Foot massage

The first option

Take the basin. Pour several kilograms of coarse salt into it. And you are actively trampling on salt for several minutes. Do it at any convenient time, because the basin with salt is always ready for use. Perhaps you will buy yourself a special massage mat and use it.

The second option

Take one foot and forcefully slap it from both sides with your palms folded into a boat. Then rub for a few minutes and press on the sole with your fingers. And you're slamming it again.

The third option

Foot massage by Qigong Master Mu Yuchun

The fourth option

If you have had a hard day or you are very upset, then you should pour water into the basin, fill the bottom of the basin with salt and walk along the salt for ten minutes. If you are very tired, then sit in front of the TV or on the Internet, holding your feet in this saline solution.


If you are a healthy person, then you can fill the basin with cool water, but if you have cramps, have problems with your kidneys or joints, then use only warm water.

The procedure can be viewed in the video of Qigong master Mu Yuchun "How to soar your legs".

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