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Genre classics: if you want, he pays

Genre classics: if you want, he pays

After the material I want love: sex, hormones, neurons and money, as usual, I received a lot of personal messages. The avalanche intensified when a beautiful woman posted a comment on the article. Thank you for your honesty and for not being afraid to express your opinion publicly. So, the girl wrote: "I'm a bitch. I'm not happy. I want him to bring a lot of money and not ask me what I'm spending it on. What's it? Is it cosmic humor? Why can't I feel sincere, heartfelt gratitude to my husband for going to the market today and buying me sauerkraut and barrel cucumbers? I bought it because I said this morning that I really wanted to. Well, what is it? The old woman from the tale of the Fisherman and the Fish? What kind of trash is sitting inside and does not allow you to enjoy, rejoice and respect your husband?"

These words upset many people. Girls who adhere to the ideas of equality are sure that they need to earn money themselves and spend it at their discretion. And the ladies of the "classical values" support the view that a woman should perform household duties, raise children and inspire her husband to fully provide for her. An important note is that he fully provided — we are not talking about the banal needs of living together, but about the whole range of desires. These are the trends of modern society.

Of course, these two options are acceptable and feasible. Their realization depends on how a person — his brain, his consciousness, his energy state and the knowledge he possesses — form a picture of the world. We will certainly consider both options. But today we will focus on the family way of life, when a man takes care of the family.

Stupidly I want a lot of money

One of the girls reacted very emotionally to the comment on the previous material: "I've always told myself and everyone around me that I'm not mercantile. And I was sure of it. After all, I wanted to look so free and independent. From men first of all. But I have read your articles carefully and several times. I learned about biological instincts. I have done practice several times from the material „Flights to despair: how to suffer correctly?“. It was really powerful. And it's scary. And it's amazing. I did not expect that I had accumulated so much hatred for my parents, men and myself. I was relieved. And I began to understand a little. And—finally—she confessed to herself. What happiness it is when you call a spade a spade! Yes, I am not a conscious and free person at all. I stupidly want a lot of money. I want a man to earn money, and I spend it the way I like. For everything!"

Many women dream of such a balance of power in the family. This tradition is hundreds of thousands of years old. Only in recent decades has it changed, because the whole way of life of mankind has undergone significant transformations. This was due to the rapid development of information technology, which made divorces and finding new partners a common occurrence. And many men... Not everyone, of course, but many have stopped admiring the fact that they need to "take responsibility" and provide for the opposite sex, which suddenly stopped being and looking weak. Men, of course, would like to continue to believe in love, traditional values and protect the well-being of the family. But sometimes the women themselves deprive them of motivation.

A woman is urgently needed

Of course, I know families where men always pay for everything. And they provide women with ease and joy. Simply because they are used to earning so much more that there is no question of another way of existence at all. And, of course, in these families, husbands are naturally both leaders and protectors. It's a classic. But not all men can adequately support a family now. Many have lost businesses during the coronavirus period. Revenues have plummeted. Although their girls are worried about this, they, as expected, support the miners.

A variant of a relationship in which a man calmly provides, and a woman calmly engages in family and creativity, is now not so common. Of course, I would say unfortunately. Yes, simply because when a man pays — relaxed and confident — it is very sexy for the female brain. But...

As always, there are many "buts". Not all men know how to earn money. Not all women know how to thank. Not all men have the skill to pay beautifully. Not all women have the skill to take beautifully. The nuances of the relationship are present in each individual case. But if a man doesn't have a family, then you can definitely say that...

There is not a single free man in the world who would think now: "God, I'm doing so well. That's a lot of money. Boring! We urgently need to find someone who would spend this money. Oh, I need a woman."

Dear girls, the husbands who provide for you don't wake up thinking: "Here we need to earn more money so that she buys something for herself. How can my baby live without new clothes? Oh, I'm an ungrateful bastard, I give her very little for expenses. It should be added."

A man always knows perfectly well from your behavior, gestures, and gaze how and under what circumstances you will take out his brain if he does not redirect your inner anxiety to shopping, or to appearance, or to children, or to girlfriends and relatives. There are not so many options.


Normal men and women have no biological need to spend money on each other's maintenance. No. They remembered. Fixed it. If someone provides for you, then they know exactly what they are doing. Do not build illusions that it is so pleasant for a person to pay for you that an orgasm rolls right up. And he still can't stop. Maybe. At any moment. It's enough for you to say, "Enough is enough." If he knows how to consciously receive money from this world, then he knows how to count how much you cost him.

Help and share

Normal men and women have a biological need to help and share. But this option is always based on mutual respect and honesty. Therefore, I do not recommend playing foolishly with my husband.

A typical example from trainings where women are taught to "take it right": "What I earned is only mine, and you provide me with everything." What kind of heresy is this? Where is the motivation? The argument "I am your woman, you are my man, if you need a reason, then this is the reason" does not work. Zero logic: a set of call girls will cost a man less than your joint Sunday shopping for "stress relief".

Believe me, a man will never forget how you act. Men always remember about money: when, where and how much. By the way, ladies who earn money themselves have the same excellent memory. It's just an additional ability of well-functioning neurons. Nothing personal about people.

The only people who don't remember when, where and how much they spent are people who live on dependents. The day has passed — the memory is erased. Give me more.

I do — she is not grateful

And now let's find out what the "female opponents" think about the provision. The men also talked about their relationships with the ladies. I will give a few comments that reflect the essence of their outrage:

— I do — she's not grateful. I do — she was happy for ten minutes because she was taught that way at some women's seminar, and then she was annoyed again. I do — she wants more and more. I can't shut this hole up. I try to limit her — she makes scandals. It's unbearable to be at home. It is unbearable to always stumble upon this displeased grimace.

— Now I have sex with my wife only in certain positions so that I don't see her face. I say that I like it so much. I got it.

— How can she not understand that I'm doing everything I can. And when I do more, she wants more. I can never satisfy her because her demands increase faster than my capabilities. I can't see the kids growing up anymore. I'm working like hell. So what? Is this just so she can spend my money on nonsense? And we went to the sea several times a year?

Why does she want to rest all the time? From whom? Take a break from me? She doesn't see me that often. From the children? So it seems like she should love them like a mother. From household chores? Well, the house has all the appliances to make these duties as easy as possible. Or it's simpler... She just doesn't give a fuck and needs to upload another stupid Instagram photos so that her friends are jealous. They say, you have a cool domestic ass... Life was a success. And my life? She's not here. My wishes? There are none. There is only my job and my responsibilities. It's crazy.

I know many similar stories, riddled with inner feelings. And you won't believe it — everyone is right. The women are right. The men are right.

Communication with other characters of the universe is traumatic for the psyche if you do not know the laws of cosmic logic according to which people are arranged.

We will study them. Because... Do you often have a painful question:

— What's going on around here?

The answer is obvious:

— A thousand-year history of misunderstanding. A thousand-year history of stupidity.

Let's figure it out together.

P.S. In the next article we will consider the option when a woman earns herself. And in one of the future materials, I will answer the question as clearly and concretely as possible: "What kind of trash is sitting inside and does not allow you to enjoy, rejoice and respect your husband?". And, of course, respect other people and yourself first of all.

...Made by. The material is called Brain vs. personality: what kind of trash is sitting inside?.

Thursday, December 10, 2020 4:52 PM 

Как и всегда актуально, животрепещуще и познавательно! И как всегда жду продолжения! Спасибо тебе, Друг!

Thursday, December 10, 2020 8:19 PM 

Тянет на нокдаун. Для не очень хороших нейронов. 🤔

С деньгами для жены срабатывает принцип: мне не трудно, а ей приятно. Но это работает тогда, когда жена в адеквате. У моей, например, нет инстаграма. И я практически уверен, что деньги она потратит на что-нибудь красивое для себя. Или что-нибудь красивое или вкусное для ребенка. И да, моя жена тоже зарабатывает. И в худшую сторону это на отношениях не отразилось. Потому что есть еще много других кирпичиков в доме под названием «семейное счастье».

Sunday, December 13, 2020 1:12 AM 

Благодарю автора за статью, и особенно за мнения «женских оппонентов». Ведь так можно жить рядом с человеком, заниматься с ним сексом в позе собаки, будучи уверенной, что ему «так нравится», а потом оказывается, что ты его «достала» и он это делает, «чтобы не видеть лица»... По какой-то причине, сама мысль перестать заниматься сексом, обсудить проблему, ВЫСЛУШАТЬ ЖЕНУ, мужчине в голову не пришла, т.е. трахать-то ее он трахает, хоть и «достала», а поговорить СЛАБО???!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2020 1:34 AM 

Или вот это шикарное, на мой взгляд, высказывание:

«Я делаю — она не благодарна. Я делаю — она десять минут порадовалась, потому что ее так учили на каком-то женском семинаре, а потом опять раздражена. Я делаю — она хочет еще и еще. Я не могу заткнуть эту прорву. Я стараюсь ее ограничивать — она устраивает скандалы. Невыносимо находиться дома. Невыносимо вечно натыкаться на эту недовольную гримасу».

Неужели мужчина действительно уверен, что ЭТИ же самые слова нельзя ПРИМЕНИТЬ К НЕМУ самому?!

Элементарно! Только давайте заменим желание денег и шоппинг на секс и еду. Итак,

«Я занимаюсь с ним сексом всегда, когда он хочет, а он «НЕБЛАГОДАРЕН», десять минут порадовался, а потом «ХОЧЕТ ЕЩЕ И ЕЩЕ»... «Я стараюсь его ограничивать — он устаивает скандалы. Я СИЛЬНО УСТАЮ, ведь я работаю, веду домашнее хозяйство, воспитываю детей, готовлю ему еду 3 (!!!) раза в день как минимум. «Я НЕ МОГУ ЗАТКНУТЬ ЭТУ ПРОРВУ» и «НЕВЫНОСИМО ВЕЧНО НАТЫКАТЬСЯ НА ЭТУ НЕДОВОЛЬНУЮ ГРИМАСУ», при виде вчерашнего борща...

Вопрос: настолько ли невинны и бескорыстны сами мужчины?

Sunday, December 13, 2020 2:09 AM 

Классика жанра — поездка на море...

Почему-то мужчины считают, что поездка на море (сознательно не уточняю, куда именно, ведь это может быть как Геленджик, так и Мальдивы) — это какое-то супер достижение мужчины, за которое женщина должна быть безмерно ему благодарна и помнить об этом всю оставшуюся жизнь...

А теперь немного изменим ситуацию: мужчина хочет секса («Я никогда не могу его удовлетворить»)... Уверена, что ни одного мужчину не устроит ответ женщины типа: а помнишь на Новый год у нас был ОФИГИТЕЛЬНЫЙ СЕКС (читай я свозил тебя на море...)? Так вот, теперь ВСПОМИНАЙ И ЖДИ до следующего Нового года!

Ведь так? Почему мужчине всегда хочется секса и поесть (читай «ей все время хочется отдыхать»)?

Да просто потому, что, как пишет автор сайта, мы — мужчины и женщины — разные, а потому потребности и обязанности у нас разные... Не стоит преуменьшать значение этих потребностей другой стороны или относится к ним с пренебрежением («Ей просто не хрен делать»).

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