beauty. Yes, they are such oligarchs! Only their girlfriend ceases to please, they change her. They regret, of course, that they had to be disappointed in women again, but they confidently say that "this one did not pass the test for money."

Maldives. Maldives. Poor Maldives... The mere mention of these islands already sounds like a verdict for a young lady who has successfully "hooked up" with a sponsor.

From practice, I can conclude that if a girl voluntarily has sex with a person who is physically unpleasant to her, the body will remember it. Of course, she's only for a while and for good money, and for delicious food, and for beautiful photos on Instagram "girlfriends to envy." How lucky you are!

The result in 90 percent of cases is the absence of orgasm. In the sequel. Even with a close partner. Even for love. Frigidity is still half the trouble, usually gynecological diseases and various types of psychoses are also added to this condition.

I repeat it again.

Stupid behavior, i.e. sex with a partner who is unpleasant to you, is regarded by your body as violence. Violence, which has been repeated many times according to your will, is regarded by your soul as betrayal. There comes a turning point in the destiny program and the natural function of joy is blocked. The opportunity to perform the highest spiritual practice is lost — to practice orgasm as a state of unity and bliss of perception.

Then, of course, years pass. Women become addicted to alcohol, casinos, plastic surgery, and are simply burdened with a boring life in a big house after divorcing a rich husband. They rush to look for new lovers. Many people begin to clean their karma, go to doctors, psychics, drink miracle pills and antidepressants, but the body, soul and brain remember that they were betrayed. And only a very strong stress or a very strong love and attentiveness of a partner can ever change the situation. Therefore, do not do anything stupid, you will not meet with the retribution of your own body.

Naturally, I do not believe that what I have written will stop the young ladies looking for... The energy of money is very attractive. But suddenly!.. It will come to at least one sane female being — you form your own destiny, rebuild it yourself and close the opportunity for yourself to know love, i.e. to know God through union with a man.

Cheating: How does an ideal partner kill love?

The images of princes and princesses from their many fantasies live in the careless heads of people. These images are formed by cultural layers from the past: fairy tales, movies, books, photos, erotica, previous partners. And all these piles have tightly merged into the "ideal partner". Well, the one that Always is... But your real partner will never match the perfect one. You get used to a real person easily, but you can't get used to an ideal one — he's simply out of reach. But you persistently keep looking. And you lose the time of life and true intimacy with someone very dear. Well, who's the fool after that?

2/18/2021  181  3

Spiritual deception: How does lying to yourself lead to cheating?

The closeness between partners is the boundlessness of perception and the joint discovery of opportunities. Only with such love will you be constantly relaxed. Only with this approach to life will fate always be on your side. It is useless to pray to God and be tense, i.e. deceive yourself and deceive the people through whom you come to know God. Your loved one is a project for life, or at least for a long time. And you really should consider life as your main business, in which it is worth investing both strength, time, money, and understanding. Therefore, if you have been betrayed and you are in pain, then you do not need to delay time, but break up at least for some period. I know that this contradicts the opinion of the majority, but I suggest we figure it out without looking for "easy" ways ...

2/11/2021  230  2

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Monday, June 1, 2020 8:31 AM 

Спасибо, Инна. Очень зацепило про память тела. Хорошая статья. Одно вменяемое женское существо тебя услышало точно!

Monday, June 1, 2020 9:30 AM 

«Будет ли у меня Ламборджини?». Улыбнуло. Отличный вопрос к вечности. Насколько девочка любит машины, что этот вопрос первым пришел на ум...)

Думал, что такую статью для девочек нечем будет комментировать. Ан-нет...

Девчонки. Не буду говорить за всех мужчин. Но меня по-человечески привлекли бы не губы и инстаграм, а жизнерадостность, искренность, доброта, огонь Жизни в глазах. Живость, настоящесть (простите, филологи, тут важен смысл, а не грамматика). Красота важна, но важнее гармония. Поэтому только лишь с красивой оберткой вы будете пустыми, не интересными, не настоящими...

Тем более для серьезных мужчин, заработавших капитал. Или молодых и пока не очень серьезных, но способных его заработать, а то и замахнуться на горы покруче. Как бы сказал один популярный семейный психолог столичного масштаба (😊), женщина должна вдохновлять мужчину. Одни только губы и формы тела не вдохновляют... Или вдохновляют максимум на всплеск гормонов, да и то не надолго...

А насчет Ламборджини.... Как сказал герой кинофильма «Курьер», «мечтай о чем-нибудь великом». Присоединяюсь к словам многих и многих. Ищите Любовь, смысл, Жизнь. Станьте сами счастливыми. И тогда, я думаю, найдется достойный человек, который это счастье преумножит. И вряд ли оно будет выражено в долларовом или бриллиантовом эквиваленте... но к тому времени вы будете этому только рады. 🙏

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